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Happy birthday to my Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor and Father. Thank U sir for Ur liquid love. Celebrating you, is celebrating Grace, Love and Wisdom. Thank you sir for constantly guiding and leading us in the Path of success and greatness. I love and appreciate you dearly Sir.

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DID THE CHURCH USE YOU? You served in the media arm, learnt how to record, capture and edit, now you edit for nollywood and make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served in the choir, you were corrected severally by your choir director who almost gave up on you till you gradually started learning to sing, sustain keys, compose songs even do the slurs and you have released your album....! *Did church use you?* You served in the sound department, learnt to produce good sound, it has become your skill and you even make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served a Pastor, from cleaning his shoes and carrying his Bible to becoming his assistant pastor, now you have your own work, you're impacting your world and fulfilling your God-given purpose and destiny... *did church use you?* Please people let's get it right! It is wrong to say "the church is using you! the church is using me!".... the tune of some unwise advisers and brethren. In the first place it is always a privilege to be used of God. *God does not use you and dump you. He uses you, builds you, trains you and makes you what He talks about. You can't be useful until you are used of Him. it is the process of being used that makes you useful to Him and to your world for Him. Your service in the church does not improve God, it only improves you. So Be guided, Be wise and Be Smart. Whether you are available or not, the work must be done. Your availability to serve is for your own Enrichment, Enhancement and Enlargement. I encourage every worker/steward in the church; keep doing what you' are instructed to do. God is aware of your service. * Count it a great privilege to be used by God, and want to be used over and over and over again. Love what you do for the Lord and in the Lord. Do it with all your heart, with joy and gladness. Thank the Lord for the privilege to serve and be useful in God's house. Remember He gave you His Life to make you His Kind - An Associate of the God-Kind. The God-Kind never speaks of being used. God bless you.

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CELEBRATING OUR LUCENT STARS! Loveworld Radio Top Partnering Zones 2019! #2ndPosition Pastor Amaechi Udeaku - Christ Embassy PH Zone 1

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Happy Birthday to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose Isesele. Thank you Sir for your passion for the Lord, dedication to Our Dear Man of God and commitment to the spread of our message and ministry. Today we celebrate an astute accomplisher. We love you dearly Sir

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR AMBROSE ISESELE Sir, we celebrate your doggedness..... Your unflinching loyalty to our Man of God.... Your exemplary life of commitment to the things of God..... Your consistency through the years...... And Most of All Your love for the Master. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR.

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You’re the Word of God revealed🎵🎶 Celebrating our extraordinary SuperMom, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. Watch this video #pose1115 #celebratinggreatness

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MAMA; Happy birthday MAMA, I love you so much, you mean so much to me, you are so special, they ain’t no one like my MAMA. Thank you for displaying and teaching me God’s love. You have a huge heart, and a greater passion to do the lord’s Will, I love you MAMA... Happy birthday❤️🎉🍾

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Celebrating Liquid Love and Purity💖💞💝Happiest Birthday Pastor Sir. All the way from South Sudan, We your Children say We Love 💗you.🕺🎊💃🎊🕺🎊💃. #PA1411 #EWCAZ3 #Southsudan

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Happy Birthday To The Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose Isesele!!! Thank You So Much Sir For Your Commitment To The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ And Our Man Of God Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Thank You Sir For Being A Good Example For Us To Follow. #PAI1114. #CeBeninZone1.

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Happy birthday to you our highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Ambrose Isesele. We are blessed to have you Sir. I love Sir. #LIBERIA #CEMONROVIA #CONGO_TOWN

