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Dearest kelly , daughter of God Happy Birthday of Perfection. You have grown beautiful in and out. Your love for The Lord Jesus and our man of God Pastor Chris and for people is Divine. You are a great blessing. I love you dearly

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CELEBRATING GOD’S ICON Happy Birthday to our Dear Sister Kelly Aseme! You are an epitome of God’s grace and glory. You are a city set on a hill and you can never be hidden. Great things are spoken of you and you function in excellent wisdom everyday! We love you dearly❤️ #MONTHOPROCLAMATIONS #PERFECTION #SONSOFMINISTRY #PRAYINGWITHPASTORCHRIS

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Happy birthday beloved Kelly You are growing with so much grace, wisdom, love and passion for the work of the master. Thank you for working in the preordained part God has prepared for you. I love you dearly 💕💕

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YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS WITH PASTOR CHRIS, SEASON 2, PHASE 2, DAY 4 Live participation from United Kingdom!! Like, share and comment! PARTICIPATE ON: Rhapsody Website: Rhapsody App: Rhapsody TV: Rhapsody Prayer Network: #YourLoveworldWithPastorChris #YourLoveworld #Rhapsody

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Dearest Christian. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you continue to shine, bearing testimonies of his grace, wisdom, faithfulness and love. You are always willing to help. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill his divine purpose. I love you dearly 💕

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Still celebrating a Blessed man . The Son of God . Dear Christian, I love you dearly. Congratulations on your new year. Greater Grace abounds to you.

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Happy Birthday of Perfection Dear Christian. You are an Amazing Personality. Thank you for All you do for me. I love you dearly

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Happy birthday to an absolute legend🎉Words are not enough to describe the amount of love I have for you! Thank you for being such a blessing to the world. I am so proud to call you my brother. I pray you have a perfect day and a year filled with blessings! I love you soo much❤️❤️

We are independent of circumstances... no matter what the facts are in your environment, they don’t affect your productivity!🔥

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Dearest Pastor Williams, Happy Birthday of Perfection. Thank you for All you do for our great Nation. We love you dearly.

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There is a Man sent from God, His name is Rev Chris Oyakhilome. The voice of God to the nations, even now its louder and louder and louder and no one or anything can shut. Hallelujah!!!

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💃💃🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Jubilantly Celebrating an absolute expression of Perfection in Completeness, Excellence and Fruition 👌👌💯 Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastors Archie and Ngy Aseme.. Your passionate commitment to the spread of the Pastor Chris Digital Library is amazingly inspiring 👍🏽🙌🏻 We love and celebrate your beautiful lives sir and Ma...ever full of joy and grace...May you burst forth with precious treasures in this new year by the increase of knowledge 🙌🏻👍🏽 #HBDPAandPNGYAseme #perfection&excellence

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Happiest Birthday my dearest dad and mum. I want to use this opportunity to say how much I love you and to thank you for making me who I am today. Thank you for teaching me the word of the Lord and for always being there for me. Once again, Happy Birthday. I love you so much♥️🎉🎊🎈

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Hi guys. For those of you in Christ Embassy, I'm sure that you must have read and heard some criticism of the man of God Pastor Chris. Look here. It's not new. Pastor has faced criticism like this since he was in high school ie secondary school. And he's always come out bigger, stronger, victorious. I've followed Pastor Chris since 1988 personally. I'd heard about him from 1978. I heard about the pressure he was put under in 1981/82 when he was in "A levels". I joined Pastor Chris in 1988 and knew about the pressures and criticism of previous years in university. I was, side by side, with him in the early 2000's during criticism from Nigeria govt and other Christian leaders. Pastor led us actually. In every thing, God has always proven Pastor Chris is right. Don't be moved by anything you're seeing or hearing against Pastor Chris. He's unmoved. You remain unmoved. I'm unequivocal about this: Pastor Chris is the man sent from God for this time. He is intelligent and educated in the Word of God and in science and technology. Pastor Chris is not preaching a conspiracy theory. He's preaching against a conspiracy. -Pastor TT Edun.

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Through you the Lord brought me into this world and I am so grateful for the blessing that is having you as parents. Thank you for lighting the earth up with your smiles. Your love is a gift I will always treasure. Happy birthday God’s beautiful masterpieces! I love you so much🎉❣️

Happy birthday to our HIGHLY Esteemed Pastors Archie and Ngy Aseme. We love you both. Watch this #ceonitshazone #april6th

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Do you know??????? Our Pastors have the same birthday!!!! Its celebration time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTORS ARCHIE AND NGY ASEME. we love you both. #ceonitshazone #april6th

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CELEBRATING THE INDEFATIGABLE ONE; OUR VISIONARY CMD! He's our Super-Hero, he copied rightly from his Father (Pastor Chris)! Searching for a synonym of perfection? Then look no further! He's our Teacher-Extraordinnaire📝📝! 'Osisinamiego', the surplus Billionaire💰💰💰 ! His trainings are essential; His love, quintessential! He got us flying on eagles wings, now we're balling with the stars! He got us shinning like we're on blings, everyone's calling us superstars! Our joy is beyond words! WeR celebrating; dancing to keys 🎹 and chords 🎸! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our TELIOS TELEIOTITTA!! We're forever grateful to God and to our Man of God for the special gift of you! We love you dearly Sir!!! #CMDPC25 #celebratingteleiotita #GodsgifttoUS #CelebratingPerfection #Osisinamiego #CMDisFIRE

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED CMD, PASTOR CHIKE UME🎉🥳❤️ Thank You Sir for your love, inspiration and dedication to the work. Love You Pastor Sir🎉🔥❤️ #CMDPC25 #celebratingteleiotita #GodsgifttoUS #CelebratingPefection #Osisinamiego #CMDisFIRE #BLWUKZoneB

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