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For your Child photoshoot or event photography, pre-wedding photoshoot, pre-birthday/birthday shoot... Anything photo and video; kindly contact us via +2347033149995. God bless you #baby #babygirl #babyfashion #babylove #babyphotography #babyphoto #canonphotography #canon

🔥 🔥 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 BREAKING NEWS: WE'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT🔥 🔥 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 Read this inspiring testimony from Brother Optimist - Mexico, CE Lagos Zone 1 International Missions While watching Your Loveworld this evening I had to rush to the General Hospital Salagua in response to an emergency call I had received from a Pastor whom I had been sharing our ministry materials and message with. One of his members had reached out to him, her husband Ricardo was about to be taken off the life support machine. The hospital had informed her to call in  a Priest to say the "final prayers" for him as he had been unresponsive having been in a coma for 30 days resulting from acute diabetes. His wife insisted that she would have none of this. As we rushed in I remembered the Rhapsody article for the day and Pastor's mention of healing miracles. I put the Rhapsody on his chest and we had barely prayed for a few minutes when his previously lifeless body began to respond! Suddenly he spoke out "I can hear" to the glory of God and the amazement of all present. Then he went on "I am a child of God in Jesus name". Excitedly I read to him the entire Rhapsody article for the day and he then called for water and just before we left he was already going to have a meal. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! We have a message that works. Glory to God!  Life and joy has been restored to Ricardo through our Messenger Angel. Thank you Pastor Sir for giving us a message that works and teaching us  boldness to stand in the day of evil. #celz1rocks

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For your baby shoot Call us +2347033149995 or send us a DM via #kingschat

Good day we are here to sever you better with good quality pictures. For Family portraits you can contact us via call +2347033149995. We are Base in Lagos, Nigeria.

Faithful God I worship you

All glory be to God Almighty for his grace over my life. #cinematography #blackmagicpocket

Please be their guest as they Tie the knot Traditionally on the 21st of November 2020. They would be looking forward to see you, #ABIWOUNDO 2020...

Never put yourself in a position where you have to second-guess your self worth. You’re important

Hey guys I'm back


Lagos zone 2 media ladies preparing for our SPECIAL NIGHT OF BLISS SPECIAL with @pstemekeeze @aijayrich and @lovethchekwube #nobs #nightofblissspecial #lagoszone2 #lzc2 #christembassy #nobs2020 #cez2

You shouldnt have to beg someone to love you You shouldnt have to beg someone to care You shouldnt have to beg someone to try You shouldnt have to beg someone to talk to you You shouldnt have to beg someone to put you first.

Distance doesn't separate people Silence does✌ #happynewmonth #celz2

Don't force something that no longer fits in your life. There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. 😉 GOOD MORNING! 🌻

When your intentions are pure, you don’t lose anyone, they lose you. 👌

When your intentions are pure, you don’t lose anyone, they lose you. 👌

Attraction is what brings us together. Connection keeps us together. Find someone you are strongly attracted to, then be brave enough to allow connection and communication and the result is an unbreakable bond.

Call us for your professional EVENT touch +2347033149995

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