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Happy Birthday to dear sister Rita ma every door is opened for u go ahead and explore thanks for all u do in our lcc 2 group I love u dearly ma

Don’t Miss this #Celz1rocks #Celcc2excels

Heir of bondage #wordfest #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #celz1rocks #celcc2excels

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BODILY EXERCISE + GODLINESS WORDFEST2020 LIVE!!! 1TIMOTHY 4:8 - Bodily exercise is all right, but spiritual exercise is much more important and is a tonic for all you do. So exercise yourself spiritually, and practice being a better Christian because that will help you not only now in this life, but in the next life too. After a glorious time with the Word in our Sunday Service, it was time to get out in the sun and break some sweat. But the moment wouldn't be complete without the thoughts of the Word that kept bubbling up in my spirit, and so I took a break to appreciate yet again, my father and man of God, Pastor Chris, for the unparalleled dispensation of the Gospel committed to Him, and for raising us with the message that works. This season of the #WordFest2020 affords us all a beautiful opportunity to exercise our spirits through increased knowledge and practice of the word...the true race isn't out on the tracks, it's the race of life, and Pastor is leading us in a perpetual victory parade. So, get out there; take in the fresh air, bask in the sun's rays, enjoy the beauty of nature...but first, load up with the Word for today on #WordFest Day 7 - Seven Factors for a Healthy Spiritual Life on PCDL, and accelerate your progress. Post your Avatar when you're done studying. Remember, our Global Prayer and Fasting program with Pastor Chris begins tomorrow - it's time to re-order the aion of our time. Enjoy the rest of your day, as we anticipate the Special Your LoveWorld Live Broadcast by 6:00pm GMT+1!

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PCDL WORDFEST OUTREACH Using the message 👇 Activating the Power Of God!!! Lagos zone1 Day 3 outreach 1 #mywordfest2020outreach #WordFestOutreach #Wordfest2020 #Celz1rocks #Nigeria #Auxanocell #Lcc2excels

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The esteemed Pastor Arinze Emmanuels ( Group Pastor, LCC2 Group) leading a Prayathon session today. Glory to God! #PCLprayathon #Prayathon2020 #prayingnow #celz1rocks #celcc2excels

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PCDL WORDFEST OUTREACH Using the message 👇 Activating the Power Of God!!! Lagos zone1 Day 3 outreach 3 #mywordfest2020outreach #WordFestOutreach #Wordfest2020 #Celz1rocks #Nigeria #Auxanocell #Lcc2excels

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Celebrating a precious gift to the world and a personal gift to me. Happy birthday, Pastor Don! Thank you for teaching me to hold fast the word of life and for your unflinching love for my family. Of your influence and relevance there shall be no end. I love you dearly,sir

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Earlier today..Celebrating a prolific maker of champions, maximizer of grace, extender of boundaries, creator of exploits.The way you bring visions to fruition makes telesphoreo easy to grasp! Year to year, the glory keeps soaring and our gratitude to Pastor increases.I love you!

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Happy Birthday to my lovely and excellent big sister Deconess Mariam thank you for ur excellent and kind communication always I love you so much ma and the days ahead is even more greater it’s from glory to glory ❤️❤️❤️🎂🎂🎂

Celebrating a dear brother and friend! Thank you for the many years of upward, inspiring and faith inducing fellowship. Thanks for all you do in our Nation. On stage and off stage, you are replete with testimonies, illustrations & exploits. And there will be more! I love you.

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Happy birthday dear Sister Tolu. Your path is as a shinning light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Have a great new year. I love you.

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Celebrating Love&relentless passion, Celebrating Service, Celebrating Loyalty&Resolute Commitment Celebrating Great Grace! When I count those irreversibly blessed by your union,I count myself twice! 10q Sir&Ma for all you do and all u are, I am grateful &I❤you dearly HWA❤🥰🤩🎉

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We joyfully celebrate our loving Dad and Mum on your special wedding anniversary Your union is a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ. We see the love of Christ so admirably displayed in your lives and in the values you represent and relentlessly replicate. We celebrate your exceptional lives as beacons of love and burning & shining lights. Your distinguished, effervescent and passionate followership of our Man of God over the years is a wonder we experience daily, Thank you for showing us how to serve and follow by the lives you live, Happy Wedding Anniversary dear Highly Esteemed Sir and Ma. We love and appreciate you dearly,today and always #CEChad

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Happy Wedding Anniversary highly Esteemed Sir / Ma. To tell of ur influence in my life for over 3 decades now, surely this space won't be enough. I appreciate you deeply and I am forever grateful to God. I love you Sir & Ma.

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Happy wedding anniversary Esteemed sir and ma..Thank you for leading an exemplary life.. it's from glory to glory.. i love you dearly❤

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to my precious Dad And Mum

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY SIR & MA! We celebrate the highly esteemed Pastor Lanre and Pastor Omoh Alabi on your wedding anniversary, the love of Christ radiates through your marriage and we wish you many more perfect years full of love and joy....

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Celebrating our Highly Esteemed Director, Loveworld CGI, Pastor Lanre Alabi & Highly Esteemed Director, ICM & Children's Ministry, Pastor Omoh Alabi Your Union is an immense blessing to us & the body of Christ. Your strides in the furtherance of the Gospel inspire us greatly. Thank you for your investment in many lives, for being worthy examples to emulate in the followership of our dear Man of God and ministry to the Saints We celebrate you Sir&Ma. Happy Wedding Anniversary! #CGI

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Happy birthday Dear Pst Lekan. Greater works.

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