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*Live and see from God’s perspective only. His Word is light; the light in which you must live. That way, irrespective of the decadence in this present world, you’ll live in continuous victory and prosperity, and joy.

*A true preacher of the Word is one who preaches God’s will, God’s thoughts, God’s plans, purposes and pursuits, and constantly brings men into fellowship with God or promote their fellowship with God.*

Refuse to accommodate anything from the devil; rather, walk in the love of Christ. Yield your faculties to the Word, and to the Holy Spirit for the glory of God and life of righteousness to be seen and revealed in you.

*Irrespective of the darkness and evil in the world in these last days, you’re to shine ever so brightly... While there’s darkness in the world, we’re not waiting for the light of God to shine; rather, we shine.

In the New Testament, prayer is based on our new relationship with the Father; a divine fellowship. This is what Jesus made possible. Now we pray through the Spirit and worship in the Spirit.*

It’s clear how you’re to worship God: it’s by the Spirit and in accordance with His Word. Follow His plans and you’ll experience His grace and blessings in your life and ministry.*

*You’re the temple of the living God; He lives and walks in you. Everywhere you go, He goes. This is your guarantee of a life of greatness, dominion, excellence, health, and unending victories.

If you’d learn to use the Name of Jesus in your life, in everything you do, you’d be amazed at the victories and extraordinary blessings you’d experience every day. His Name is an instrument.

*Let the wisdom of God guide you in choosing your friends; those you move with; those who inspire you to greatness and excellence; those who inspire the best in you to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.

*The Word of God must frame and shape your mental attitude and disposition to life; otherwise, you’re sunk. Studying and meditating on the Word of God will give you a peculiar mindset; the mindset of the righteous.

*Your thoughts can keep you perpetually in the road of success or keep you in failure. Until you change your way of thinking, your life and circumstances won’t change.

*You’re not fatherless; the Holy Spirit is the Father in you, and He’s your helper. He’s everything, and all the help you need in life. You’re not alone; you’re in the Father, and the Father is in you.*

*You carry the glory of God everywhere you go, and that beauty brings pleasantness, favours, promotion and increase to your life... you’re dressed with the ornament of God’s beauty; drenched in the rains of the Spirit.

The stakes have never been higher than they are today. You’re the one that God is trusting with everything to save men’s lives; to save them from hell & carry the bloodstained banner of Jesus Christ around the world.

*Let the fire of the Gospel burn passionately in your heart every day. Make up your mind that no matter the cost, you’re going to be at the fore of propagating this message and haul lost souls into the Kingdom.

When we minister through the Spirit; our hearers are enraptured in the Father’s love! God’s power to save, help, deliver and bless is in the Gospel, which you must convey by the power of God’s Spirit.*

*God has made you a watchman over the sinners in your world. Therefore, let the passion for soul winning be in your heart as a burning fire, shut up in your bones (Jeremiah 20:9)

*Jesus took our poverty and made us heirs of His abundance. Your prosperity is a settled fact. In Christ, you’ve been brought into the life of superabundance; acknowledge and enjoy your inheritance.*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ESTEEMED PASTOR DEOLA MA. YOU ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL PERSONALITY MA. YOU ARE SO FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH. THANK YOU MA FOR LOVING ME AND ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR ME. THANK YOU MA FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND GUIDING ME IN THE PATH OF THE VISION OF OUR MAN OF GOD; PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME P.HD. YOU ARE THE FULL DISCRIPTION OF DANIEL 5:11-12 Montakabaya.... zhrankatabalasti.. Tankalastibrontasti... You are the wise-man in the LOVEWORLD NATION in whom is the spirit of the Holy God and now in the days of our father pastor Chris Oyakhilome P.hD light and understanding and wisdom , like the Wisdom of God the Father is found in you whom our President; Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome P.hD, Our Father & Prophet, I say Our Coach 4 Life made the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the LOVEWORLD NATION { made master of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers; } Because an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of visions and dreams as expressed in the Healing School & CEL Zone 5, and shewing of hard sentences, and dissolving of doubts, with excellent administrative skills were found in this same PASTOR DEOLA whom the king ; Our President Named PASTOR D; OUR CEO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA. I CELEBRATE YOU PERSONALLY MA. I LOVE YOU MA. #magnumlumen #ceaz #celebratingceo

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*In expressing love to others, it’s not about what you stand to gain. It’s about your love for God and desire to do His will. Help those around you stand strong, and make their lives better.

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