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I have successful outcomes in all my endeavors because I'm a blessed woman... Blessed in the city, blessed on my job and finances

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I set in motion the forces of life to attract to me all that I require for life and ministry... For I am sufficient in Christ Jesus

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#ceabujachrismascarol# I love chrismas

I could not have asked for a better father! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you endlessly ❤️

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Glorious Global Staff Chapel with Rev Chris. Thank you Pastor sir #GlobalStaffChapel #AbujaZone

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PA;THE MOG,THE LEGACY.ur legacy in campus ministry will stand d test of time.Cheers 2a glorious exit&2a more glorious future #thephenomPA

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Reach Out Nigeria from Nyanya Bomb Blast location

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MEET THE GENERAL All I know is that I love Jesus Christ, He's my Lord and Savior, He's called me into ministry, I am a man of God.  I heard His voice clearly, I knew what He called me to do. He's called me to work with the Man of God, Pastor Chris, and the man of God has given me the opportunity to serve, and all I know is to do the work of the Father. Our Man of God has given me life, identity, direction and purpose. I can not help but talk about him. I feel uncomfortable when people begin to talk about me but all of it, the credits, I give to Pastor Chris. Without prejudice, he is the greatest Man of God that I know. Now, you are a friend when you do the work. You're close to me when you do the work. If you bear same name with me and you don't do the work you're not my friend. You're my brother and sister when you do the work. Everything that divides the body of Christ, I stand against it with all of my being. Everything that unites the body of Christ, I stand for it with all of my being. This ministry is founded on the Word of God and it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit; every seed that God did not plant and anything that God did not make part of the message and the mission will never strive. Remember, when we unite our forces and efforts together, we achieve great things. We have one common enemy and we're on the Lord's side. I will never stop following Pastor, I will never stop listening to him and I will never stop doing the things that I do because that is where I find fulfilment and so also should you. I'm a soul winner, a fisher of men and what I do is raise people to do the work that has been committed to the trust of our dear Man of God. I am an Ardent Follower of our dear Man of God Pastor Chris and I take the frontline of every matter dear to his heart. Through the Holy Ghost, Pastor has given us a mandate of vision 400 and as such I am committed to this noble cause and I trust you are too. So let's keep the vision400 alive and a reality. God bless you! #R815 #vision400 #NCRegion

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The Lord working with us mightily, CE Nyanya1 we keep shining with VISION400 #CEABUJAZONE #CENYANYA1 #114F/Ts #10N/Cs #GREATERSHININGLIGHT

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It is a never ending Grace at CE Nyanya1 We keep adding chairs...and the Grace keeps increasing. Thank you,Pastor Femi Obalemo #vision400

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"You can call anybody 'father', but do they call you 'son'? " Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal #STPPLUK Day 2

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Vision 400 in Motion: Christ Embassy Nyanya 1, doing the works and living the dream.

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Can't keep quite VISION 400, is DOABLE. Happening live in Nyanya 1(NY 1).

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First timers in today's service at Christ Embassy Nyanya. Praise God

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Truly adorable #DavidPrinceLawal

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Dear Esteemed CEO, Thank you for your love and prayers for David-Prince Lawal.

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Dear Dad, thank you for all your extraordinary love & prayers for David-Prince.He is indeed a product of your amazing grace and prophecies.

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Happy First year Birthday to my heavenly David Prince lawal. it's exactly a year ago, when you came into this most beautiful nation. You brought us so much joy, laughter and a celebration that wouldn't end. All the prophecies from the womb, faith proclamation packaged for us a most adorable cutty like you. I join your parents, and our Man of God, Pastor Chris to celebrate and thank God for you. A special gift to us all. You are growing up under the watchful eyes of God, you are super intelligent, distingsiuhed with the hand of God upon you. Enjoy the Music, dance, eat your best meal today. I look forward to when we can talk more. I love you Hugs and kisses

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Congratulations Rich Sam and the entire Teens church of christ embassy Nyanya1,CEAbujaZone

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