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Words are not enough to explain your messages to my life, you an icon of grace, wealth, favour and God's healer to the world. I celebrate you and HBD ma. Love you forever mom❤❤ #pdee #gylf #celvzyouthchurch

Happy birthday pastor ma you have thought me over the year to only do excellent things thank you ma. I love you so much and I celebrate you ma. #pedee #gylf #celvzyouthchurch

Few minutes to moms birthday, I love you so much mom. #ilovepdee #gylf #celvzyouthchurch

Happy birthday pastor ma, thank you for your love and care towards me I must say it has been from glory to glory for me. I love you #dynamicpsy #1000soulswithpsy

She taught me how to win souls with different style and impact my world with the investment of my personality #dynamicpsy #1000soulswithpsy

Once you talk about soulwining we are talking about #psy #dynamicpsy #1000soulswithpsy

A day to go mom's birthday is here I love you ma. #dynamicpsy #1000soulswithpsy

It going to be happening live at the PRC hall you don't want to be told about glow in dark come an enjoy your Saturday with the celvz youth church a place to always be. #celvz #celvzyouth

Something big is going down, and you don't wanna Miss it!📸 #gitd #celvz #rehearsals_4_glow_in_the_dark #knights_of_lights #lit 🔥

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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

His grace is sufficient for me.

Still celebrating a very special young man....David Ikhioya @ikhioyadavid #HappyBirthday God's hand is upon your life and this year, the stage is set for you to so-o shine💥 I love🖤 you.

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I know so many people has never seen me sing before but get ready God his about to show something. @pastortom @pastordime84426

God is about to turn your life around we are ready for you. @celvz @pastordeola @pastordime84426 @pastorsucc23843 @pastorandr52728

God is about to turn your life around we are ready for you. @celvz @pastordeola @pastordime84426 @pastorsucc23843 @pastorandr52728

He will be there

He will be there

He will be there

Be there, you can't afford to miss it.

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