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#prayfornigeria #riversstate #nigeria

Happy birthday to you Boss. my dream Dad, mentor and roll model... so many positive things to write about you... keep shining, I love you Sir


Live from the studio #CEOK1 #LIVINGSPRING #ZLPCCEPHZ12018

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Happy supernatural birthday to you Bro. Hebron Ibitamuno. You laid the foundation of my commitment in Cell Ministry, many things to say about you. May God bless and increase all that concerns you, you'll never lack any good and precious thing you desire in life and godliness.

A very happy supernatural birthday to you my GS, Sis. Gift Epeya you are an inspiration, a blessing and a helper of war. May every good and precious thing u desire in life and godliness come to u free course unhindered in Jesus Name. I love you so much...

SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI NUGGETS FROM PASTOR AMAECHI'S TEACHING ● The atmosphere of joy is where God is and its independent of external stimulus. ● Your life will lack ability if you don't understand the concept of joy. ● Joy comes with the package of salvation. As a Christian, you don't need a film or comedy to activate your joy. ● Joy is the atmosphere for creativity, for financial miracles. ● Joy comes from the place of deep appreciation while worry comes the place of fear. ● When worry shows up, take a praise break. ● Jesus is the source of all things, when you have Jesus, you have all things. Words run the world. 1 Corinthians 12 - 14 #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

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Giving life to all...

A glorious moment in the Holy Ghost: The prayer, the worship, the word, the salvation, the miracles, the testimonies, the souls... @ the #WorshipAndMiracleService #CEPHZ1 #TheLivingSpring #CEOkrika1 #TheWealthyPlace

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Happy birthday to you Pastor Sir. the word of God in you is just too supernatural, whenever I listen to your teachings I'm so so infused with more knowledge and inspiration... you're just too much... I love you so so lavishly Pastor. #peeay317

A very happy and supernatural birthday to you Bro. Prince Eserume Golor, keep increasing in grace and favour in the sight of God and man, there's nothing that'll be difficult for you.

Happy birthday to you bro Victor Baridikulo Kari. God will continue to increase and uplift you in all side for your unflinching commitment in ministry. I love you sir.

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