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HBD Pastor GB, a man of honor and diligence to the gospel. This is your season of uplifting and new levels to achieve. You are blessed and favoured. Enjoy your day! #cebw;#cecanada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Pastor Bola! Thank you for your inspiring life of service and your passion for the Gospel! It's always a joy to hear you share the Word sir. Thank you for all you do. I love you dearly sir! #CANADA

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HBD Deacon Kayode, may God 's Grace abound you and you shine brighter and brighter in this year of Lights. Everything about you is perfected, your graciousness and your humility is unending. I celebrate you Sir with love. #cebramptonwest; #cecanada

HBD Bro Kayode; I pray that you receive all that you desire and that you will continue to shine ever so bright in this year of lights. May God bless you richly. Keep smiling! #cebramptonwest

HBD Bro Busayo, you are indeed the son of consolation. I celebrate your diligence for the things of God. and his love. You are winner and you will always shine brightly in this year of lights. #cecanada

HBB Sis Denise! You are blessed and highly favoured.Thank you for being so diligent to God's work and the Ministry. Keep shining in this year of Lights. #cecanada

HBD dearest Sis Gillian a tenacious woman of the Gospel. You are a champion and a winner, you will always win! Thank you for all you do in the ministry. Enjoy your day! Lots of love!

A true christian walk is believing. Don't stagger let God's word have the final verdict . Don't let your circumstances dictate your outcome. Thank you Pastor enlighting service. #cebramptonwest; #cecanada

Happy Birthday Bro Khan.. Thank you for all you do in the Ministry. Your love for the Gospel will take you to a higher realm. Celebrate! God bless you! #cebramptonwest; #cecanada

You are Exceptional! Your love for the gospel is unending. May you continue to soar like an eagle. HBD Pastor Nikky. Enjoy your day! #cebramptonwest

Have you registered spiritually? There is still time! Don't delay! be ready, come loaded and ready to receive TGOHP. I am ready! #cebramptonwest; #cecanada

TGOHP, are you ready! come with the expectation to be transformed to a higher level. I am ready!

Feliz Cumpleanos! Sis Xiomara, your pleasant smile and enthusiasm on the choir is a blessing to us all. May God's Glory continue to shine on you you excel in Jesus name. #cebrampwest; #cecanada

All set and ready for take off! This is a shift in dimensions for me! Glory! #cecanada #cebramptonwest #TGOHPCAN

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We are praying and making power available to cause tremendous changes on Sunday March 31st in the lives of everyone present especially the guests who are coming in their numbers. GLORY! #SuperSunday #CeBramptonWest #CeCanada


Our faithfulness with God is expressed through our commitment. He expects us to be consistent and faithful as he is to us. The Glory of his Presence will be a meeting that will leave an impact on everyone Gloryyyy! #cebramptonwest #cecanada

Gloria! Gloria! Aleluya! Huge rehearsal is going on In Heaven and earth! Our voices are getting ready to Shout Hallelujah and sing new songs to the Lord of Lords! I can't stop praising your name OH LORD!🎡🎢🎼🎸 #SuperSunday #cecanada #cebramptonwest.

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The Glory of his Presence! Wow! what an honor it is to be in Presence of the Lord. Everything about this meeting will be supernational. I am expectant and ready to receive. #cebramptonwest#cecanada

Super Sunday , March 31 - Invite, Invite, invite, come ye come all. It is a day of miracles, a date with the Holy Spirit, be expectant and you will not leave the same way you came. See you there.! #cebramptonwest, #cecanada

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