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Thanksgiving ongoing at BLW University of Bamenda. Truly God inhabits the praises of his people. #blwcampusministry #blwcameroongp2 #blwuniversityofbamenda

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Super Sunday at BLW Campus Bambili was awesome... The word came... We praised and we were blessed beyond measure... Our lives will never be thesame again.......Gloreeeeeee!!!!!!! #Blwcampusministry #BlwCameroongroup2 #BlwuniversityofBamenda

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON Heating Up!!! With over 500 leaders of various BLW Campus Chapters in Cameroon present, and a glorious outpouring of excitement, the first plenary Session of the T.I.E Cameroon held with the Esteemed Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi, Zonal Secretary BLW UK Zone A! Teaching on MAKING THE NECESSARY IMPACT AS A YOUNG MINISTER ON CAMPUS, he took the hungry leaders on a word Journey! “God is looking for the one who will take action on the word; Until you take action the work won't be done" The desire and drive for results makes you fruitful and productive. Many young people on our Campuses are in the valley of decision and God has put us here to help them make the right decisions. The best time to serve the Lord is now! Take advantage of your youth and serve the Lord... Don't over think the word of God; MY CONFIDENCE IS THAT GOD SAID IT! God won't force you to do the work, you have to decide by yourself. 1) You must have a dream. 2) You must hear the cry 3) You will receive strategies 4) Take action Immediately. The entire hall erupted in prayer & prophecy following the extraordinary exhortation. ... More to come!!!! #TIECAMEROON #FIREINCAMEROON #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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Act now!!! Don’t think...it is not your own to think just “control C and then when you go Control V” #tieconference2019 #tiecameroon #fireincaneroon #blwrocks

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Four things you must do: - Dream - Hear the cry - Strategise and - Take action Thank you pastor Airen #Fireincameroon #TIECameroon2019 #Blwcameroon #Campusministryrocks

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON ON TO A GREAT START! ...Stay tuned for updates. #FireinCameroon #TIECameroon #Blwcampusministryrocks

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...CAMEROON the set time is NOW!!! T.I.E (Training Inspiration & Empowerment) Conference Cameroon is brewing! Date: 18th- 21st July, 2019 Venue: Buea Mountain Hotel. Registration is still ongoing... ...a time of upgrading!! #blwcampusministryrocks #FireinCameroon #TIECameroon

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Evangelism and prayer rally for Tubah for Jesus /Super Sunday.... 9th of June 2019 #ewcavz4 #cebambui #TubahforJesus

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We are taking the gospel to them where ever they are #ewcavz4 #cebambui #TubahforJesus

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Cell day service today was super amazing. In pastor's words"You are no longer the old fashioned you. You are no longer like them.. You have changed". See photos below #lwcampusministry #lwcameroongp2 #lwuniversityofbamenda

📧ENREGISTRE TOI MAINTENANT.... https://enterthehealingschool.org/gmfs/?s=CEEWCAZone4 #GMFS #EWCAZ4

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THE GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR 📧REGISTER NOW .... https://enterthehealingschool.org/gmfs/?s=CEEWCAZone4 Ensure you open your mail📧 to activate your registration. 📌SAVE THE DATE : Saturday MAY 18th #GMFS #EWCAZ4

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LET'S PRAY: Did you know that prayer is ROMANCE with God? Let's have some romance with God today. Remember to COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE the thoughts that God brings to your hear today. #trendingprayernow

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Happy Birthday ma. Your regal and composed mien is always an inspiration to us. We love you dearly ma and rejoice with you and our dear Regional Pastor and your children on this joyous day. Have a wonderful day and many more glorious years ahead.

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Happy Birthday to a Quintessential Personality. A lover of God and of Men. An Icon of Faith A Rhapsody of Excellence. Thank you Ma for your unequivocal commitment to the ministry and message of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. We love you dearly Ma. #PDIROCKS1005 #quintessentialpdi1005 #exceptionalpdi1005

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Happening now...global communion service with our most highly esteemed man of God Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome dsc dd...we are ready to katalambano all that the spirit of God has for us tonight. Hallelujah #blwcameroongroup2 #blwuniversityofbuea #campusministryrocks

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I am a burning and a shinning light #cebambui #ewcavz4

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