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Psalm 115:15

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time, I Timothy 2:5‭-‬6 NKJV #GYLF#GYLFWESTERNEUROPE #NORWAY

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I am the word of God walking on two feet, therefore on the 11th of May, I am going out to deliver the word. #Epistle #Gylfwe #Gylfreachout #GylfNorway

Western Europe shall be saved! #gylfwe #gylfwereachout #gylf #france #soulwinners

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The harvest is plenteous, the labourers are plenty! We are ready to take over!🔥 #gylfwe #gylfwereachout #gylf Netherlands🇳🇱

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2 Corinthians 5:20 “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”. Excited to share gods love and gods words, taking over Europe!! 🔥✨⚡️ #gylfwe #gylfwereachout #gylfdenmark

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For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him. I am the light of the word, bringing out the God colors in the world. #GYLFWE #GYLFREACHOUT #GYLFNORWAY

GLORY TO GOD. We are going public with the word and there’s a Dynamic ability to make things change. #GYLFWE #gylfwereachout #GylfNorway

Special thanks to esteemed Pastor Vale Odu Thomas and partners of Christ Embassy Calabar Ministry Centre for sponsoring the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. #IEYC2019 #CampingwithPastorChris #GYLF

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ULTIMATE MOMENTS AT THE 2019 INTERNATIONAL EASTER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR CHRIS Every day at the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris was of ever – increasing glory, especially the third and final day. The morning was lit with the presence of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris at the drills, where the youth engaged in various fitness exercises and games. There was great excitement at the entrance of Pastor Chris, who shared on the importance of physical exercise in keeping fit to do the spiritual, in an exclusive interview with the Global Youth TV (GYTV). Selfie and groupie moments with Pastor Chris were relished at the close of the workouts. In the session following, special music and dance presentations showcased the rich culture of some of the nations present. The high point of the session was an expose by the esteemed Director of the Loveworld Teens Ministry, Pastor Biodun Lawal, highlighting ten points and attributes of a man sent from God. He ministered special grace to the delegates to be God’s point man in their world. The plenary meeting with the Loveworld President was indeed the crowning moment of this year’s event. Extraordinary global impact testimonies were received gladly as youth from Egypt, Madagascar, Algeria and Bolivia joined Pastor Chris in a special talk show segment. Exhorting from Jude verse 20, he stirred the hearts of all present to build their lives and their future through speaking mysteries and through meditation on the Word. What a glorious hour it was when the impartation of the Spirit was released upon leaders of the GYLF chapters in various nations, by the President! They were launched into new and higher levels of maximum impact. Halleluyah! Pastor Chris declared words of courage, victory, healing, strength and blessings upon the delegates as they rejoiced for the great and mighty works that would be accomplished by their hands all over the world. Following the President’s heartfelt acknowledgement to the organizing team and leaders of the GYLF for their work, the 2019 International Easter Youth Camp came to a joyous conclusion. The youth are returning to their nations empowered by the Word, filled with the Spirit and equipped to raise even more leaders for the future. For impact reports and information on the Global Youth Leaders Forum, kindly visit #IEYC2019 #CampingwithPastorChris #GYLF