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CHOOSE THE RIGHT THOUGHTS BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he... (Proverbs 23:7) You have the ability to choose what you should think about and reject what you shouldn't. This might sound like a mystery to some people just because their minds run riot all the time! But the Bible says, "...whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report... think on these things" (Philippians 4:8). That suggests you can direct your mind to think the right thoughts only! You can control your thoughts. Thoughts are more than mere imaginations; they are mental pictures of the mind with constructive or destructive capabilities. Thoughts, many times, are your own creation-they are the mental constructions of your mind based on your imaginations. They have the power to keep you in bondage or liberate you to be the best of you. That's why until you change a man's way of thinking, his life and the circumstances of his existence will not change. Even God can't do anything for that man. That's how powerful our thoughts are, and this is the reason we're admonished in Scripture to choose our thoughts; think only on things that are just, pure, lovely and of good report. Don't let your mind wander off with the wrong thoughts; discipline your mind to choose thoughts you will accept and process. The Bible says to mount a garrison over your heart (Proverbs 4:23); don't allow every thought to come in. Reject thoughts that tend to demean or depress you; accept thoughts of success, joy, victory and prosperity that are based on God's Word.  Your life goes in the direction of your thinking, for you're the character of your thoughts. So, it doesn't matter what happens to you, or in what unpleasant situation you find yourself, you can either decide to remain there or come out of it by imbibing the right thinking! Appraise the situation from the standpoint of God's Word, for nothing in this life can make you disadvantaged. #ippc2019 #imcc2019 #loveworld #affirmationtrain #talkingsession

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Don't miss the Episode three(3) of this intriguing drama series, "Supernatural", showing today on Loveworld Plus Channel by 2:30PM GMT+1. Supernatural is the story of Donzel (Samsong) a Businessman whose choice to help someone in need causes him to cross paths with a wanted criminal syndicate. With the SCIU (State Crimes Investigation Unit) compromised, Donzel must keep himself and those close to him safe from harm. His relationship with the Holy Spirit is his advantage as he seeks to use the opportunity to win over his foes and detractors to “the way”. Stay tuned!

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3 hours to go... Celebrating a loving father #LUMINARYPAI #PAI1411

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#imcc2019 ...Watch this sneak peak into the Chairman’s inspiring Welcome address .... ...”Think of yourself as a Digital Fourth Man”...the esteemed Pastor Oge Oketunji said to the excited delegates; with a strong sense of purpose and conviction 👌👌👌 the epochal 6th Edition Of the International Media Connectors’ Conference kicked off on Sunday November 10th 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥 Watch out for more highlights on this space #imcc2019highlights #mostmemorableimcc2019moment #mypostimcc2019globalimpactagenda #thedigital4thman

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Celebrating our Champion Celebrating our Hero Celebrating our Gift from God Celebrating a Serial Achiever Celebrating a Compendium of Faith Celebrating a Beacon of Light Celebrating an Icon of Love Celebrating an Embodiment of Wisdom Celebrating a Man Sent from God. You have indeed changed our lives Sir We are forever glad to be associated with you. Thank you for teaching us how to follow our Man of God. Thank you for shining the light in our various nations. Thank you for making us relevant to the vision of our Man of God. Thank you for teaching us faith, hope and love. Happy Birthday Sir! We love you so dearly! #LUMINARYPAI #PAI1411

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Happy Birthday to a father with a large heart. You are so loving, caring, accommodating, kind, and yet very principled. Thank you for illuminating our lives. Thank you for being a worthy example for us to follow. Thank you for showing us plainly the heart of the father. Thank you for insisting on excellence, and bringing out the best in us. Thank you for making us disciples of our Man of God Pastor Chris. We are honoured to stand hand in hand with you in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Dad! We love you so dearly Sir!

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The Joy of South Sudan #luminaryPAI #PAI1411 #EWCAZ3 #SOUTHSUDAN #CEROCKCITY #IPPC2019

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Happy Birthday Dad! Too many thoughts to ponder. What a man...Oh what a man Such a gift you are to me, the church, and the world. What humility, love, passion and inspiration. Time & space will fail me. Words & thoughts will fall short. Thanks for everything Sir #LUMINARYPAI

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‘We failed to reach Europe – now our families disown us’ Three young West Africans stole from their families to fund a trek to Europe, now they have to face the consequences.

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Join us as we celebrate our Regional Pastor. An epitome of grace and love. Kind and full of love for all. An exemplary visionary and leader. Ardent follower of our Man of God. We salute you sir. We love and celebrate you today and always. #luminaryPAI #PAI1411 #ewcaz4

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