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A special talkshow inline with vision400, during a special lunch with our dear Man of God, Pst Abundance, at Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo

Two days to go, waouh! I am celebrating God's General, my Pastor, my moptor, Rev Tom, l love U Pastor Sir, tank You for all these yours Sir

Happy Birthday to CSO, thank You so much in investing in us the word through your music ministry, we love u, Bro Cherubin, CE Congo Brazza

Happy Birthday tout YouTube CSO, thank you for investing so much in us through your music ministry. Bro.Cherubin SAFOU, CE Congo Brazza!

all physical reality is made up from vibarations energy, your thoughts are also made up from vibrations energy, therefore mind your thought

Use Visualization to learn something Your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you perfomed and an action you visualized!

Fredly Zoe: Your can't just but grow, mandated to grow, Jesus is your standby

Fredly Zoe:, We love you Sir

Words are not enough to thank you Sir, you invested in us your love, time, and passion, l am a living testimony of your full implementation!

Your work is undeniable, your faith is a true teaching, your passion is a true testimony of Jesus' liquid love, you left all for the Master!

I see the glory of God when l look at you, the favor of God is all over you! Happy birthday to you Pastor Sir, you are a bundle of success!

Glory! CE Congo will live to remember you Pastor Sir, thank you for raising us in the ministry and showing us the way, my mentor, my father!

Pastor Sir, today is a day of joy, l am celebrating God's General, my trailblazer, love personified, a passion demonstrated! LOVE U SIR

One day to go, CE Republic of Congo is celebrating a man full of love and passion for the ministry, Pst Abundance Samuelson, HB Sir

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