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Happy Ageless Anniversary sir/ma is from glory to grace more beautiful years ahead.

Happy wedding anniversary to my GA and Hubby, many more Blessing in your marriage.

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GIFTING ALERT 💥 Celebrating another major milestone covered! 😁💃 Congratulations Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku for the milestone covered. Thank you for doing all you can so that indigent indigent children can be all they can. Support this campaign today as we drive it to a 100% completion👉 We shine where no light is We sing to the heart traumatised by pain and loss We are LIGHTS We do not cower We rise and shine And the darkness cannot comprehend our LIGHT! Here are the cost for the educational materials. $100 per child [N36,000] - Full Sponsorship Sponsorship in Kits $33 for a Scholastic kit [N12,000] $16 for a Uniform kit [N6,000] $3 for a Stationary kit [N1,000] Individual items $7 for a pair of Sports Shoes [2,500] $5 for a School Bag [N2,000] $3 for Exercise Books [N1,000] $2 for a pair of School Shoe [N700] $1 for a Water Bottle [N360] $1 for a Pencil Case [N360] $1 for a Set of Socks [N360] $1 for a Pencil Set [N360] #EndChildPovertynow #EveryChildisyourchild

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Yesterday I was reading Pastor’s Book “Healing from Heaven” on my way to Kuala Kurun, Indonesia where we were expecting Thousands of people to attend a crusade, Pastor said “when sickness or infirmity tries to bring you down, insist on the reality of God’s Word and say, “No, I refuse to be sick! Because Christ lives in me, He makes me well!” When I gave the call for salvation about a thousand persons came forward include a dear gentleman who had suffered a stroke and was restricted to a wheelchair, after leading them to Christ I heard myself saying those same words “Christ makes you well!” The man started moving in his wheelchair and one of my Pastors seeing his faith went to him and helped off that wheelchair and he stood and walked up the platform to meet me! Glory! Praise the Lord for His Matchless grace! Thank you Man of God Pastor Chris for teaching me the word! #liftchallenge #monthoflifting @pastorchrislive

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Touch Down - Jakarta INDONESIA #lightupindonesia #festivalofloveandmiracles #peeayforever #cephzone1 #love

Phenomenal Life With Pastor Amaechi profile on KingsChat Web

Touch Down - Jakarta INDONESIA #lightupindonesia #festivalofloveandmiracles #peeayforever #cephzone1 #love

Phenomenal Life With Pastor Amaechi profile on KingsChat Web

A FESTIVAL OF LOVE AND MIRACLES ( CRUSADE ) With Pastor Amaechi Udeaku God has perfected what He said through the mouth of His Prophet, the Phenomenal Pastor Amaechi Udeaku. Hallelujah! Festival of love and Miracles in Indonesia holds on Friday and Saturday. Time: 6:00pm (GMT+7) Venue: City Park, Kuala Kurun Stay tuned for more details on this crusade. #cephzone1 #FestivalOfLoveAndMiracles #lightUpIndonesia

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21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING DAY 18: INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Ps 89:23-24 And I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him. But my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him: and in my name shall his horn be exalted.) 1.Declare that every member is strengthened and established in every venture, business or endeavor and by God’s Spirit they become a force and are masters in whatever industry they are involved in. (Ps 1:3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper 2. Thank God concerning your business, ministry family, life and all that concerns you, that in this year of light, as God’s grace has been multiplied to you through laying on of hands and prophecies, so have your productivity and efficiency increased evidently. 3.Declare that as our brethren speak forth rhema, irreversible wealth unimagined and untold is being delivered to them and they will continue to channel this for the furtherance of the gospel. 4.Thank God for all our Pastors and their families, that they are reference points in their families, source of inspiration and motivation in all things and for all times. #CEPHZONE1 #21DAYSPNF

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A goal getter A limit breaker A grace man A light to the world I celebrate you sir #peeay731 #cephzone1

Limit breaker #peeay731 #cephzone1

BIRTHDAY LOADING... 8 DAYS TO GO!!! *THE GLORY* "'...And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.' Wonderful truth! Great truth! But we have something even better. THE GLORY IS INSIDE!" - Pastor Amaechi Udeaku #Peeay731 #Dphenomcaptain #Phenomcaptain #teampeeay #Cephzone1

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BIRTHDAY LOADING... 11 DAYS TO GO!!! *THE CONSTANT AMONG VARIABLES* " I live in the constant of God's word... It's never too late with Him. When I come in, I manipulate time. " - Pastor Amaechi Udeaku #Peeay731 #Dphenomcaptain #Cephzone1

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Happy light birthday ma, Thank you for being such a special and unique are such an inspiration full of love and Passion. Thank you for all you do in ministry of your increase there shall be no end. Love you plenty my personal person

And the Prophet (Pastor Chris ) said to his son (Pastor Amaechi) “YOUR NEXT PHASE WILL BE A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER” 🙌🏽 #pastorchris #staffweek2019 #peeayforever #thephenomenallifewithpeeay

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🥁🥁🥁💕💕👍🙏👉... Still on the matter I votes for SIS JESSICA ORJI"FACE OF STAFF WEEK" from the PHENOMENAL FAMILY Simply like,share, comment and make your post with each of their pictures #faceofstaffweek2019 #blueelite #CEPHZONE1

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#faceofstaffweek2019# #CEPHZONE1#

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#Faceofstaffweek2019 #Blueelite #Cephzone1

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I vote Sister Jessica orji #facrofstaffweek2019 #blueelite #cephzone1

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