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Happy birthday pastor gold. You are indeed an epitome of God's glory and grace. I love you.

Celebrating pastor gold. More grace and increase ability to the glory of God.

The devil sees this face and trembles. Hallelujah

Celebrating a man of prayer. Happy birthday sir. #cescarborough

Celebrating a man of prayer. Happy birthday sir. #cescarborough

Happy birthday to my highly esteem Rev Ken. I love you so much sir. The host of heaven celebrates you today.

CELEBRATING PERFECTION AT IT’S HIGHEST! Reverend Ken; Sir! We rejoice with the host of heaven as we remember all of God's grace, mercy & love towards you. We applaud your zeal & unwavering commitments to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. #RK0918 #revken918 #CESCARBOROUGH

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A great teacher of the word.

A great teacher of the word.

Celebrating my Rev ken. A man of great audacity of faith. I love sir.

Grace gives you acceptability, gives you favour. You have what everybody is looking for, good is turned towards you, when you go wrong forgiveness is available. I am divinely favored. Am favoured big. I walk in divine influence. I am favored of the lord. Hallelujah

Last night prayer meeting was extraordinary. God's presence was mighty in our midst. Prophecies upon prophecies. Our lives will never remain the same again. Hallelujah. Thank you pastor jide for leading us in perpetual victory.

This is how you laugh with your teeth shining when God fills your mouth with testimonies. I will dance for you, smile for you, these are the expressions of our love to you lord.

We shake the world for jesus. It's a new word order. Hallelujah

I am a partner. I will not fail cause God is in my business as i am in his business of taking his word to the ends of the earth.

God is too faithful to fail, to disappoint, too faithful to ignore you. Lord what you say in my life will come to pass.

In your presence lord,I am content. I lack nothing. 2days of blessings and glory in God's presence is no joke. That miracle is sure a done deal.

Today is your day for a miracle, today is your day for a change. Blessings all the way. 2 days of blessings and glory is today. Hallelujah #Revken2020 ##RKOinyourworld #Miraclestestimonies #2daysofBnG #Cecanada #cescarboroughgroup

I am the manifestation of God's glory. 2 days power packed service promises to be one that you will never forget in your life. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Action time for miracles. #2daysofblessingsandglory #Revken #RKOinyourworld #CeCanada #cescarboroughgroup

2 days if blessings and glory here I come to be the first to receive πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ #2daysofblessingsandglory #Revken2020 #RKOinyourworld #CeCanada #cescarboroughgroup

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