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Happy birthday Ma, mother of stars. Today we celebrate an Icon. I love you dearly Ma #Psalm23

MORE NEWS FROM THE HOPE MISSION FACTS FROM CHIMANIMANI, ZIMBABWE "It was a great flood! After the flood, the stones appeared, nobody knows how they got here. This means that the water that could bring these stones here was really great" During the Hope Relief Mission by Members agencies of the Chris Oyahkilome Foundation International to survivors of cyclone Idai, some of the beneficiaries in Chimanimani recounted how very large stones that were never there suddenly showed up on their land as a result of the devastating flood that swept away lives, homes, schools, bridges, farmlands, properties and more. Thank you to all the #InnerCityMission sponsors who made the Hope relief Mission to suvivors in Zimbabwe possible and YOU too can still connect to this blessing today, by sponsoring the Relief Mission to survivors in Malawi and Mozambique as well. Click here to give➡➡️ http://bit.ly/2t7OFTq #everychildisyourchild #endchildpovertynow

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IF YOU ARE A PARTNER WITH THE MAN OF GOD #PASTORCHRIS, YOU SHOULD HEAR THIS , YOU SHOULD SHARE THIS One of the survivors of the Flood disaster in Zimbabwe in appreciation of our dear Man of God said "Since the disaster, there hasn't been any organization that has gathered so many people and with so much relief that every person got something. Before the Hope Relief Mission, only those who were connected were the ones getting the aid, ONLY the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International had managed to make sure that ”even the less privileged and much deserving people, were finally recognized and reached in this distribution.” Thank you Chris Oyakhilome Foundation. Thank you Pastor Sir, for this great vision to reach the unreached with God's liquid love. We love you sir! #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

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Happy Birthday to a great helper of the war, Pastor Mike Madziya! Thank you for your service in the house of God! Your labor is not in vain! I love you dearly

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I said Yes to my Bestfriend. 💍Starting my month of riches like this. God you faithful🙏

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MY MONTH OF CELEBRATING MY RICHES!!!!OOOH GLORY!! 2018 I'VE BEEN MARVELLOUSLY HELPED OF THE LORD. #celebratingmyvictories #pastorchrisonline #cesazone5 #zimbabwe

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Wow!!! Congratulations to my Zonal Pastor!!! Pastor Ruth @pastorruth What a birthday, glory Wow number 9 at the PastorChrisLive 10 in 1 Challenge #cesazone5 #supernatural

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Congratulations Farlon Lyte. She said Yes!! LMAM Wedding loading....

#rozim2018 #prayinow #cesazone5 As we step out on 20 October, there is an ovewhelming presence of the Holy Spirit upon the nation.

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#rozim2018 #prayinow #cesazone5 There is increased grace causing every member to declare the Word with uncommon boldness and passion.

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#rozim2018 #prayinow #cesazone5 As we release the Word, (Rhapsody), the Supernatural starts to permeate into every fibre of this nation; economic, social, political, business - agriculture, mining and there is a sudden turn around.

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It's here! There is stirring in my spirit. LPLC 2018 will be lit! #LPCSA2018 #CESAZONE5

Thank you Pastor Dr Ma, for teaching me the Word. I love you so much #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay #lpcsa2018 #cesazone5

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To my Zonal Pastor, my Boss i thank you for saying yes to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay

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LPC is here......#CESAZONE5

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#lpcsa2018 My heart indites a good matter

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Happy birthday to my Dad. Yes my Dad. You are one in a million. Too many things to say about you and all are good things . Thank you for all you do for us your children. We all love you endlessly. Greater heights for you Sir.

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Just 25 Days to go...🕺💥↗️ #LPCSA2018 Southern Africa Leaders and Partners Conference with our great Man of God, Pastor Chris! Happening this month of Auto-Edification with Glossolalia!!!🙌😍 It is going to be massive! Special supernatural times of impartation, establishment, grace and glory!!! Are you ready???? Proverbs 23:18 KJV For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off. Share with your expectations below... #cesazone5 #supernatural

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The steps of those for whom the Lord has done great things. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever. Please don't mind our cameraman that decided to focus on my brother's tommy. Focus on Afor's moonwalking 😂😂😂😘. The Lord is gracious and kind and merciful.

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