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Words are powerful but The Word (God's Word) is all powerful. It is the Word that is voiced that works #WorkingTheWord While others are catching flu, We are catching Rhema, Prosperity, Grace. Outdo your past. Take a bold step and increase daily. Oh Glory To God DID YOU KNOW..... 📍Peace has nothing to do with physical things or your environment, it is a state of the spirit, a conditioning of the heart. 📍The consciousness of who I am makes all the difference and causes me to enjoy God's blessings. 📍Life is a choice, Poverty is a choice. The way you live your life will show what you have chosen. 📍Times of economic crises are times of miracles because God will do the unexpected- supernatural supply. 📍Prosperity and wealth are attributes of righteousness. Poverty is not compatible with righteousness. 📍The conditioning of your spirit is very important. Don't easily respond to the external factors. Live from inside; from your spirit. Do not speak inoperative words! #meditateongodsword #sticktotheword #speaktheword #rhema #greaterishewhoisinyou #graceadvantage #godfactor #youareblessed

HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE *Joy is that emotion which is invoked by satisfaction, appreciation and pleasures. *Frustrated people are very dangerous. *Learn to enjoy your life. *When you're not happy you can't fulfil the call of God in your life. *How long should you blame someone else for your failure. *Make your life more fulfilling. *In your pursuit for more; be satisfied with your today's accomplishment. ¤Heb 13:5, 1Tim 6:6- *You must come to a place of contentment in your life. *Discover your features in life. *God is not looking for singers or preachers but He's looking for those who'll walk in Love. *Just as the material world remains active and real while we are sleeping; so is the Spiritual world remains active & real inspite of our ignorance. *Just because you don't know something exist doesn't mean it is not operational. *Living a joyful or frustrated life is a choice. *If you don't enjoy your life no one will enjoy you. *The greatest gift you could give to someone else is yourself! *God made us to be happy for Himself. He made us for His own Pleasures. *People who are frustrated always want to make others frustrated. *God needs you to be joyful and happy for you to be Successful. *Why are you suffering when you should be enjoying your life. *Enjoy everyday of your life. *Enjoy everyting that you do. *Learn to enjoy your life and it's by choice. *Learn to enjoy yourself. *It's an abnormal behaviour to always think of your challenges. *Enjoy your life- you don't have to suffer cause suffering is not physical most of the time. *Learn to stand alone. *Like yourself- build your own life and STOP complaining. *Money can only help a prepared Mind. *Spend your life DISCOVERING what has been prepared for you- stop searching. *Stop expecting people to do for you what you can do for yourself. *The least God can give is things... the greatest is knowledge. *The difference between a believer & the unbeliever is the PREACHING of theGospel. Nehem 8:10 *Joy is that natural attribute in our life. *Joy of the Lord is based on what the Lord has done in your life. *Joy in the Holy Ghost is that which Springs up from within you. #bejoyful #pastorchristeaching

IN HELL.... - Prayerless people pray everyday - Unrepentant people repent everyday - Rich people cannot afford any water - Proud and stubborn people humble themselves everyday - Jokers becomes very serious - Those who reject the word of God becomes the earnest seekers of the word - Those who don't like to fast do it everyday. They fast everyday in hell - Those who wear worldly and sophisticated cloths are totally naked everyday - Master and servant, Mistress and maidservant, Rich and poor, Old and young, Educated and illiterate, becomes equal - Those who refuse to obey God while on earth have no choice than to obey demons in hell - Those who are enemies on earth are neighbours in hell - Smokers finds smoke very irritating. Etc. Don't wait until you get to hell before you do the right thing. Do it now that you are still on earth. Heaven is not a place for those who are afraid of hell, it's a place for those who love God JESUS CHRIST IS COMING... #repent #bebornagain #winsouls #preparefortherapture #spreadthegospel #receivesalvationtoday #remainrupturable #jesuschristiscomingbacksoon

I AM ANOINTED IN SUCH A WAY THAT I PRAY FOR GOD TO REDUCE THE ANOINTING - JOHN WESLEY John Wesley is a man who changed the continent of Europe and eventually the whole world through the gospel in the 1700s. He is considered the 3rd greatest soul winner after Apostle Paul and Charles G. Finney. More than 60% of the souls he won never back slide. He was a man of Prayer. Pastor Chris says his prayer life was influenced by Wesley and Charles Finney. Finney would pray for souls and groan till they fall on the streets crying for salvation. John Wesley said, "it appears that God will do nothing unless a man prays; it also seems like God is limited by our prayer life" Pastor Chris speaks about Wesley in his message Prayer, the Responsibility of every believer and about Charles Finney in his book how to pray the right way. God is a gentleman, he will never force himself in our lives. We ought to give him the invitation through prayer!! Your life is an expression of your prayer life. The anointing is in us, but the more we pray we raise its level of influence it has in our lives. Once the anointing is stirred, it will differentiate you. It will cause things to move in your life. What was difficult becomes easy. God's goodness becomes your daily experience. The anointing makes u a window of heaven. God reaches the world through you. He heals, saves, lifts up and blesses through you. #beprayerful #praywithoutceasing #pastorchristeaching

