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#celebratepfo #celekkichurch2&3

Sunday Sunday Service with Pastor Deola was awesome! #CELZ5 #CELZ5C3


Merry Christmas from PH Ministry Center

We've taken over. #celz5 #ceawoyaya

It's a new dimension #celz5 #ceawoyaya

I hear the Spirit of God saying Pastor will hold a summit for Pastors all over the world. #mydeclaration

People are being healed everywhere right now. Healing everywhere #prayingnow #mycountry #mydeclaration


The word of God is gaining entry into every nook and cranny of this country. #my declaration

Beloved, join me to celebrate this amazing woman- my wife and mother of my soldiers!Happy Birthday Angel! You are indeed a blessing to me!

Happy birthday to a Pastor who epitomizes Benediction. ' God bless you' is quick from her lips. Thank you ma for teaching us how to bless.

Happy birthday to a Pastor with a difference! Awesome, Caring, Prayerful, A Giver. Happy birthday Pastor Eva. Love youuuuuu #ceawoyayarocks

Hurray! Celebrate grace, Excellence, Too Much Money! Join me to celebrate this great woman of God. Happy birthday Pastor Eva! We love you

Happy birthday to a Pastor with a difference. Thank you for your investments in Dcs Eva. CE Awoyaya loves you ma! #flourishingPDO

Happy birthday Pastor Depe! Thank you for all you do for the body of Christ. CE Awoyaya appreciates you ma! #ceawoyaya

There is so much joy in service. Thank you Pastor Eva for the opportunity. BLW International Day of Service #rollupyoursleeves#

Thank you so much Pastor Eva for blessing us so much today. Service was really awesome! Thank you ma!

#IPPC2017 - 8days to go #BLWCelebrates30years #IMCC2017 #ITPLC2017 #LIMA2017 #LoveWorldPartnersAwards #LoveWorldArchives #LWE2017 #TNIC2017 For a special program as this, it’s important to be adequately prepared as the Holy Spirit will minister to you specially. God has specific thoughts to pass across to you at #IPPC, but you have a responsibility to pay close attention. Focus is a key factor in receiving all God has planned for you. Keep following this SuperUser for Updates.

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The power of words was given to us by God as a gift. Words are things. You can determine your future by your words. Refuse to be limited.

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