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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a unique personality. Today we celebrate your kindness, love, uniqueness, passion, and commitment to our man of God. Happy Birthday Pastor Ehinome Winifred Akhuemokhan #cebz2

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Hi guys. For those of you in Christ Embassy, I'm sure that you must have read and heard some criticism of the man of God Pastor Chris. Look here. It's not new. Pastor has faced criticism like this since he was in high school ie secondary school. And he's always come out bigger, stronger, victorious. I've followed Pastor Chris since 1988 personally. I'd heard about him from 1978. I heard about the pressure he was put under in 1981/82 when he was in "A levels". I joined Pastor Chris in 1988 and knew about the pressures and criticism of previous years in university. I was, side by side, with him in the early 2000's during criticism from Nigeria govt and other Christian leaders. Pastor led us actually. In every thing, God has always proven Pastor Chris is right. Don't be moved by anything you're seeing or hearing against Pastor Chris. He's unmoved. You remain unmoved. I'm unequivocal about this: Pastor Chris is the man sent from God for this time. He is intelligent and educated in the Word of God and in science and technology. Pastor Chris is not preaching a conspiracy theory. He's preaching against a conspiracy. -Pastor TT Edun.

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Beloved Friend; Strength in adversity If there is ever a time to be proud & grateful to God for the gift of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D, DSc.,D.D to us and mankind the time is now. ■ Pastor Chris is a man sent from God to this generation, especially to us to be our Pastor that he may feed us with knowledge and understanding.  Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart,which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. ■ ...we are light years ahead of this generation, hence we are a mystery to the world... The scriptures say.."though a host encamp against us this will we be confident" [Psalm 27.3] Brothers & Sisters, Ladies & Gentlemen; Even Now our strength is stronger than ever before. ■ PASTOR'S insight & revelation of the new creation from the scriptures in relation to the times, seasons and God's calendar for the world has confounded the wise but we; Brothers & Sisters are stronger than ever before. ..Little wonder in the confoundment of the wise, they become the opposition but we are not moved; we stand strong. ■ The scriptures also say where are the wise...where are the disputers of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? [1Corinthians 1:20] ■ Ladies & Gentlemen; we are eternally thankful to Pastor Chris for dispelling fear, discomfiting evil machinations, disrupting the plans of the wicked and unreasonable men that know not God and for re-directing our faith to keeping the main thing the main thing-Jesus. ■ Pastor Remains Our Hero, our Mentor, Our Teacher and Coach-for-life and indeed the Prophet of our time; A Dispensation in Truth. ■ For almost thirty years that I have been following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D; I have come to see and therefore boldly state: that "IN EVERYTHING, GOD HAS ALWAYS PROVEN PASTOR CHRIS TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE HE DOES NOT SPEAK AFTER THE MANNER  OF MEN BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT" God gives him utterance. ■ Ladies & Gentlemen, This is our eternally declaration [1 Chronicles 12:18....thine are we Pastor Chris. and on thy side our teacher & mentor. Peace, Peace be unto thee and peace be unto thy helpers; for thy God helpeth thee. Our faith is Standing Strong inspite of all. ■ Our municipality, our principality,our constituency and our zone remains unapologetic about our fanatical allegiance and commitment to our man of God; Pastor Chris and His Teachings. ■ We are never mindful of oppositions or criticisms because we have learnt like Paul to glory in tribulation. ■ In the Words of Pastor Chris; COVID-19 is dead, We have taken back our cities & streets and re-assigned desolate places; the enemy shall not exact upon us,nor the son of wickedness afflict us..Psalm 89:22 ■ We take our place/We take our stance in defence of the Gospel; if we perish...we perish. dipo fisho #pastorchris #pastorchrislive #truth

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Trump threatens to cut off US funding to World Health Organisation Donald Trump has threatened to cut off US funding to the World Health Organisation - accusing it of "missing the call" on the coronavirus pandemic.

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Trump blames WHO for getting coronavirus pandemic wrong, threatens to withhold funding "They really called, I would say, every aspect of it wrong," Trump said of the World Health Organization on Tuesday.