Don't do what others want, do what you know is right. Just because many are doing it doesn't make it right. #standout #youareprecious #youareunique #sticktotheword #followgodsdivineplan

° A tree will never BEND for you to CLIMB... ° Climbing a tree must start from the GROUND... ° Success will never lower its STANDARDS to accomodate you... ° You have to RAISE your standards to ACHIEVE success... ° God PROVIDES food for every BIRD but not in its NEST... ° Manna was to be PICKED,it never fell in the baskets of Israelites... ° Today RISE up to the CHALLENGES ahead of you and FACE your FEARS Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Turn to God ,Forgive today, Love today , Pray today. Be blessed Your expectation will not be cut short, Your divine helpers will locate you today, Today, you will reign over the power of sickness. GOOD MORNING AND REMAIN CELEBRATED #goodmorning #ariseandshine #succeed #win #conquer #youareborntowin #graceadvantage #godwillfightforyou

Marriage Wisdom Nuggets 1 If you are in the habit of speaking while you're angry, one day you will regret and it might be too late. Never give voice to the feelings of anger or rage. When angry, bite your tongue and zip your lips. Control your anger, don't let it control you. 2 Remove yourself, your spouse and your children from the center of your marriage. Put God back at the center of your marriage. 3 Great marriages are not built overnight. Heart-change is God's business. Give your spouse space and time to change, and give the Holy Spirit time and space to work on your spouse's heart. While you wait pray, pray and pray that you fall not into temptation. 4 Find the time to connect with your spouse. The return on investment will surprise you. 5 Your spouse is your equal. You are of the same worth in the eyes of God. Therefore in every decision, you need to consider your spouse's opinion and input. 6 Nothing is more nobler; nothing is more admirable, nothing is more satisfying & nothing is more pleasing to God than two people who see eye to eye & live happily together as husband & wife; loving each other selflessly, confronting their challenges together, serving their savior together, raising their children together, confounding their enemies together & delighting their friends together. This is God's desire for your marriage. Is this your desire? 7 Husbands: Keep dating your wife. Keep courting her. Keep building her up. Keep pursuing her. Keep making her feel special. Keep choosing her above friends & family. Keep honoring her, respecting her & cherishing her above all others. Keep admiring her & keep telling her “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” (Songs of Solomon 4:7) You chose her out of the billions of women in the world; therefore keep loving her & keep focusing on her like you did before you married her. Keep forsaking all others & keep reserving yourself only for her. “Enjoy life with your beloved wife during all the days of your fleeting life that God has given you on earth during all your fleeting days; for that is your reward in life and in your burdensome work on earth" Ecl9:9 #marriage #marriagelessons #marriagewisdomnuggets

I am a THERMOSTAT & not a THERMOMETER. I DONT respond to TEMPERATURE, I set the TEMPERATURE!!!- Prophet ANGEL #uebertangel

*CONTROL YOUR TONGUE, CONTROL YOUR LIFE* Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! (James 3:5). The words you speak are a true measure of your spirituality. It makes no difference what others might think or say about you; what matters are the words that come out of your mouth every day, irrespective of who you may be talking to: God, men, yourself, circumstances, or nature. Be sure you always, speak gracious, faith-filled, and spirit-building words. Tame your tongue. Isn’t it wonderful that with your tongue, you can disallow sickness, disease, infirmity, and weakness from your body? Always speak health and strength to your body. Many are sick, weak, broke and suffering today because of their careless talking through the years. Get your tongue under control and have your life under control! Use your tongue to come out of trouble, depression, sickness, pain, poverty, and frustration. Today, where you are, and what you are in life, are the result of your words. If the result isn’t such that you’re pleased with, you can consciously begin to chart a new course, and decide what the next five or ten years will be like for you. If the results are already wonderful, you can walk in greater glory and higher levels of success if you use your tongue right. Jesus said you shall have what you say. Therefore, use your tongue to beautify your life. We are a kingdom of talkers. Your life goes where your tongue goes. #tameyourtongue #talkright #speaktherightwords #speakblessings #speaktheword #whatyousayiswhatyouget #putapremiumonwords #lawofconfession #controlyourtongue

Christians who don't behave like Christians can actually turn other people off and keep them from even wanting to become a Christian. #liveagodlylife

That a cat was said to have caught a bird is not the issue; the issue here is what in the world was a bird doing on the ground? What was it doing at the cat's level? What happened to its wings? What was it doing there? It's the same with Christians who are being molested by the devil and his cohorts day after day...what are they doing at his level? Is that where they should be? What are they doing there? It depends on where you live brother! It does sister! There is an environment where the devil cannot be found in - just like a cat cannot be found in the sky - come up there!!! Don't be found in this environment only once in a while, no! Relocate! Live there! Dwell there! Reside there! And let's see 'how a cat can catch a bird in the sky'... #praywithoutceasing #walkbyfaith #lookuntojesus #focusontheword #focusongod #graceadvantage #meditateongodsword

