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Lord , you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago. Isaiah 25:1 NIV #MYPRAISE #MYWEAPONOFWAR

Psalms 71:6-8 (TPT) contd 6–7 ....Many marvel at my success, but I know it is all because of you, my mighty protector! 8 I’m overflowing with your praise for all you’ve done, and your splendor thrills me all day long. #MYPRAISE #MYWEAPONOFWAR

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#CESAZone2 #CarolsNight

#SAZone2 #CarolsNight

Praise the Lord, everyone. Give thanks to Him who created all things, and to whom all nations and governments belong. All glory to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! As we approach the end of the year 2020, we must finish the work of the 'year of perfection' in the spirit, with intense prayer and fasting on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December. You may end each day's fasting at 6pm. We'll conclude our prayer sessions each day, on Your Loveworld from 7pm GMT+1, showing live on all Loveworld stations and social media platforms. On the 31st December, nonetheless, will be our global New year's eve service, as previously announced. Please spread the word. God bless you.

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Celebrating our President, Pastor, Life Coach, Father, Prophet, Teacher, Author. The prophet of this generation. I truly thank God for your life especially in these end times. Thank you Sir for saying YES. Happy Birthday Pastor

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Wishing My Dad, My Pastor, My Teacher, My Prophet and My Coach for Life a heartfelt happy birthday. Thank you Sir, for your unwavering and life time investments in my life. I am eternally grateful to God for the priceless and invaluable blessing you've been to me. I love you Sir.

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Dad, thanks for bringing us into new levels of global relevance.I salute your gargantuan impact on the world and rejoice that I am in it with you Sir.I'm standing strong, fighting fit, and winning with you all the way. I love you Sir and will keep showing it! Happy Birthday Sir!

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Happening Now!!! AA ZONE 2 AWARDS NIGHT!!!

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Champions for Jesus! Kids rocking it for Jesus!!! #SAZONE2AWARDS

Pst Tayo Ajiboye™ The Blessed One Graced profile on KingsChat Web

#photospeaks Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 2 Zonal Awards!!!

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Happy birthday to my beautiful Noziglorious. Indeed, glorious things are spoken of you. Thank you for everything you do in the house of the Lord. It's a new year for you, new levels, new opportunities. I love you dearly. God bless you. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

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Gloooorrrryyyy!!! SA Zone 2 is No 1 LOVEWORLDSAT PARTNERING ZONE OF THE YEAR!!! Congratulations again!!!

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CELEBRATING OUR GLOBAL PARTNERS AT THE IPPC 2020 INNERCITY MISSION AWARDS 🎖🏆🏅🏆 We present to you, in the 8th Position, Christ Embassy South Africa Zone 2, Esteemed Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye.... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 #EveryChildIsYourChild #EndChildPovertyNow

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#POSE1115 #HBDPASTOR #Stalwartoffaith #CESAREGION

#POSE1115 #HBDPASTOR #Stalwartoffaith #CESAREGION

#POSE1115 #HBDPASTOR #Stalwartoffaith #CESAREGION

#POSE1115 #HBDPASTOR #Stalwartoffaith #CESAREGION

Almost there🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ #LNN #LNNInauguralMeeting #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #TheNextBigThing #CEPTA #CESAZONE2

Ladies advance... #LNN #LNNInauguralMeeting #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #TheNextBigThing #CEPTA #CESAZONE2

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