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   if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. #Backtoschool  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

    if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. #Backtoschool  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

       Education teaches children how he may learn to grow independently. #Backtoschool  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

   Click here https://goo.gl/sRdY85  to sponsor a Child #backtoschool

To sponsor a child #Backtoschool only costs $100 or 30,000 Naira. Take action today, https://goo.gl/sRdY85

.           Education gives children the liberty to make informed choices. Sponsor a child #backtoschool  https://goo.gl/

           Education opens up new worlds of opportunities for indigent children. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

       A child without education is like a bird without wings. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Education gives children wings to fly. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

18.           Education is the passport to the future. Sponsor a child #backtoschool  https://goo.gl/

Send a child #Backtoschool because every child is your child. https://goo.gl/sRdY85

16.           Education empowers children and enhances their abilities. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

14.            Don't procrastinate, start with what you have and help send a child #backtoschool  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Don't procrastinate, start where you are at, Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

You may not help every poor person in the world but you can do something to help one. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

11.           Use the influence you have to help an indigent child get #backtoschool. https://goo.gl/

           create a future that God has designed for the indigent. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

9.   Be God’s outstretched arm to help indigent children . Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

8.   Help indigent children get #backtoschool.  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

7.   Gives children a beautiful platform to become successes in life. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

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