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The man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome arriving in Dubai for the 2 Days of Glory program. Watch "AM LIVE" at 6:00 am (GMT+2) for more updates. #loveworldsat #amlive #2DaysofGlory

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The position you take when my Man of God is declaring blessings on you on your birthday. Thank you sir. You are my hero and Father. My desire always is to please you with my life. I love you sir. Your favourite son. (Yes...say your own)

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What an Honor it is to celebrate my very own Campus ministry director, pastor Chike. I love you so much sir. #CMDPC25 #celebratingteleiotita #GodsgifttoUS #CelebratingPefection #Osisinamiego #CMDisFIRE

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Thank you sir for your love and commitment to the work. #CMDPC25 #celebratingteleiotita #GodsgifttoUS #CelebratingPefection #CMDisFIRE

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At the Night of Bliss #celagoszone2 #nobsl

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Happy Birthday to our Dearest & beloved CMD sir. Pastor sir, I am able to do many things bcos of the wisdom you shared & insight given @ different times. You are a major blessing to our Man of God Pastor Chris. It’s a huge privilege & honor to know you sir. I cherish you sir.

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Happy Birthday to the Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume. Your dedication and commitment to the spread of our message and ministry is inspiring! You stand tall as an icon of Excellence in our beloved nation. Thank you for being a provision to the vision of Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris. We love you dearly!

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Celebrating an Icon of grace! A personality of immense repute! An ardent Follower of our Man of God and President (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome)! Our Esteemed Pastor Femi Olumurewa, Happy Birthday Sir! We love you dearly! Let the Count Up to March2nd begin!!! #HBDPFO #CEMNY #CAIOG

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Happy birthday sir. Thank you sir for impacting the lives of the young people. We really appreciate you sir. #CMDPC25 #celebratingteleiotita #GodsgifttoUS #CelebratingPefection #Osisinamiego #CMDisFIRE

WE are shouting it out loud! It’s an honor for this day to SHINE across this timeline. You are the a BURNING SHINNING LIGHT Pastor Femi! We love and honor you, sir. Thank you, thank you. #CEMNY #PFO #CAIOG #Graceinmotion

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More Updates: PhotoSpeaks The Highly Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal and Esteemed Pastor Razvan Mihailescu earlier today met with the Acting Senate President of Romania at the huge and magnificent Romanian Parliament Palace, prayed for him and presented gifts from Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris. The church indeed marches on valiantly! Praise God forevermore! #Perfection #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Boxer Tyson Fury Publicly Thanks The Lord Jesus Christ After His Big Win Against Wilder. Watch the video below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Get the latest and accurate news updates from all around the world, as you watch LoveWorldSAT News on : _ #loveworldsat #news #amlive

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Lesson from Day 1 It's never too late to be perfect. Abraham was 99 years old when God instructed him to be perfect. That's amazing, God demanded perfection from a 99 year old man. Its never too late, start being perfect even as your father is perfect #8dom #8daysofmeditation

Join This Chariot Workshop Day 2 @ CE Manhattan, NY #jtcworkshop #cemanhattan #usaregion1zone2

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HIGHLIGHT FROM SUNDAY SERVICE AT BLW FUTA. The power of God surged through the congregation as the Word was ministered... Glory to God!!! It's our Year of Perfection. #blwzoneg #globalzoneg #greatness

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BLW Rutgers University(Newark Campus) had an outreach today titled: Love Day outreach. They went round the whole campus and distributed 43 copies of Rhapsodies to 43 students on campus leading 4 people to Christ. It was indeed a huge success! Glory to God! #blwusa3 #whosnext

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Just Now... They were first "too busy" to give us attention, then the Holy Spirit gave us utterance, grace kicked in and soon all the construction workers, plus hotel staff, plus 2 guest and even the owner came and gave heed to the words spoken by the CGI Director! The unsaved received salvation, prayer requests were made and blessings ministered. 28 in total. He also told them to tell others. "Don't let the blessing stop with you"! He counselled. Now, followup with Bibles and intercession in progress Souls everywhere. Let your light shine today! #CGI #EWCAZone5 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth

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CELEBRATING GOD'S LOVE Happy Birthday Dear Sister Jemima Atibi-Brown! You are blessed to be a blessing and your light shines everywhere. We love you dearly!❀ #SHOUTFORJOY #MONTHOFSONGS #SOMCONNECT #SONSOFMINISTRY #PERFECTION

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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Fri Feb 21 In Christ, you're blessed with honour and greatness. Learn more in this Friday's Rhapsody. Remember to be a part of the 2020 Rhapsody of Realities 1 Million Outreaches project, and get others to join you too. For more information, visit Hosea 4:6 says, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...' At our prayer times today, we'll pray fervidly in tongues of the Spirit, and for an increased knowledge of God's Word in the churches of Christ around the world, to the glory of the Father. Amen. The Healing School Online Prayer Conference has been glorious and impactful. Don't miss the final session beginning at 6pm GMT+1 today. Have a look at this video clip below, and make sure to watch new episodes of 'Hello Loveworld' with Pastor Chris, showing on the 'Hello Loveworld' channel. God bless you.

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#ASoulaDay #blwusagroup2 Wow! Congrats to Sis Laurina! She won several souls in a span of a few hours. As she preached the gospel at her BLW stand on campus, souls lined up to give their lives to Christ #blwcampusministryrocks

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