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Happy 50th Birthday to my sweetheart. A devoted Christian, friend, wife, mother and avid follower of my Father and Man of God, Pastor Chris, from her youth.  I am simply delighted to be celebrating you on this Golden occasion.  Your passion and commitment to the Lord has always been an inspiration to me and the kids and of course to everyone associated with you.  You are an activist for the kingdom, a highly productive and effective personality.  Little wonder you are highly profitable to Papa in the work of the ministry.  Thanks for being such a tremendous blessing to me, Craig, Tiffany and Chloe all through the years.  My Friend, Wife, Lover, Partner & Encourager-in-Chief. Happy Birthday Dudu! I love you now and always. 

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We are set to bring the city to a standstill for Jesus. #GFMC2018

https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/12/27/555920730/how-a-typical-teen-did-something-not-so-typical-to-help-street-kids Future Africa Leaders Ambassador James Okina who founded the Non-governmental Street Priests Inc. to tackle the societal challenge of street children and has since taken hundreds of kids off the streets got covered by NPR. National Public Radio for full, which has a total of 1098 stations broadcasting their programmes, 37.7 million weekly stations and associate stations. With monthly visits of up to 114.4 million on their site. Headquartered in Washington DC. They just published Ambassador James's story which is already making rounds in social media spaces. ITS A MUST READ. #FALA2017 #FALF

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Yes... It's today! FALA Nomination Show by 6pm GMT +1 #FALA2017 #NominationShow #FALF

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It's finally here! Watch The FALA Nomination Show live on all our LoveWorld Networks- LoveWorld USA, LoveWorld Plus, Loveworld SAT, LoveWorld TV UK, LoveWorld Television, and CEFLIX by 6PM GMT+1 today. Don't miss it. #FALA2017 #FALF

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Catch Future Africa Leaders Award 2017 Nomination Show on LoveWorld Networks Full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/vsa8v

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#FALF #FALA Nomination show 6:00PM don't miss it!!

#FALF #FALA Watch the nomination show on all love world networks.

Let's do this! #FALA

📹 📹: Frank Edwards celebrates our dear Pastor and Father in a unique way! Vocals by Pastor Chris. OMG the finger gestures! 🤣🤣🤣 #ceabakaliki1 #ceabakaliki #sevz2 #happybirthday #happybirthdaypastorchris #dec7 #benedictions #offer7 #celebratingpastorchris

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IF YOU WERE ARRESTED FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN, WILL THERE BE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT YOU? THE HOSTILITY AGAINST THE GOSPEL IS REAL IN MANY COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. WATCH THIS AND SEE WHAT SOME CHRISTIAN WITNESSES ARE FACED WITH TODAY. Let us preach the gospel with undeniable zeal, passion, conviction and dogged determination.  Rom.1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation .. We must persist as unrepentant activists for the gospel; Bold, Fearless and Courageous. Mt.16:18 - the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. Acts. 5:29 ... We ought to obey God rather than men. Josh.1:9 ... be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, nether be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. So, win more souls and spread this message. God bless you.

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NEW VIDEO: Something Had To Give And Its Wasn't Going To Be Me!

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Calabar Miracle Crusade One year ago today!! This event would still be talked about many years to come. A seed of righteousness sown #CMC

Pastors and Leaders meeting with our Zonal Director, Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas. #CRVZ

#IYD2017 #CRVZ #Excited

HAPPENING NOW... CE CALABAR ZICLC 2017 DAY 2, EVENING SESSION. TALK-SHOW ON "VISION 400" ....the harvest is ready ....we need to train our work force for the harvest. ....we need to set up monitoring processes for the souls that we are receiving. #VISION400 #CECZ #CECZICLC2017 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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HAPPENING NOW... CE CALABAR ZICLC 2017.. DAY 2 EVENING SESSION. SUPER SESSION WITH THE ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR OF ACCRA ZONE, PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL. TOPIC: BUILDING AND DISCIPLINING YOUR MEMBERS FOR THE WORK OF MINISTRY.... * You need to understand the content of our message. * You need to understand the vision of our Ministry. * You need to understand the culture of our ministry. We have a culture of RESPECT, PRAYING and GIVING. ...We belong to a nation, so carry the instructions you have received back to your members. #CECZ #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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ONGOING.... CE CALABAR ZONE (ZICLC 2017). DAY 2, MORNING SESSION (SUPER SESSION 2). FACILITATOR: THE ESTEEMED PASTOR JOY AMENKHIENAN. TOPIC: CELL MINISTRY AND THE ROLE OF THE MINISTRY MATERIALS FOR VISION 400. ...the essence of receiving God's word is for your mindset and programming to change. ...educate your Cell members on the use of Ministry Materials. ...use Ministry Materials in church. ...use Ministry Materials for evangelism. #CECZ #CECZICLC2017 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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💢Highlights of Sunday service with the Highly esteemed Pastor Ted Obieroma 💢 several hundreds of enthusiastic brethren Welcome and celebrate the arrival of Pastor Ted Obieroma as he conducted his maiden service in the nation of Congo. Pastor expressed his deep gratitude to out Man of God for this great opportunity to be in the nation of Congo. He further acknowledged and celebrated the amazing work that had been done by the outgoing Pastor. keep it here for more updates... #theArrival #eavz6

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