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Doctors calling for delay in 5G deployment due to obvious health risks! 💉🚑 Thank you our Father, Pastor Chris, for the Month of Knowledge and for opening our eyes of understand. All wisdom contrary to the wisdom of God in our Government Circles are Cut Off in Jesus Name! ✂️

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Happy 50th Birthday dearest, darlyn & beautiful Pastor Linda. I celebrate you with joy and pleasure. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. So full of grace and glory. Thank you for all you do in our great nation and for being a delightsome daughter of our dad and great man of God. What a special year of note this will be for you. A year full of perfection, miracle, visions, beauty, honor, love and grace. A year full of greater feats and exploits in the name of the Lord I love youuuuuu dearly and God Bless you 💋💋💋😘😘😘🥁🥁🥁🤗🤗🤗💃💃💃🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

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Follow the News as it Unfolds! Pep up for a special time with the Word and the impartation of God's Spirit at the April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, holding tomorrow, Sunday, April 5th at 5pm GMT+1. Log on to to participate LIVE! #LoveWorldNews #PastorChrislive

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Follow the News as it Unfolds! Pep up for a special time with the Word and the impartation of God's Spirit at the April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, holding tomorrow, Sunday, April 5th at 5pm GMT+1. Log on to to participate LIVE! #LoveWorldNews #PastorChrislive

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I can never miss “My Rapture First Flight” share if you know you are save and ready for the 2nd coming.... Have a great day and always remember to share the GoodNews of Jesus Christ everywhere you go!

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"5G: and I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for the vigilant eyes of the church!" This mystery is cracked wide open gang😂😌 #memeshack #yourlaughworld

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FEW HOURS TO THE APRIL 2020 GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE WITH OUR MAN OF GOD! Thus sayeth the Lord, April 2020 is the Month of... Find out today April 5th @ 4.00pm GMT +1 at the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, and receive the word of blessing from our Man of God. Join us on any of our platforms for the full Communion Service from start to finish - all Loveworld TV and Radio Networks, the Live TV app, CEFLIX, and all Ministry Websites. Don't miss it for anything!!!

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Exactly what you feel like doing after every session of the 7 days Fasting and Prayers with Pastor Chris. Tell everyone the first flight ain't full yet!!👀😁 #YourLaughWorld #firstflight

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own dear SINACHI. Thank you for blessing the world with so many amazing anointed songs. See how far the Lord has taken you but it is the beginning of GREATER WORKS. Welcome to a new day. God bless you and I love you

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So Pastor Joy & I were led to go for a stroll in our neighbourhood. These 2 men walked up to us asking about the rapture. I preached the gospel to them & led them to Christ! 1 Cor 16:9 (amp) in office! #thankyoupastorchris #gdop #ceekpanreal #cemidwestzone #contemplations

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Relive the moments as Our Esteemed CEO & Zonal Director; Pastor Deola Phillips prays for the nations of the world! Join her in prayers and remember to take your 2 15-minutes prayer segments today. Are you getting ready for 'Your LoveWorld' with Our Man of God Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny today? Remember to participate with your family and friends by clicking on this👇 link: JOIN PASTOR TODAY BY 7:00PM GMT+1 TO EFFECT GLOBAL CHANGE. #7DaysPrayerandFasting #YourLoveWorld #Perfection2020 #CELZ5

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He's coming back again. This song was done 5 years ago by Sister Deola ft Israel Strong and is still very apt till today....

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Sunday service is online tomorrow. I will be speaking on: Fear not! Only believe. There will be 4 streaming times. Join me in one of them. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #abkmc

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What are you Speaking in these times that we are in? In the midst of crises,we take our stand on God's word. In Christ Jesus, We are Victors. Fearlessly & Joyfully, we declare that We Have Won.Be encouraged as you affirm your victory! WE'VE OVERCOME By The UK BAND Coming Soon❗

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#GlobaldayOfPrayer #CECANADA #CECalgaryGroup #Rhapsodyofrealities #CougarRidgeOutreach

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