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📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣 The highly esteemed Pastor Mary Owase at the "LOVEWORLD PRENATAL LAUNCH" in Calabar Ministry Center yesterday.....a "SESSION WITH THE SUPPORT MEDICAL TEAM". Today will be glorious, are u set??? Gloryyyyyyyy📣📣📣📣 #LoveWorldPrenatal #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

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CE BOWEN WOMEN'S WEEK HEALTH TALK & FREE MEDICAL CHECK UP Highlights of CE Bowen Women's week health talk and free medical check up. #Cemidwestzone #womensweek #sheispowerful

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Ongoing - TIE Conference Mid-West Nigeria! Levitating higher, the highly esteemed CMD taking his text from Proverbs 25:28 shared lucidly on DISCIPLINE FOR LEADERSHIP. Can you just imagine a city that is broken down, everything damaged or blown up? What is it like? That’s what an indisciplined life is like- chaotic, laid bare... Discipline refers to training; the moulding, refining of character; The training or refinement of character by practice, instruction, teaching and exercise to... . As a leader, You can no longer live or act just the way you want. Grace is not looseness! Its not a license to misbehave. There are things you don’t do, not because they are wrong in themselves but because of who you are as a leader; you leave the good for the more excellent. The burden of superior knowledge and higher intelligence requires that a leader stays ahead so as to remain an influence/example. The disciplined leader is a soldier! He doesn’t engage in civilian affairs. The Ministry, the gospel, the Kingdom is our life, it’s what preoccupies us. He noted areas of Discipline/training to take seriously; ▪ Discipline of Prayer/to pray. ▪ Discipline to study. ▪ Discipline with time. ▪ Discipline in character & conduct ▪ Discipline to plan. ▪ Financial discipline ▪ Discipline of the mind. ▪ Discipline for excellence; refuse anything mediocre or mundane. The Disciplined leader is focused. He doesn’t run in all directions. A disciplined leader works with goals and targets and runs with focus towards them. Targets are not burdens, they’re opportunities for victory. Glory to God! More to come!!! #TIEmidwestNigeria #TIEconference2019 #Blwcampusministryrocks

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CE SOUTH SOUTH ZONE 2 TEENS CAMP 2019 The session with the Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Wale Adenuga transported everyone to a higher level of glory and grace. The teenagers have been fired up for greater levels of productivity in life and Ministry. Hallelujah! #loveworldteensministry

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Happy Uplifting Birthday to a great mentor, a Frontier of the Gospel, God's General, the highly esteemed Zonal Pastor Emma Akhuemokhan. Pastor Sir, thank you for your teachings and exemplary Leadership as you celebrate more seasons of Lights. We love you sir.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS. JENNIFER AMENKHIENAN We join the host of heaven to celebrate you on this special day. Thank you for all you do in our nation and for being a vital participant in the vision of our man of God. We love you dearly! #Cemidwestzone

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CE Midwest Zone Teens Ministry Foundation school graduation. Hundreds of teenagers and youths were graduated from CE Midwest Zone Teens Ministry over the weekend. Campus A in Benin, held her Foundation school graduation on Saturday August 24 with over 300 students and Campus B in Warri held her graduation on Sunday August 25 with about 132 students. The graduants were full of the Holy Ghost and excited. They expressed much joy and indeed these ones have expanded the leadership base of our ministry. The Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Mary Owase, congratulated all the graduants and encouraged them to put to use all they have learnt! Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. #cemidwestzone #lwteensministry

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CE Midwest Zone Teens Ministry Souls Harvest Report Shout out! As the summer holidays come to an end, we are grateful to God, for the huge harvest of souls! The Teens ministry of the zone ran a Summer Class/ Skill Acquisition where the students were brought in from the streets, taught the word of God, taught about their book work and skills. They learnt a lot including Information technology. Hundreds of teenagers and youths were reached across the zone with learning centers everywhere.... Thank you Jesus! We have taken over!!!! #wehavemoved

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Are you concerned about what your future holds, or how to accomplish that great idea? Take time to Meditate on Zechariah 4:6  & Keep the Word in your consciousness always! Read, Study, Meditate & Triumph with Rhapsody Bible+ www.rorbible.plus #discoverGodForYourself #ImPowered

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HAPPENING NOW... Foundation School Graduation Ceremony @Cenewbenin #mwzfsgc #cemidwestzone #cenewbenin

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CE URHOBO IN WARRI SOUTH GROUP FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION CEREMONY. Lightning up our World with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. #Cemidwestzone #CeWarrisouth#Ceurhobo#Foundationschoolgraduation

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Glory to God!The Zonal Teens Ministry Foundation school graduation at the two campuses were very successful! Well over 400 graduants!Our leadership base has increased and we r revved up to do more ..The kingdom of God is at ✋ #lwteensministry #cemidwestzone #fsg #everysoulisagoal

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It was a fun filled Teens Foundation school graduation, as the teenagers were so excited. Thank you PASTOR CHRIS SIR WE LOVE YOU... #TeensFSG #silukoteens #cesiluko1 #cemidwestzone

The Teens are excited and ready for the first ever TEENS MINISTRY CEMIDWESTZONE FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION. #Cemidwestzone #cesiluko1 #teensministry

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🌠NEWS UPDATE! ⏳Cream Your Dream Final is Here!! August 30th, 2019. Heartbeats are racing.. Expectations are high...the finalists are preparing...the people are anticipating...the date is nigh! ✨Who will be the Next SuperStar??? #creamyourdream #cream your dream2.0 #blwzonej

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Thank you pastor ma for guiding us by the spirit on how to be successful and relevant in ministry. #sistersweekwithpstib #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #teamgrace #group2 #heritage1 #cell4.

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#Countup IT'S 3 DAYS TO CE MIDWEST ZONE'S INAUGURAL COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE CONFERENCE This strategic conference, organized by the Loveworld Directorate of Corporate Affairs is bringing together communities of practice in an organised structure to promote the work of the Ministry/Loveworld Nation. Plan to be in attendance. #Cemidwestzone #LWCommunitiesofpractice #COPConference

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Showing this week on 'Hello Loveworld'. Download the app or watch on Livetv mobile.

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