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I live the supernatural life. God has honoured me. God can do beyond what I can comprehend. Lord I thank you and believe your world. God is supernaturally promoting me. A commandment has been given to them to go and fetch me and give me what belongs to me. I testify.

I walk in the part of greatness according to God's internal purpose. I will never go extinct. My time.of giving, evangelism, prayer shall be multiplied.Thank you pastor jide for sharing. You said when we understand purpose we can pay any price. God speaks to the man that cares.

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

I am bought with a price. I am so precious. I am that precious unique person that no man can withhold anything good. I am too blessed to fail

I have been fashioned for God works. Christ in me my hope of glory so I cannot be moved by any situation and I cannot fail.

This great teacher also said, there is nobody he cannot love. He taught me to love whoever I meet, it doesn't matter what they've done to you for God is love.

He taught me that irrespective of who I am or what I have done, God loves me so much. I love you sir. Thank you for making the word so easy to understand.

The best teacher in the world. I love you.

Today I celebrate my teacher pastor chris. Thank you so much for yielding to the word- like a mother who prepares a delicious meal, tasted it b4 giving it to her children. That's what you have done to me. The word is at work in us. I love you sir.

How beautiful, how wonderful are the works of your hands. I am the works of your hand. I am created in your likeness, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am lifted and highly favoured. God loves me personally. Thank you jesus for today is my birthday. I love you lord.

Happy birthday to my darling pastor gold. You are indeed a fine gold, one that people will see and be attracted to. You are highly graced pastor. You are inspiring and you are full of the word. You are part of my success. God bless you abundantly. I love you dearly.

Happy Rev ken. Thank you for giving us the word with so much love. God bless you.

Dear lord jesus 3x I love you Dear lord jesus 3x I love you. Blessed lord jesus I thank for such a time and day like this. Thank you for watching over us. Thank you for making us one like you. Our lives are beautiful bcos of you. You are so good.

Jesus I am so dear to you. Thank you for loving me so much.

Happy birthday precious PY. Grace favour be multiplied unto you. You are the word cos its evident in your life. Thank you for all you do in our midst. Uplifting our spirit with the word. God bless you. Have a glorious celebration. I love you.

Py I love you. Ever so vibrant. Too hot with the anointing that even the devil are full of love and compassion. celebrating you in advance.

Indeed you are the word personified. You are a woman of faith. Counting down to your birthday. I celebrate you in advance.

Celebrating pearl of inestimable value. Counting down to my Esteemed Rev ken's birthday. God bless you sir.

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