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🔊🔊 Day 9 - Educating the Human Spirit There are no limits to what you can achieve, absolutely no restrictions to how high you can fly.. #Exposeonchristianliving #Watchonpcdltv #UKR2Z1 #CEUKZONE1

Do you know that you glow more and more through the full knowledge of the word of God? 🔊🔊 Day 8 - The Glory in the Word Exposè on Christian Living #Exposeonchristianliving #Watchonpcdltv #UKR2Z1 #CEUKZONE1

I have just completed 3 outreaches.. 😀😀😀

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PURPOSE, POWER & PLENTY DAY 1 is happening already 💃💃💃 Are you logged in? ⚙Thoughts from our Man of God - Pastor Chris⚙ Timing - What's God's plan, what's on His mind concerning you? What does God want you to do? Ephesians 5:1-14 Be therefore followers of God as beloved children and walk in love...... Pastor said the Lord said: There is an ongoing harvest of souls.. There will be a great revival 1st reference scripture V14 - Awake though that sleepest and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give the light. 2nd reference scripture Revelations 3:1 -2 Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die There is going to be awakening of those sleeping through the Word, signs and wonders, encounters with the Spirit of God, God will answer prayers. Note Ephesians 5 is about living for God to do otherwise is to be sleeping; careless about the things of God. God is talking about perfection - complete, bring your work to completion. Glory, Glory, Glory Halleluyah!!!, Indeed the Lord has set us up for Day 1 of Purpose , Power and Plenty It's starting on a high note with our Man of God...Pastor Chris... In the strategy for winning and victory 1 Timothy 2:1 says first of the verse How many people are praying for others, for the whole world? God did not tell us to pray for peace; God said pray for all men and for leaders that we may lead a peaceable and quiet life. God's Word is so clear - first things first!!! God's children should be watching & praying Don't make the mistake of not watching and praying If you do what God wants you to do, you will know God's guidance. Pastor continued from Rev 3:3 Remember how thou has received and heard not what thou has received To be where God wants you to be the stage where you should be from verse 2 go to verse 3 Matthew 24:42 says watch therefore Rev 16:15 Blesed is he that watched Matt 10:8 - heal the sick... freely you have received, freely give Remember how you have received Acts 20:35 - Remember how you received , It is more blessed to give than to receive You've been blessed receiving, go back to Rev 3:3 How are others going to receive? What are you doing about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Pastor gave an example of God showing him faces of Ministers in Dire Need around the world. There were thousands of ministers in dire need. Pastor said he was glad that he was watching. We need to watch.. What are you doing about the gospel of our Lord Jesus? Pastor Benny Hinn said let's pray and fast for the whole world and we started the global day of prayer... just last week we had the 70th session of Your Loveworld This is all because Jesus is coming soon He doesnt want to come and find you sleeping? How important is the kingdom of God to you? These Your Loveworld Specials is about watching; you've got to want to be a part of it. How much did you pay for Pastor Benny to be in your home and all the other ministers? God is saying - There will be a revival... What we are talking about is GOD'S HIGHEST PURPOSE What have you done in giving to the Work? Let's read Malachi 3:10 Be Kingdom minded - there must be money in God's house The priority is to remember how you received, You are going to walk in the more blessed way of God. We have come to the hour and moment of responsibility. What are you going to give into the gospel? What is going to come from you into this gospel. It may come in form of money or in kind but you are going to have to do something What are you going to put in? This is like a launch pad for you, mix the Word with faith and see your capacity increase for even more ... #Purposepowerplenty #YourLoveWorld #PastorChris #PastorBenny #Praise-A-Thon #CEUKZONE1 #UKR2Z1

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More #VideoHighlights on the Pastor Chris Digital Library Users & Subscribers Conference with Esteemed Pastor Tayo Ojo... Panelist share on the opportunites presented by PCDL for the ministry of reconciliation and evangelizing the globe at large... Watch & Take Action 🏵Invite 5 or more people to take advantage of the Free Access to PCDL TV - #PCDLUSC2020 #CEUKZONE1 #UKR2Z1 #Watchonpcdltv

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Happening this Sunday 23rd Aug It's the Pastor Chris Digital Library Users & Subscribers Conference with our Highly Esteemed Pastor Tayo Ojo. Theme - Every Tree A Forest! #PCDLUSC2020 #UKR2Z1 #CEUKZONE1

