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STUBBORN GOAT CHRISTIANITY Part 2 Aka do you know who I am? Lol!! Yo!! Yer… I am back. Thanks for the comments, the shout outs and the begging 😅🤣😂. That way I know you are reading. So, one day we had a program in one of our southern African countries. I drove myself but my wife had the protocol person attached to her drive her to the venue. Anyways 40 mins after I arrived, I see my flustered wife walk up to me exasperated. “Tony you wouldn’t believe we are just getting here” ( they had left before me). She proceeded to tell me how each time the gps told the lady to go left, the lady went right. If the GPS said right, she went left. When she asked the lady why she wasn’t following the gps directions, the response was “ah pasta, that is the way to use eeet, I know what I am doing” “Tony, I had to finally shout on her to follow the GPS before we found ourselves here!!” I didn’t know if I was to laugh or cry. I sha just gave her a hug. To cut a long story short, for the return journey, my wife jumped off that journey and followed me home. Incidentally, the lady was behind us. True to type, at the junction as I turned left based on GPS instructions, the lady turned right. I said to myself… “today na today, truly not everyone is normal” 2 hours after we arrived at our hotel she called my wife “Pasta, your IPad is with me”. Apparently after driving her strange way for 1hr, our dear sister realized she might find her self in Zimbabwe or Lesotho so she carefully advised herself to follow the GPS properly. After that experience, I realized some people actually do process the Holy Spirit’s signals differently from the rest of us. One young teenager in my church refused to further her education. She had good grades, we were ready to fund her but sister no gree. “God is training me to trust him”. The annoying thing is the way they set their eyes and their faces when they are telling you these things. Not to talk of the voice. I truly wonder why it is always American accent they use. “Gawd is training me to thrust heem”!! Then they have this look like they are pitying you for not being able to hear from God like them. It is like they all go to the same school of the spirit. With time, I learnt not to beat myself up over all these stubborn goat Christians. Me, I should leave the work that God gave me and be drinking somebody else’s panadol because the person refuses to hear word - God forbid the madness of a prophet!! I can use my prayers and counseling more productively!! Once someone says “the Holy Spirit said to me”, ahhhh that’s my cue to back off. Me, I should argue with God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? Fa fa fa fowl!!! That’s how I had been counseling this brother against some habits of his. I counseled and counseled to no prevail. One day they brought him to me that the brother was going mad. I took one look at him and told them to take him back to where they had found him. The madness was still forming, it was still doing press up, when it had come full circle, when the thunder had fully fired him, they could bring him back. Truly, some people no dey hear word!!! Then they would be giving the rest of us work!! “Dear brethren, let us pray for brother so so and so. The other day, we had to pull him off the trees in the parking lot. He said God told him he was a spiritual Tarzan” “sister Tanshi has changed her name to sister Zipporah. She says the uncut foreskins of her ancestors is responsible for her lack of progress”. Na wah!! Pastor has kukuma told us that not everyone would make first flight. Maybe some people need to stay behind to form revolutionary force against anti Christ. Yes nau!! What do you think!!? These are serious times, the war is hotter than ever, this isn’t the time to be forming stubborn smelly goat. Just too many things are happening… see what God is doing with us as a ministry. We just finished healing streams how were you involved? Your loveworld with Pastor Chris is coming up in a few days, what are you planning to do with it? All our programs are now fully evangelistic. Setup a projector, God will send people. Setup a viewing center, use your home, God will send people. Use your social media pages, invite someone, post something, disturb some people… sha make some noise!!! Oya… let me stop here for now. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Assignment:- The new year message - year of preparation. Listen to it 7 days in a row and make fresh notes. We have done 6 months of the year already. What’s up? How are the plans coming along? -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. My songs of the moment. https://letubbe.com/watch/i-just-love-to-love-you_G2KT95lK5EYi72a.html https://letubbe.com/watch/great-god_7rxGffkKVvhkRUc.html -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Shoutout News is propaganda. That’s why it is important where you get your news from. Www.Ln247.news is the news site and channel endorsed by Pastor Chris himself. It is manned by award winning broadcasters. It also has a 24 hour live channel. Sports news, entertainment news, movies, news around the world etc. You can get more through the kingschat super user Oya, join me to hit our first 1000 fans on kingschat super user click here - /p/eUoyVGR

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Happy birthday to you Esteemed Sister Sarah.

I've cried for joy to the point that I have no more tears and so I just sat staring, humbled & totally in awe. My face on the cover of the No 1 devotional. I'm grateful to our Man of God for the honour, my ZD Pst Yemisi for the training & all Church 6 members for their sacrifice

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#iamaprayerinfluencer #ispreadprayer #PCLprayathon2020 #LCAChurch6 #CELVZ #kingsmakers #Nigeria

#iamaprayerinfluencer #ispreadprayer #PCLprayathon2020 #LCAChurch6 #CELVZ #kingsmakers #Nigeria

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank God you came on this special day. Thank God you said "YES" to the ministry of reconciliation. Thank you for being a voice for many. Thank you for showing many of Us the way to go. Thank you for loving me personally. You are indeed an epitome of Grace.

Happy birthday to an amiable personality: PSO. #PerfectPSO #AutarkesPSO #FlawlessPSO #Solabration2020 #CELVZ #LCACHURCH6

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