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What a time of Grace! It’s indeed our Month of Grace. LLN is highly required and timely, God needs more women to cause changes in our world. We have been greatly blessed in this 24hours. Thank you Pastor Sir and the Chairperson Highly Esteemed Pastor Mary Owase, God bless you.

Joining Loveworld Ladies Prayer network. UKZ3R1 South Ockendon. Praise be to God hallelujah

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LLN Online Prayers 19th-20th Feb - surely, our expectations shall not be cut short #UKZONE3 #lln24hoursonlineprayers #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln #CESouthOckendon

Preparing the Nations with Rhapsody Languages! A MUST READ!!! Below is an amazing testimony received from our team in Fiji. In Savenaca and Loba's words👇 "Please allow us to share our testimony. After we awoke this morning, my husband Save and I sat down to pray before he got himself ready for work. I was home with the children while Savenaca went off to work. I spent an hour in our prayer room reading my Bible. When I came out of our Prayer Room, I heard my older son calling out to me “Mum get ready, there’s a baby boy coming, a baby boy”! I asked him who the baby boy was, in my effort to try and ignore him. 15 minutes later there was knock on our door. I got up to open the door and saw my husband standing there saying to me, “Mum we have visitors here”. Beside him was a man with his 4 year old son. I motioned to my husband to bring them inside the house. The little boy seemed lifeless in his father’s arms. He was actually dead. The gentleman introduced himself as Anish, and began to share his ordeal. He had taken his son to the hospital then to the Indian priest. They could not do anything for his sick son who at this stage was not talking or even eating. They tried to seek help from the Police Station however the little boy died on their way there. My husband Savenaca, met them at a nearby shop and Anish told him he needed a Pastor to pray for his son. Without hesitating, Savenaca asked them to come home. They sat in our lounge while I went into our Prayer room to bring out a Rhapsody. I put the Rhapsody on the little boy’s chest while we laid hands on him and began speaking in tongues. It wasn’t long before we heard the boy cough. He received his healing instantly, and today this little boy is alive and talking and smiling. After our prayers and after seeing his son come back to life again, Anish confessed “I know now that God (Jesus) is real and can hear our prayers”. Anish and his whole family will be joining us for Cell this Friday. GLORY!!!! Click here to sponsor the free distribution of the printed copies around the world …making inroads into every city, town, village and streets

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Registered and expectant

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 2ND FEBRUARY. I affirm that I am an offspring of the Word; I am born of the incorruptible Word of God. I am the epistle of Christ, the effulgence of His glory, the manifestation of His goodness and righteousness. I am a message read of all men, through whom many are coming to the glory, beauty, perfection, liberty, joy, and the knowledge of Christ. I am not of this world; I am far removed from the corruption that ruins men's lives. My address is “Christ”, where sickness, disease, and infirmity have lost their grip on me. I am one with the Word, I’ve overcome diabetes; I’ve overcome heart trouble, chest pain, cancer, etc. No tumour; no fibroid; nothing of darkness can thrive in my body anymore, because my body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; He lives in every fibre of my being. Hallelujah! Christ lives in me in His fullness, and in Him I live, move, and have my being. No challenge is big enough to weigh me down because I am born of God and complete in Christ. I am alive to God—spirit, soul, and body. There’re no impossibilities with me, for Christ is my sufficiency. Glory to God. Hallelujah! SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES NOW • Be bold to say the same things that God has said concerning you in His Word. That is what takes you beyond salvation, to enjoy the benefits of salvation ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You Can Now Reach Us On: • • God Bless You. #yourloveworld #8DOM #monthofpraise #affirmationtrain #8daysofmeditation #talkingsession #themonthofcelebration #prayathon2020 #thankyoupastorchris #rhemafortoday #theyearofpreparation

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💎 If you are in the media profession, remember that there is no separate race called the media. As you accept pay to deceive others, you are also deceived. Click here to participate 👇 CeTunes cLoveWorld Loveworld Internet Radio #yourloveworld

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Did you see that! Awesome hip hop/movie on the life of Jesus. Well done guys👏👏💯

Jesus didn’t die for you in a corner, his death was public: a gruesome exhibition of pain, soul travail and death! Now you can’t live for him in hiding, your life has become the glorious exhibition of the multifaceted wisdom of God! Let your LIGHT SO SHINE! #peeayforever #cephzone1 #livingtothepraiseofhisglory #grace #sonofpastorchris #jesus #jesusfreak

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What a night! Healing streams live 3Days of Glory! Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! I love You Lord Jesus❤️💜💯

Still celebrating our Man of God. #offer7 #ceukzone3 #cesouthockendon

CE South Ockendon rendering service in honour of our Dear Man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD. Pastor we love you! Happy birthday Sir #offer7 #ceukzone3 #cesouthockendon

How we REALLY roll....."We are still praying "....soldiers for Christ and we pray standing for hours, no kneeling or sitting to pray, so you don't start sleep meditation.....🤣🥰🔥 ....I love our Loveworld Nation 💞

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STILL CELEBRATING GOD'S GENERAL!! Watch this timely prayer for you from our Father,Pastor and Prophet. You can receive all the blessings from where you are. The celebration continues in thanksgiving💃💃💃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. #CEMCABUJA #OFFER7

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir! Thank you for being a blessing!

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Celebrating my Pastor, hero, mentor, father, Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD Happy birthday Pastor Sir #LLNCEUKZ3 #happybirthdaypastorchris

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