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Wow!! The Global Prayer and Fasting session from CE Douala Base. Praying for the nations of the world. Awesome moments. #GPF #ewcaz4

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KINGSVIEW - ENTERTAINMENT FOR ROYALTIES In the midst of numerous platforms offering movie on demand services, KingView stands out as a reliable, unique and dependable platform with exclusive content that you can鈥檛 find anywhere else. Explore world class movies on KingsView today! Click here now

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What a day!.Another level of grace..The man of God in Bamenda..Gloryyyyyyy #BamendaGroup #ADayofGlory #ADayofGloryWithPastorAmbrose #ADayofGloryBuea #ADayofGloryBafoussam #ADayofGloryBamenda #EWCAZ4

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What a day!.Another level of grace..The man of God in Bamenda..Gloryyyyyyy #BamendaGroup #ADayofGlory #ADayofGloryWithPastorAmbrose #ADayofGloryBuea #ADayofGloryBafoussam #ADayofGloryBamenda #EWCAZ4

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What a day!.Another level of grace..The man of God in Bamenda..Gloryyyyyyy #BamendaGroup #ADayofGlory #ADayofGloryWithPastorAmbrose #ADayofGloryBuea #ADayofGloryBafoussam #ADayofGloryBamenda #EWCAZ4

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What a day!.Another level of grace..The man of God in Bamenda..Gloryyyyyyy #BamendaGroup #ADayofGlory #ADayofGloryWithPastorAmbrose #ADayofGloryBuea #ADayofGloryBafoussam #ADayofGloryBamenda #EWCAZ4

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Celebrating Grace Extraordinaire Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma.

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Effecting changes in the nation at large. Glory to God!! Place your order today.

Still celebrating an epitome of love and grace, our Highly Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Temisan馃拑馃拑馃拑 Happy birthday Ma!馃巶馃巶馃巶 Thank you for your inspiring leadership and dedication in the Kingdom. We love you so dearly!!!鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍 #lwindiacelebrates #loveworldnetworks #yearofpreparation @ewaentemi

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NYC ! !! C'茅tait rafra卯chissant, impactant, transformation, Gloire 脿 Dieu ! !! Nous avons fait une mise 脿 niveau ! #LWTEENSMINISTRY #EWCAZ4 #CECONGOBRAZZAVILLE

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Un moment de rafra卯chissement avec notre tres estim茅 pasteur de zone Pastor Akin Oketunji wowwwwww apr猫s cette conf茅rence les jeunes causeront des impacts remarquables dans leurs diff茅rentes sph猫res de contact! Gloire 脿 Dieu!!!!!!!!!! #EWCAZ4 #LWTEENSMINISTRY #NYC

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I have been asked what the word BOOT CAMP mean. 馃憠 It is a military terminology that is used to describe an intense, basic, disciplinary training for recruits Register for the *NMT BOOT CAMP*

Weaponised Prayer for A Day of Glory with Pastor Ambrose Isesele. It can only be great. Hallelujah!!!! 馃嚚馃嚥 #BamendaGroup #CEBUEA #ADayofGlory #ADayofGloryWithPastorAmbroseIsesele #ADayofGloryBuea #EWCAZ4 #Royal_me

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馃挒鈼金煉炩椊馃挒鈼金煉炩椊馃挒鈼金煉炩椊馃挒 馃檹馃徎BREAKING NEWS! PRAYING AND FASTING TODAY! 6am to 4pm. Luke 18:1 鈥 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; 馃檹馃徎As we pray and fast for this great program,we will Come against the evil spirit responsible for suicides, break its hold on single ladies across the globe. Declare that through this program people are set free to be all that God planned for them to be. 馃檹馃徎Also declare that the program will exceed our expectations PRAYER TIMES: 11am 1pm 4pm local time. 15 minutes each time #llnbeautifulyou #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln

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HAPPENING NOW!!! PRAYER FOR OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD AT GLOBAL HOUR OF POWER Click to join our Senior Pastors, Group & Church Pastors, Ministry Programs Partners, and Ministry Programs Influencers right now for a time of fire power for the nations, Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 and the August Global Service with Pastor Chris. Moderating the prayer session today is the Highly Esteemed Member of the CEC, and Pastor of Christ Embassy Ministry Center Abeookuta, Highly Esteemed Pastor T.T. Temisan. Spread the word everywhere and get everyone Join in for an Hour of Power from 11pm to 12 midnight GMT +1 tonight, Thursday 29th July 2021. Don't miss it.

