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BREAKING NEWS!! Pastor Benny HINN announces: The LOVEWORLD USA begins broadcast on Verizon cable, from March 1st. This will be broadcast in 33 cities of the East Coast, in the USA, including: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and many more. Bishop McClendon explains the importance of having the networks in these cities’ - these are the economic and business centers, these places are seat of government, men and women of influence in the world systems are paying attention (Senators, business men, executives). #YourLoveworld

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A-B-U-J-A!!! ARE YOU READY? #ceabujazone #PastorBennyinAbuja #gohp2018 #TheGloryofHisPresence

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What a glorious time in God's presence

Tune in to all Loveworld Networks or download the Live TV app to watch! Excerpts of Today's program on Your Loveworld. Four Weapons that will never fail you- Dr Mike Smalley 1.   Your confession- (a) Your mouth can move mountains. (b) The mouth of the upright (not God) shall deliver you. (c) Life and death are in the power of the tongue 2.  Your seed of honour (a)When you sow honour in any environment (whether right or wrong) God honours you with a harvest. (b) When you honour God with your meditation he honours you with his revelation.(c) 'Honour' in an environment brings you promotion. Prov 15(d) Daniel and Joseph were promoted when they sowed the seed of honour (e) Anytime you allow your budget determine your seed you have given Satan the right over your harvest. 3. Your faith (a) Doubt sees the obstacles faith sees the way (b)Doubt refuses to take a step but faith soars high Heb 11…without faith it is impossible to please God (c) Your faith unlocks divine provision and abundance (d)Your seed documents your trust in the lord (e) When you sow a seed wrapped in faith, your harvest is guaranteed.

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Isaac sowed his seed in the time of famine and these 3 things happened; 1) The land that was dry, dead from famine came back to life. 2) He reaped a hundred fold return from death in one year 3) He found a spring of water; the famine came to an end in his life.......Pastor Benny #YourLoveworld

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There is no limits to what we can do #churchboy #significantattainment #supernaturalabilities #pza #ceedonorthandedocentral

The gates are opened #churchboy #significantattainment #supernaturalabilities

Three (3) important principles for prosperity and continual productivity. (It is God's plan for me to become become very, very productive prosperous and successful) 1. LIGHT First words from God.....  'let there be light'. Illumination is needed to show beauty and glory. First thing God did to unveil himself . .  When God manifests himself in my life, the 1st thing he brings is Light. God doesn't tolerate darkness. In Him there is no darkness at all. Let there be light in my Home, job, finances. That's what God wants. The word of God is light. 2. TRUTH Is so important.  What is truth?  Truth is different from fact. Truth is revelation of reality. Truth requires no evidence. You cannot use anything to prove the existence of God 3. SEED Seed is that which contains the original life giving principle of anything. Seed was given by God for continuity and multiplication. If you loose your seed you are sunk. The day you have no seed, you are sunk. Your life is encapsulated in your seed. Happy is the man that has seed. #YourLoveworld

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It's happening already!!!! Tune in to Loveworld plus or Log in to your Live TV App to participate now. #cephzone2 #yourloveworld

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YOUR LOVEWORLD, LIVE FROM THE LCA Our man of God, Pastor Chris prays for everyone watching... 'You who are watching, this is for you....' says Pastor. 'You think you're watching us, but God's watching all of you, and His plan is to bless you and do you good. Hurry now! Connect via CeFlix, LiveTV App or any of our LoveWorld Networks. Bishop McClendon declares, there's a SHIFT in your direction, even as he quotes Pastor as having declared 2018 the Year of the Supernatural! WOW!

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.....I am clothe I Supernatural wisdom, Insight and Illumination......Bushop Clarence. #YourLoveworld #LoveworldUSA

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I am clothed on supernatural revelations and supernatural insights.... Bishop Clarence McClendon... Your loveworld


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***COMMUNION SERVICE IN PICTURES*** Supernatural moments👌👌 #Edonorthandedocentral #NSSR

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Supernatural Abilities

Bienaimé, en cette année du Surnaturel, l'une des proclamations de notre homme de Dieu est que nous accomplirons tellement de choses par la grâce. Cela signifie que plusieurs se demanderont comment nous avons pu accomplir quelque chose et tout ce que vous pourrez dire c'est " c'est par la grâce ". Méditez sur 2 Pierre 1:2, Rom 5:17. Souvenez vous, écoutez le message du Nouvel An aujourd'hui et durant vos moments de prière, déclarez l'approvisionnement abondant de grâce dans votre vie pour tout ce que vous avez à faire. Vous êtes béni. #31daysofmeditation #ewcavz4

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NEW YEAR'S DAY SERVICE WITH REVEREND TOM The work of the Spirit in us is great, and as we are making progress as a ministry, you are making progress. To be blessed is to be caused to prosper There's something acting upon my life, my seeds and my work, causing them to produce extraordinary results. There is a supernatural force that's working in me, producing prosperity. To bless is to favour; a blessed man is favoured, and when you're conscious of it, it makes you to speak in a certain way, that may come across as boastful. To favour means that even when those deciding don't think you deserve it, you get it. When you're favoured, you don't need to lobby. These are what the Lord has done this year for us. To bless is to evoke successful outcomes; no matter how little your efforts, or the errors you might make, there'll be success at the end. To bless is to infuse divine abilities - you achieve what humanly is deemed impossible. Abraham's success was as a result of God's favour, and not by dint of hardwork. I'm a friend of God; I don't complain. I'm a Kingdom man. Don't think too much about yourself. Trust in the living blessing. In 2018, God's Spirit is ready to take you on the road of absolute success. 1TIMOTHY 4:11- 14 - the gift was given me by prophecy The things the Lord is saying about us for 2018 are not going to happen in secret. You don't get blessed in secret. Everyone knew that Abraham was blessed; and I'm the seed of Abraham. This year, you'll find yourself doing things at a level of willingness that will amaze you. Supernatural Accomplishments Men are going to come to you; they're coming for you to lead them, to give them leadership and counsel. Set your heart on the house of God and His work. That is the secret. Don't try to separate yourself and your goals from the church. Don't give yourself rest until the work of the Lord is done. Be a son of consolation that will rise up to the occasion whenever an opportunity shows up in a need. #ceabujazone #TheSupernatural

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Glorious things are spoken of me

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