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The kind of dance you dance when lord has been so good to you and your household of faith

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Thank you lord for your grace in my life

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Happy Suppernatural Birthday Ma,God Is Faithful Who Has Called You To Glory And Virtue And Has Made Your Life Beautiful hank You ForMaking Yourself Available For His Use,No One Listens To You And Remain The same You're A Blessing And Source Encouragements We Love You.


The Alnight Is Glorious Hallelujahyyyyyyyy

Happy Birthday Gabi You're A Burning And A Shining Light.

It was awesome

#globalevangelism# #cebilbaospain#


Wow Into Me If I Preach Not The Gospel This Is My Life And Pasion .

Happy Birthday My Very Own Sister Words Can't Express How Much You Mean To Me My Greatest Wish For You Is That You'll Forever Serve Our God With Your Life For Nothing Else Matters,,,He's The Reason Behind Your Beauty And Achievement In Life Remember?Fight The Fight, Ignite D Fire

No Going Back💃💃💃💃💃


#Spain bilbao #Out Fellow Christians Around The World Facing Persecution Are Mightily Helped Of God...

#Bilbao Spain My Testimony Of A Soul Win To Christ Lord Am Greatful,She Has Been Snatched From The World And The Devil The Bridges Are Cut AlreadyGod Is Good😀😀😀

#Prayingnow#spain#bilbao out children all around the world are preserved from wicked and unresonable men,our brethren are bold to represent and be identified with Christ everywhere and in everything even against all odds they stand for Christ unashamed amennn.

#Spain bilbao i- testify a soul has been won yersterday, our month of prayer FATHER LORD AM GREATFUL YOUR WORD keep penetrating the heart of men through us AMEN. Don't be ashamed to talk about the one who saved your soul (Jesus The Righteous).

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