When a cultist renounces his membership, the cult members come after him so that he can return; But when a christian backslides, many other Christians sit back to laugh at his errors, scarcely will anyone pray for his return... Only in Christianity is a wounded soldier allowed to die... 👩🏿‍💼🤹Identify a weak soul today and help out. #walkinlove #beyourbrotherskeeper #truechristianity #helpothers

Get out of the sense realm, flesh realm, and human reasoning realm. Get over into the faith realm and into the spirit realm. -Rev Kenneth E Hagin

When THINGS don't HAPPEN right away, REMEMBER it takes 6 MONTHS to BUILD a ROLLS-ROYCE & 13 hours to BUILD a TOYOTA

When you carry a mindset of a failure, Success will be invisible to you. How you see life that's how it will appear to you. Life is all about perspective. People with negative perspective see problems in the mix of opportunities, while those with positive perspective see opportunity in the mix challenges. Our lives gravitate towards the pictures we carry on our minds. Until you change the way you see, your life will never change. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Stop the fear, stop seeing failure and the "what-ifs", See opportunity, see success, see progress, see good things for your life, and your life will surely turn out that way. You may ask, when will God answer my prayers, when will He change my situation or when will he do something about my finances? The truth is, God is not going to do anything about it, because he has already done it. All you need is the knowledge on how to enjoy what he has already done. That's why He said in His word "my children perish for lack of knowledge". Satan is not the problem of a child of God but ignorance. The word of God has the power to make you what it talk about. Know the truth of God's Word, and you shall be free from sickness, poverty and all satanic manipulation. Remain blessed. #thinkright #seeright #talkright #actright #focusongod #focusontheword #renewyourmind #meditateongodsword #powerofthemind #perspective #knowledgeispower #mindset

God speaks to those who take time to listen, and listen to those who take time to pray.

As you wake today, remember you are created to succeed, designed to win, equipped to overcome, anointed to prosper and blessed to become a blessing! The distance between you and success is the length between your heart and mouth. Child of God,Start saying the things you want to see in your life. Speak strength, perfection, establishment and settlement. Because 'you shall have whatever you say' (Mark 11: 23-24)... You are Supernaturally Lifted May the day bring to you Good News. The oil of grace upon your life will never run dry. He will make everything work well for you, Many shall find life, peace, joy and fulfillment through you. He will surprise you and give you the best of Happiness. Just Like the Eagle, You will fly. Like Gold, You will be Valued. Like the Sun, You shall shine bright. Like the river, You shall flow unlimitedly . Like the Palm Tree, You shall Flourish And Like Money, You shall be Useful. Peace and prosperity shall be your portion. You are blessed and highly favored in Jesus mighty name Amen. Today and beyond, Your joy shall multiply greatly. Good morning. Have a blessed day! #goodmorning #graceadvantage #borntowin #borntosucceed #thinkright #seeright #talkright #actright #youareunique #youareblessed #lawofconfession #whatyousayiswhatyouget

There's no law that is greater than love. The extent of your maturity is expressed in your love walk.

PUT PRESSURE ON THE DEVIL - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD *_"Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly]" (1 Thessalonians 5:17 AMP)._* Prayer isn't voluntary to the child of God; it is a compulsory spiritual activity. We discover many times from the scriptures how the Lord separated Himself from the people to pray. He also used several parables to teach people *_"...that men ought always to pray, and not to faint"_* (Luke 18:1). Throughout the scriptures, much emphasis was placed on the place of prayer in the life of the Christian. Every time you spend time to pray, you're actually putting pressure on the devil. Too often, many wait until the pressure comes to them before they pray. I discovered that the reason some Christians go through terrible ordeals in their lives is that they don't set themselves to pray early enough. You don't have to wait until the devil meets you on your dinner table before you deal with him. Counter his advances ever before he gets to your doorstep. The challenge with many people is they're lazy to pray. A man ran into church crying for help hysterically. *"Please pray for me,"* he said, *"my wife is in labour ward!"* He had nine months to pray but he didn't. Now he wants emergency prayers. This is why many go around looking for a *'success formula', 'healing formula'* and several other get-it-quick formulas. It's like the student who had five months to prepare for his exams but failed to prepare. Then, on the night before his exams he began praying to God for help; he took to prayer too late. We're living in an age where everybody wants everything fast. There are fast foods, fast-cars, jet planes, supercomputers and so on. Now, we want to put God into the same fast-lane and so we inadvertently pray *'fast prayers'* for quick results. All we want to know is how to push some buttons and have God respond quickly. *That's wrong!* Get serious with your life today and make the right changes for your spiritual development. *FURTHER STUDY: James 4:7; Matthew 17:21* #putpressureonthedevil #pastorchristeaching

Elijah never stop praying until the rain fall. Never give up until you see the result.

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