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Updated her profile photo

Happy Birthday ma... You are perfect, exceptional, excellent, dynamic and exemplary. Thank you ma for being a huge blessing to the body of Christ. I love you ma.

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Happy birthday Highly esteemed Pst Deola Idowu ma. Thank you ma for being an all inspiring Leader, Pastor, Friend and a Big sister to me. So much to say about you ma. I love you Pst Ma. Happy birthday ma.

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Happy Perfect Birthday to an amazing WOG, graced with much beauty, Esteemed Pastor Deola! Thank you so much for your continued support & labour of love in Ministry. You are unique in every way & I love you loads 💕💖🎉🎂. God bless you immensely and enjoy your very special day 🙏

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Celebrating an amazing, exceptional, excellent and beautiful lady; the Esteemed Pastor Deola Idowu. Thanks for all you represent and do for the Lord. Your love for our MOG and the vision of Loveworld is ever so inspiring. Happy birthday. I love you

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Wow it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to a truly exceptional & quality personality. Thank you for your genuineness and love. I love you PDI. I celebrate you today & always.

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Ma, it's always a pleasure to celebrate your exceptional life of service and excellence. Thank you for many years of guidance and support. You are so special ma. I love you dearly #ExceptionalPDI

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CELEBRATING WORLD EDUCATION DAY: The SOM Foundation sponsors children back to school. In commemoration of the 2020 World Education Day, the SOMF collaborates with the Inner City Mission to give children access to quality education. In order to aid the learning process, we are sponsoring school items, such as; writing materials, school bags, school wear etc. Join us to give a child a brighter future today by clicking the link below! https://theinnercitymission.ngo/backtoschool/som/ God bless you !!

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Showing this week on 'Hello Loveworld'. Download the app or watch on Livetv mobile.

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Happy birthday to a very inspiring somebody. My sister and my mentor. So proud of u gal. You are just exceptional. More grace, more influence, more accomplishments. Love you loads.

Happy birthday Pastor Deola ma. God bless you for all you do in ministry. I love you. And yeah she is fine like that!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Happy birthday Phillip Nnoli. My handsome honey pie. Your light shines brighter and brighter. Aunty loves you boo!

At 1st I knew u as Sis Sandra, then u became my Esther (if u know u know), then my jogging partner, friend, sister,.... Thank u 4 for being so special. You are a gift to us. Thank you for always looking beyond yourself. Your desires are granted,... say the Spirit of the Lord

#master #3rdmaster #masterfamily #reppindcrew Congratulations sis. Love you loads

#MyDeclaration.... I and they that God has given me, are made for signs and wonders. Everyone connected to me is blessed by God almighty.

#prayingnow #MyCountry #Nigeria

Happy Birthday Pastor Oge. Your passion and commitment to the work of the ministry is like no other.

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Happy birthday sweet Pst Oge, every moment with you is heartwarming and so refreshing. You're an ocean of liquid love flowing so freely to eveyone. I trust you enjoyed your day. Keep enjoying grace and definite divine favours. I love you dearly.

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Happy Birthday Sweet, Loving, Kind, Spiritual, Gracious, Passionate... And the List Goes On & On... Ur Consistency & Commitment To The Work Is Undeniable... I love U Very Much Ma, Thank You 4 Ur 💟 4 Me & Everyone U Meet.

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