My beautiful niece during yesterday's Your Loveworld session asked me a question - She has just turned 4 years old. Referring to Pastor she said 'Aunty this man that is talking where does He get what he is saying from?' I said 'What do you mean?' She replied "Where does he get his message from - is it from a window in the sky?' To hear her refer to 'His message' - I know this is not a phrase she is familiar with. Then to ask if it came from a window in the sky? Nothing like that has ever been mentioned to her. It can only be the Lord revealing and ministering to her Himself 🥰 Our message is not from this world but from the Lord and people of all ages will know it, hear it and receive it - including her 💕

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#VMCGOODDEEDS #VMCSTORIES Special thanks to our VMC volunteers in UKR2Z1 who responded to an urgent call for voluntary blood donors. The call was made for willing donors around the Central London area to donate their blood at the NHS West End Donor Centre, and our team of volunteers responded promptly. Our awesome #volunteers carried out these #vmcgooddeeds in partnership with the Trauma Care International Foundation knowing that blood donation saves lives. To sign up as a volunteer with the Volunteer Medical Corps and participate in the ongoing campaign, visit #vmcorps #savingliveseveryday


CE UK ZONE 1, UK REGION 2 confirmed👌 #pcdlusc 💃🕺🤗🥳 Kindly visit the PCDL Coordinating Office or contact the PCDL manager in your zone for more information #pcdlusc2020 #happeninginzonesthisaugust

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The Month of Recovery...indeed recovering all......our prayers are not in vain, we will recover all

Check out my amazing post in Yookos!

🗣️🗣️🗣️Today's Study Day 11 of 14 - Exposè on the Higher Life - 4 THINGS CHRIST IS MADE UNTO US (Part 2) 💥A 14 DAY EXPOSE` ON THE HIGHER LIFE💥, airing LIVE on 📱💻🖥️  Download the study manual for week 2📒📚📖 for your study on the Higher Life 👸🤴👸🤴Create your Avatar after taking the study and post on kingschat and your other timelines with your inspirations  HAVE YOU REGISTERED?✍✍✍ 9 Days to - Kings Chat Cefilix Social Media Week 26th July - 1st Aug. #exposeonthehigherlife #a14daystudyonpcdl   #Kccsmw2020  #watchliveonpcdltv  #CEUKZONE1  #UKR2Z1

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💥Loveworld Extra💥 Coming up on this weekend Sat & Sun 11th & 12th July 12noon - 4pm GMT +1 Tune in to PCDL.TV and all other Loveworld Networks Don’t miss it. 🙌 #LoveworldExtra #LWExtra #CEUKZone1 #UKR2Z1

🔊🔊🔊Day 3 - Exposè on the Higher Life Today's message - 7 FACTS for Spiritual Advancement #exposeonthehigherlife #Kccsmw2020 #watchliveonpcdltv #CEUKZONE1 #UKR2Z1

7 Virtues for Persistent Productivity 🎺🎺🎺 It is kicking off today....👉 "A 14 DAY EXPOSE` ON THE HIGHER LIFE LIVE on #exposeonthehigherlife #DoubleCombo #Kccsmw2020 #CEUKZONE1 #UKR2Z1

Christ Embassy UK Zone 1 Region 2 Media Connectors are all set for today's Media Connectors Network Online Prayathon Friday 3rd July! 5:45pm - 6:00pm GMT+1. #mcnpraysliveonprayathononline  #pclprayathon2020  #prayathon2020  #iamapriestinoffice #UKR2Z1 #CEUKZONE1

Christ Embassy UK Zone 1 Region 2 Media Connectors are all set for today's Media Connectors Network Online Prayathon Friday 3rd July! 5:45pm - 6:00pm GMT+1. #mcnpraysliveonprayathononline  #pclprayathon2020  #prayathon2020  #iamapriestinoffice #UKR2Z1 #CEUKZONE1

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"That a man is not seeing where he is going doesn't mean he is not moving", It pays to move in God and in his Perfect Will #wordfest #wordatwork #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #cecatford #UKZ1 #CEUKZONE1 #UKR2Z1

#POge0523 #leadinglady4jesusonfire #PastorOgerocks #UKZ1 #UKR2Z1

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