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Happy supernatural birthday to my lovely hubby, a spirit in a motion, love personified, full of grace one of a kind thank for all you so in ministry happy birthday pastor Robert

Happy birthday to my pastor father life coach teacher you have transformed my life for better

Happy supernatural birthday to my Dad, life coach, pastor I love you sir #kenyazone

Celebrating a hero the CEO BLW happy supernatural birthday pastor ma I love you dearly

Iam focused I refuse to consider circumstances

Christ is my life Christ is my sufficiency Christ is my wisdom I talk smart #mydeclarations

Happy supernatural birthday to my sis natanya I celebrate you my dear


Happy birthday deacon Elvis a man of great faith, and of great results you are of a great blessing to Kenya zone I love you

Thank you Esteemed Pastor Siji Dara for your sponsorship of the ongoing FALF International Training Program in Nairobi, Kenya.

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The glory of God shall cover Kenya as the water covers the sea #reachoutkenya #changinglives

WEDNESDAY SPECIAL 'TALK WITH PASTOR' SERVICE Are there questions, issues, or topics bothering your mind? Turn up for answers during our Wednesday Special 'Talk with Pastor' Service...See you there! #CekenyaZone

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Changing lives Kenya will never be the same again #reachoutkenya #kenyazone

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Wow wow glory glory 3 days to go to reach out Kenya iam soon excited in my spirit seeding the Nation with word glorrrry #roke #reachoutkenyazone



#healing now #cemombasakenyazone

#healing now #kenyazone

GLOBAL DAY OF EVANGELISM 1 DAY TO GO #GlobalDayofEvangelism #WinningSoulsNow #CeKenyaZone

Christ Embassy Kenya Zone profile on KingsChat Web

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