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Expectant!!!! What a day it will be!!!Gloryyy!!!

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#prayingforNigeria #Lagos #Nigeria

#blwushers #lagosZone5 #Ushers #Convention #CELagosZone5 #CELZ5 #superexcited #firstofitskind #walkinginthelights

Whatever is worth doing is worth TRAINING for. #CELVZ #BLWGCI

#Amen #prayingnow #CELVZ #Lagos #Nigeria

#mydeclaration ALL things are working together for MY good. My lot, my portion and my inheritance shall not pass me by. #globalprayerweek

Celebrating greatness, leadership, humility, excellence ad exceptionalism! Happy 😊 birthday 🎂 Sir, I am a life you touched. #PLA711

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Special Birthday greetings to my Pastor, Father and Mentor! Embodiment of wisdom, knowledge, grace and excellence! I love you very much Sir!

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Today is all about our Esteemed Zonal Director. We thank God for you ....Happy Birthday Sir. We love you! #PLA711 #flourishinggrace

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Happening Now! Thanksgiving celebration in honour of our Esteemed Zonal Director. #flourishinggrace #PLA711

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More pictures from the Thanksgiving Celebration of our Esteemed Zonal Director, graced by Esteemed Ministry Dignitaries! #flourishinggrace #PLA711

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Still celebrating Dcn Buchi, thank u so much for all u are doing for the Gospel. u are so special, I love u and ur wonderful family dearly.

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Congratulations Dad, on several awards won by Zone first, and additional responsibility assigned to u by our Man of God! I love u loads Sir!

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PASTOR'S SPECIAL PRAYER ON OUR GIVING AND FIRST FRUITS Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus I pray for your children. Thank you because their offerings, tithes and seeds are important to you There is a promise on our giving, a harvest of blessings on our giving. As the scripture tell us that the Lord Jesus said "It is more blessed to give than to receive" I pray for all their offerings, special seeds and tithes in the past month of January. They have a multiplied harvest of Especially for their firstfruits which they have given. Thank you for causing the blessing to remain in their house. There is Prosperity for them! Through their seeds, there is a continual overflow of blessing in their lives and they will not lack any good thing. You are their shepherd! And they will always grow faster than the economy of the country in which they live in. I invoke the power of blessing upon their offering to cause it to multiply and yield fruit for the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. #FebruaryGlobalCommunionService GlobalCommunionService #cephzone3

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#GlobalCommunionService #Excerpt #WordOfTheMonth #Prophecy is... 1. Speaking by divine inspiration 2. Speaking forth divine revelation. 3. Foretelling future event. 4. To give divine instruction. We prophesy unto Edification, Exhortation and Comfort... Prophecy is a good blessing to the church! Prophecy will help improve the quality of your ministration... Three(3) ways to get into the inspiration mode and get signals by the Spirit... 1. Meditation on the Word: it will help guide your mind in the direction of the Spirit. 2. Pray in the Holy Ghost : Praying in tongues. 3. Talk the known into the Unknown #Glory

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Happy birthday to a really good man! Thanks for all you do. Get ready to flourish this year like never before. I love you.

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Day 4 Zonal Convention Nuggets 4 - The communication of your faith is made effectual by the acknowledgement of every good thing in you, remember this confession, we are: P – Partakers of His Divine Life C – Carriers of His Presence D – Dispensers of His Grace E – Expressions of His Righteousness Hallelujah!!! #lz1convention

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