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God chose me before the foundation of the world to be holy blameless and accepted in His presence according to the good pleasure of His will. I am conscious of His endless limitless and unconditional love for me. I am His delight #mydailyconfession #mydailydevotional #grace

I am a recreated human spirit by God I am alive to God through the new birth I am born of God and have His nature of righteousness As Jesus is in His glory and righteousness so am I in this world I reign. #mydailyconfession #mydailydevotional #pastorchris #boundlessgrace

I'm an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ; the whole world is mine #mydailyconfession #mydailydevotional #pastorchris #boundlessgrace

My power is from God My ability is from God My sufficiency is from God My wealth is from God My excellence is from God My boundless Grace is from God ME is from God I hail from God #mydailyconfession #dailydevotional #pastorchris

HE RESTORES ‘WASTED YEARS’ BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm…(Joel 2:25) It excites me to know the Lord can restore to you even that which you seem to have lost; He’s the restorer of wasted years. No human being or government may ever be able to give back to you what you’ve lost, but God can! He can bring back everything and more! What is that thing you may have thought you lost? Perhaps you thought you messed things up so bad they couldn’t be rectified; or you looked at your life and thought you’ve wasted so much time without making progress. I bring you good news today: it’s not over yet! God is willing and able to restore you to the place of your dream and destiny in Him. What you need is to recognize that the Holy Spirit living in you is a restorer! In one sweep, He can move you a hundred paces forward, far ahead of your competitors, detractors and adversaries. Those who seemed to have gotten ahead of you would be amazed to see how things have turned around for you in a moment of time! Learn to trust the Spirit of God to lead and guide you in life. He knows how to make something beautiful out of your life, and restore the wasted years- the wasted time, resources, money etc. Perhaps on your job you were given an assignement and you wasted the resources assigned to you; or maybe you’re a student, and you’ve wasted so much time at the expense of your studies; relax! You can trust the Holy Spirit to restore all that you’ve lost! He can do it, and He will if only you’ll call on Him! If any of these describes your situation, say, “Holy Spirit, I’m sorry I messed things up, but I ask you to come to my aid and restore to me that which I have lost! I receive that divine restoration now; in Jesus’ Name.” Now, act like someone who has received the answer to that prayer, and launch out in faith, trusting the Lord who specializes in restoring wasted years. #recovery #wastedyears #ministry #loveworld #talkingsession #realities #perfection #revealed #alignment #thankyoupastorchris #affirmationtrain

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I live by the Word. I am like a tree by the stream. I'm bearing fruits. My leaves are ever green: ever fruitful, ever productive, living victoriously everyday. #mydailyconfession #boundlessgrace

I am fruitful and productive #mydailyconfession #sundayservicewiththephenominal #sonofpastorchris #boundlessgrace

WELCOME TO AUGUST, THE MONTH OF RECOVERY. 1 Samuel 30:1-8 This month is a very special month. Encourage yourself in the Lord your God... Our prayers are not in vain that's what the spirit is saying to us. Fear will not lord it over the countries, over the nations of the world. The power of fear is broken, its vanquished, It shall not have a hold on the old and young, or over the government of the world. We declare boldness! #cephzone1

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THIS IS THE MONTH OF RECOVERY. This time is a very special time and we are going to use everything God has taught us. The church is no longer a baby church. The church has grown somewhat. Its time! Pray more than you preach and you'll be amazed at the things the wisdom of God will teach you. #cephzone1#pastorchris

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SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GREETINGS FROM THE ESTEEMED CAMPUS MINISTRY DIRECTOR (THE CMD). Friends are like shoes that help you walk through life. I'm grateful to God that you are just my exact size! #cephzone1 #peeayforever #phenomenalpeeay #phenomcaptain

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...And PASTOR prays for Pastor... 🙌 Thank you so much PASTOR Sir, we love you so dearly.❤️ Still celebrating the #phenomcaptain #CEPHZONE1 #Peeay731

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Happy Birthday Pastor Amaechi.

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SPECIAL BIRTHDAY FELICITATION The Director, Rhapsody of Realities & LW Publishings. Also, Zonal Director - CELVZ, Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu commemorates #PEEAY731 🙌🙌 #cephzone1 #phenomcaptain

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SOME MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS IN THE MONTH OF JULY 1. ZOE: The Essence of Divinity - series Jesus died for the world as a means to an end. His mission is to give humans the divine life, to lead the sons of men and make them the sons of God.2, Our Lord Jesus showed us how to function here on earth He was 100% man and 100*% God.. . If you run your life by the systems of this world, you are doomed. Jesus is Lord means He's King.... A president and a King aren't the same. Jesus came to establish His system. He's not begging for our vote or support He is Lord.! A revolution without guns....without violence. Eternal life is that revolution.! #cephzone1 #hilights

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SOME MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS IN THE MONTH OF JULY - MONTH OF PRODUCTIVITY WOMEN'S RALLY WITH PASTOR AMAECHI Esteemed Pastor Janet exhorts: • Don't be the person who stumbles into futures.. • Your future is in your mouth and not in your job or family or lineage. it doesn't matter if you are on ground zero, talk your way up! Propheses are words infused with the power of the Holy ghost; Don't ever bow down,.. Dont give the devil the satisfaction of seeing you cry Whats that "baby" you are carrying, sustain it with your mouth. Kings don't come to raise you because the lifting power is in you..."When there is a casting down YOU SHALL SAY there is a lifting up! #cephzone1 #hilights

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Happening this August 👌 🙌 ANTICIPATE IT ...#exposeonsoulwinning #watchonpcdltv #WASADchallenge

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God is gracious and kind #therichards #teampeeay #boundlessgrace

I am steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. #happynewmonth #mydailyconfession

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR #peeay731 #teampeeay #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #boundlessgrace #cephzone1

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