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God restores ‘wasted time/years’ many times even with interest #Sunesis

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GOD IS PAYDAY! #LightUpYourWorld

#LOTW19 UMD Ritchie Coliseum #CEUSAREG1 #CEUSAVZ1

#YourLoveWorld #MillionDollarGoatee #SeeMyTie

#Indelible_Words Rev. Tom “Christianity is not for the weak; the day you gave your life to Christ, you signed up as a soldier, to serve Him… the reason God is blessing you is so that you can be His ambassador wherever you are. Every seed that you have ever sown, the harvest will come and there is no holding back. Favor is in your heritage; it's in your spiritual DNA....never should you forget this.” #vision400 #NCRegion

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Thank you dear Pastor for a Message that works everywhere & makes BLW citizens of every Nation. Chad has opened to us Sir & we will deliver.

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Happy birthday Sis Zi Adenuga. Thank you for all you do for CE Largo and LMAM USA virtual zone 1. We love you and your family and your sacrifice of love. Have a wonderful day.

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💥LOVEWORLD TALENT SEARCH IS HERE IN THE QUEEN CITY, CHARLOTTE, NC! 🎸🎺🎷🎙🎹 Charlotte, NC is hosting the greatest talent search yet to hit the city! The Queen City is sure to be impacted and will not remain the same! Praise The Lord! Remember to Follow, Like, Comment, & Share! #usavz2 #usaregion #loveworldtalentsearch

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Hearty congratulations to our highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan on a glorious outreach at the Night of Bliss Bayelsa. Thank you for shinning the light of Christ in dark places and bringing salvation, deliverance and healing to many.

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Christ Embassy Baltimore, USA Virtual Zone 1, hosted a ‘Prayer and Miracle Service’ that was a pool-of-Bethesda experience for brethren and invited guests, causing a transformation in their circumstances and securing a more glorious future for them. The esteemed Pastor of Christ Embassy Baltimore, Pastor Bunmi Sumby, reading from Matt 13:18-23, emphasized the role of meditation in taking possession of God’s rhema. As the message came to a close, Pastor Bunmi cast out sicknesses and infirmities with her word and declared God’s blessings upon the people. As she ministered, words of knowledge were released, addressing a case of a heart problem, breast condition and pain in the ankles. Attendees testified of a cessation of heart palpitations and relief from pain in the breast. Another testified of difficulty walking due to pain in his right ankle that was healed instantaneously, among several other miracles including the healing of a chronic pain in the arm. The city of Baltimore will never be the same again!

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Voice What You Believe Some Christians are agonized because their personal experiences don’t seem to be in sync with the realities and provisions of the Gospel, even though they “believe” the Word of God. That you believe the Word doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Believing isn’t enough. It’s like having faith and not using it; it’s not going to work; you must use your faith for it to produce result. Discover more in today's article.

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Maximum flourishing formula 🎯 repeat it Day by Day ❗ ROR -Prayer-PCDL-POYM-don't miss Church activities be consistent Tongues loud ⚡️

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BOWIE, MD STATE UNIVERSITY Celebrates Black History Month With The Book, "The Power Of Your Mind". CE Bowie Maryland USA took the word of God literally and launched out well armed with prophetic words to establish the Gospel on higher institution of learning. This month of February, our beloved Pastor Beatrice Benson got the permission to establish Believer's LoveWorld Fellowship inside the Bowie State University Campus. The Church was also granted the rare opportunity not usually granted to a church from a higher institution, to lecture the students on value-loaded moral and spiritual knowledge to transform their lives with our pilot book "The Power Of Your Mind" celebrating Black History Month. Pastor Benson took the opportunity to share with these students the importance of developing their minds with the right materials so they could create the right future for themselves and others, and at the end of the lecture every student received the book, "The Power Of Your Mind" at no cost. This meeting also had the professor in attendance, who forthwith also requested that "The Power Of Your Mind" be introduced into the University Library.....Glory To God! Students attending Bowie State University can now go into the school library and read or purchase copies of The Power Of Your Mind. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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I'm working according to Gods predestination for my life; I'm fulfilling His dream and bringing glory to His name. I increase everyday in my knowledge of the word of God, and my decisions and actions are influenced by His wisdom. My walk with the Holy Spirit is fruitful and I'm divinely helped of him as I function in Gods plan for my life!

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2017 MUST COMPLY! 8 Days of Meditation kicked off today in Churches across the Zone. During CE Church 1A's Service, brethren were energized in their spirits as they were taken through the '8 Days of Meditation' guide by the esteemed Pastor Taiwo Dara. She led the congregation in framing their aion, by praying fervently in tongues and meditating on the study materials for the day. Brethren were inspired as they listened once again to the 'Year of Flourishing' message and the Esteemed Pastor Taiwo Dara led the congregation in proclaiming affirmations of God's Word and penning 5 broad visions for the year. #CEWarriZone #YofLaunch #Yof8Dom #8daysofmeditation

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I see Him moving, Moving through the crowd, I see Him moving, Reaching out to you, Touching everyone, R-e-moving pain, I see the Lord, Standing where you are, A-a-aaaah, I see the Lord, Reaching out to you; Pastor Ose Oyakhilome & Evangelist Kathy Ministering - I See Him Moving. Happening Now on LoveWorldSAT: LoveWorld Music Worship Concert. Stay Connected To Our LoveWorldSAT SuperUser For Live Updates. Follow the LoveWorldSAT SuperUser by clicking "FOLLOW" on the top right of the app. Watch LoveWorldSAT anytime, anywhere ON THE GO, at or download the #LoveWorldSAT App Now on the Google Play, AppStore or Windows App Store.

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