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AN UNFORGETTABLE TUESDAY AT THE EASTER YOUTH CAMP Tuesday 23rd April, will remain memorable for the youth attending the Easter Youth Camp; a day filled with fresh inspiration to light up the world. The day began with extracurricular activities leading up to a supersession with the Director of the Campus Ministry, Pastor Chike Ume. Life- changing words were ministered as he taught them to recognize their opportunities, responsibilities, previous successes, divine strategies and resources. With 3 important questions; “What needs to be done? Why not now? And why not me?”, they were greatly awakened to take the nations for Christ. In a colorful maiden Easter Youth Camp Art Exhibition, the delegates had the opportunity to savor the rich handiwork of other young people in the ever- dynamic Global Youth Leaders Forum (GYLF), cutting across all continents. It was indeed a display of unrivalled creativity. The highly- anticipated evening session with Pastor Chris surpassed the expectations of the expectant youth. Every special presentation brought seasoning to their experience as they expressed their love for the Master and joy in the Holy Ghost. Delegates from Mauritius, Central Asia, Mauritius and Zambia celebrated their impact in the nations in a super- stirring discussion panel with Pastor Chris. From their personal salvation stories and encounter with the man of God, to evangelical outreaches in the face of opposition, variety of educational and community projects, and much more, one thing was certain; a new breed is on the scene for the harvest of the earth. Their extraordinary impact reports were indicative of the power of the Spirit at work in them and the fire thats ignited when any youth comes in contact with the GYLF. Words of ability for global impact came forth as Pastor Chris exhorted them on the ministry of the Spirit in their lives. “You are backed up with power. Have no fear……The Lord has given you a boldness by the Holy Spirit. He has put His word in your mouth Trust Him with your life’, he declared. With a special release of grace and impartation by the man of God, all present at the session were commissioned for maximum impact in the nations. Expectations are high for the final day at the 2019 Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. More updates to come. #IEYC2019 #CampingwithPastorChris. #GYLF

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A SUPERLATIVE NIGHT OF INSIGHT WITH PASTOR CHRIS AT THE ONGOING INTERNATIONAL EASTER YOUTH CAMP Youth at the ongoing 2019 International Easter Youth Camp enjoyed an overflow of insight at the first meeting with the man of God, Pastor Chris on Monday April 23rd. Following a warm welcome to the delegates drawn from over 120 countries, Pastor Chris began sharing provoking thoughts from the Word of God; bringing to mind the priceless responsibility of the gospel to the youth present. ‘Can you be trusted with the message? Your country depends on you. Its you or you.”, Pastor Chris expounded. More updates to come on the Easter Youth Camp. #IEYC2019 #CampingwiithPastorChris #GYLF

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THE 2019 AUTUMN SESSION CONCLUDES IN BRILLIANCE   Glory to God! Following the glorious celebration of miracles, the man of God, Pastor Chris, exhorted the students who were ministered to, on the significance of the resurrection of Jesus in the life of a Christian and led them in faith-filled affirmations of divine health realities. In a colorful array of national flags, youth present from several nations celebrated a warm welcome to the International Easter Youth Camp, by Pastor Chris. Several distinguished guests in attendance were recognized and appreciated by the man of God also. Thereafter, Pastor Chris led some in a prayer of salvation and heartily thanked the pastors, partners, staff and officials of the Healing School for a great job done throughout the session. Words of blessings were released on the congregants as the service came to a close. Indeed, the 2019 Healing School Autumn Session has birthed testimonies that will continue to resound in the earth; testimonies of joy, healing, salvation and restoration. The Healing School continues to reach billions around the world with the news of God’s healing power. Watch out for the next Healing School Session by visiting and keep partnering with us as we take healing to the nations.   God bless you.

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HURRAY!!! IT'S 4 DAYS TO THE 2019 IEYC WITH PASTOR CHRIS The 2019 edition of the most anticipated International Easter Youth Camp commences this Friday the 19th of April. Yes, you can still give a youth the opportunity to attend the camp and change the person's destiny forever with your seed. To sponsor a youth please call +2348025013854, +2348033882790,+2348086783283 #IEYC2019 #Campingwithpastorchris

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It's 10 days to the most anticipated International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. It's a date with destiny. We are ready to receive everything from the man of God and our lives will never remain the same again. Glory to God! #IEYC2019 #GYLF #Campingwithpastorchris

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It's 9 days to the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. In preparation for the Easter Youth Camp, German Guerra and his team from Argentina ministered and transferred the healing power of God to some patients in an hospital and they received their healing. They also took time to show them love and share the word of God with them. German Guerra is ready to receive more grace at the camp to do much more when he return to Argentina. Glory to God! #IEYC2019 #GYLF #Campingwithpastorchris

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It's 20 days to the 2019 IEYC with Pastor Chris. We are ready for a time of our lives. #IEYC2019 #Campingwithpastorchris

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