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FAVOR AIN鈥橳 FAIR 鈥淧astor, the plane is boarding, are you on your way sir?鈥 Came the voice on the phone. The real question was where was I? Hmmmmm鈥. So I need to reverse a bit and start from the beginning. I was pastoring in the northern part of Nigeria. That day, we were meant to be on our way to Lagos for a crucial meeting with Pastor Chris. For some reasons - I think it was the weather, there were issues with flights and there was this crucial flight we couldn鈥檛 afford to miss. I didn鈥檛 have enough information on arrival and departure because things had become all mixed up at the airport end. Anyways, all the other pastors had gone to the airport. The idea was to inform me when the flight was ready. So that鈥檚 the background story. Now for the present story of this before story. While waiting for them, I decided to take a shower and go through my morning rituals. Now, there is just something about bathrooms that I can鈥檛 explain. I also don鈥檛 know if it happens only to me鈥 some of my best ideas just happen to come in the bathroom!! Just seating on the toilet bowl, turning on the shower or getting ready to brush my teeth can trigger an avalanche of innovative ideas. Sometimes it could just be something that has been on my mind and I need clarity. Suddenly, the solution just comes like a flash. It is not like I don鈥檛 get ideas from elsewhere oh!! before someone starts to think that my primary angel is called bathicus. But this bathroom idea something is kinda weird. So you understand how it is for me in bathrooms. My average bathroom time is about 1 hr. Pre Ipad days, I had all sorts of magazines in the bathroom. These days, I go with my IPad. Everyone close to me knows that you don鈥檛 disturb me when I am in the bathroom. So you can imagine that as I had just settled into 20 mins of my 1hr, I got the call. Shuoooo, plane is boarding!!! Jessooooosss!! What do I do? I still had to brush my teeth, I still had to take a bathe, I still had to dress up and most importantly, I still had to get to the airport 馃槄馃槀馃ぃ. I quickly despatched angel bathicus to go hold the plane. Ahh ahhh, shey it is kukuma him that caused the delay. If he wasn鈥檛 gisting with me in the bathroom, I would have been at the airport since. Hmmmmm鈥 the way I showered, bathed and got ready is still a mystery to me. All I know is that I was ready in record time. I am sure if my mum was around, she would have looked at me with one eye and would have shouted 鈥淭ony get back into the shower!! Scrub that ear!!鈥 Choi!! African parents!! 馃ぃ馃槀馃槄. I remember my dad once scrubbing me so much that I turned 3 shades of lightness in 10 mins. Anyways, back to my narrative. I saw several missed calls on my phone. As I picked it up, another came in. 鈥淧astor, the plane has finished boarding. It is about to leave鈥 鈥淧astor Victor, you better hold that plane. I am on my way鈥 鈥淵es sir! came the voice on the other side鈥 As I dropped, I wondered what kind of assignment I had just given the brethren. We don鈥檛 own the plane, we don鈥檛 own the airport. I was still at least 20 mins away. Ahhhh but thank God for trained brethren and evangelism. We did own the airport and we did own the plane. We had done lots of evangelical work at that airport. We had lots of brethren that worked there and we had great relationships with the administrators of the airport. Anyways, in my jeans and T shirt, we raced to the airport and I finally got to the tarmac to meet a plane that had been delayed almost 30 mins after scheduled departure ( I know ehhh鈥 my bad馃槪). My brethren had divided themselves. Some were on the flight while others had disembarked and were on the tarmac waiting for me. As I came, they told me of all the hilarious tactics they had deployed to hold the plane. As I entered the plane, mehnnn鈥 come and see hissing!!! Jesooooos!! It immediately reminded me of psalm 23. If eyes and hissing could kill鈥 but you know how it is.. no weapon!!! La la la la ( that鈥檚 me dancing makossa). You see, the pilot had announced a delay on the grounds that there were waiting for one important dignitary. So they were on the look out for this great dignitary when slim, thin, T-shirt wearing me appeared. I didn鈥檛 even have a small pot belly 馃槄馃槀馃ぃ. At least a pot belly would have improved the situation. Choi!! I am really a spoilt child!! Favor isn鈥檛 fair. The brethren did try but favor and grace were at work. If God hadn鈥檛 sanctioned it鈥 God does unusual things not because we 鈥渄eserve it鈥 but because He just wants to show us off!! Enter into the mindset of the graced鈥 everything is possible and anything is possible!! 鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹. Oya, click assignment for the week. I need to grow our @ln247 kingschat Superuser to 1000. Please add yourself to the LN247 Superuser and invite friends and family to help. If we hit 1000 this week, I will do a part 2 of favor isn鈥檛 fair. This my plane journey ehhhh!! It is a wonder. That鈥檚 how one day I bounced the current Vice President of Nigeria off his seat on an international flight!!! You want to hear that story abi? We have to reach the 1000 super user first 馃槄馃槀馃ぃ. 鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹︹. Discovery of the week A new kingschat handle @loveworldsingers Get a scoop on all ministry songs. Get to know all the lyrics. No need to be doing hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmm when you get to the parts of songs you don鈥檛 know. Now you can copy all the words and create your own song book. 鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹︹. Your loveworld specials with Pastor Chris. Season 3 phase 6!!!! Pastor instructed us to tell everyone we know and invite them to be a part of the program. Something special is going to be released. There is grace available in obedience. Take advantage of the features of other social media. Paste the banners on your social media status. Every day, use it to tell a story and drive people to the program. Create a way for them to interact with you. Intentionally invite people and follow them up to make sure they come. Make plans to be a part of the program. Don鈥檛 get into front of the Tv and fall into deep sleep 馃槄馃槀馃ぃ. We are not part of the deep state!! 鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹ Finally鈥. News is all around you. Information would come to you even if you don鈥檛 want it. It is however very important that you know whom your news source is from. Loveworld news 24/7- LN247 is our 24 hour news channel. News, reviews, business, lifestyle and entertainment amongst others. Please watch and let me know what you think. Catch ya next week. Muah!!!

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A TIME OF METAMORPHOSIS AT DAY 4 OF YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS SEASON 3 PHASE 6 It doesn't matter the type of sickness that attacks your body; activate the life of God in you and the sickness will be vanquished. ~Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome ~Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6 It's been a time of inspiration, improvement, illumination, truth and guidance as we received the Word from our Dear Man of God at Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 6. And now, get set for a divine metamorphosis at DAY 4 today Thursday 29th July as you join Pastor Chris from 7:00pm GMT +1, 2:00pm EST. Don't miss it. Ensure you spread the Word and get everyone to participate Don't miss it. 馃實Visit the directory below to select a website, app, social media site, TV or Radio station in any country to participate. 馃憞 #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials

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