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Happy birthday to St Faith, a daughter in the house.We celebrate you today king #CEMidrand #increasedgrace #spreading #CEZone1

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The devil has a glass jaw.. One punch from me sends him down. I refuse to be bullied by the devil.

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Give yourself wholly to the word. You will not have to announce your progress. It will be evident to others without them asking. #CESandton

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Congratulations Matiz Family .This is beautiful 😁🚐

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Zech. 1: 7-14 [MSG] "On the eleventh month November 2016, the message of God was given: All is well. Everything's under control." #Communion

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Pastor Benny says,"The more I knw u, the more I like you. Pastor Chris has d best team, ushers, choir & he's the best dressed man in Africa!

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A meal 🍜... A Dollar💵 Join the InnerCity Mission to provide Practical Solutions to the issue of Hunger by sponsoring meals to feed vulnerable children and poor families who need our help the most. Support the Global Initiative to #EndChildPovertyNOW by Clicking HERE   to take action NOW!  HUNGER ACTION WEEK CONTINUES!

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#myippc2016 IPPC is that time to receive 'sound words'....words so potent, filled with power and energy....filled with inspiration...... Watch the video for more and remember you must REGISTER TODAY for #ippc2016 Follow this SuperUser for updates

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updated her profile photo

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#MHIS Lagos we are here #HighlyExpectant #WednesdayService

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"The greater the trouble; the greater the glory that will be manifested!!" Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. DD RoR

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updated her profile photo

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Ready to Go Go #RORMissions SAZone1 CESandton

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#MHIS_Update: Pastor Chris: "Your presence here is based on God's prophetic utterance. You have particularly been a blessing to me. In my quest to learn more about the Holy Spirit, one whom I adored so much, I got a hold of your book Good morning Holy Spirit. You changed my world. You made us see the Holy Spirit as a person, friend, lover, giver; one that was sent to be with us. And your book taught us more than what a thousand teachers could teach us. I want to thank you for touching my life. They said I was too much like Benny Hinn, because how could the results be so alike? If they insist that Pastor Chris was of the devil, they'd have a problem. You were like a covering…Thank you for coming! Everyone join me to welcome Pastor Benny!'' Pastor Benny: "We meet for the first time....and I say to you, you and I will shake this world. Very few men are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit....He's become unknown and unwanted, but we want Him, Pastor Chris wants Him… Pastor Chris will be my friend forever. The Lord says this will be a new beginning for me." Precious dialogue between the Men of God in tonight’s meeting. It is ongoing and our expectations soar. More updates to come shortly. Stay tuned. For Attendees: REGISTRATION is CLOSED. If you are fully registered, your KingsChat QR Code should have changed from black to another color. If it hasn't then YOU MUST follow these simple steps to confirm your KingsChat number. Step 1: From your KingsChat timeline, click the chat tab - this is the first tab on the upper-left corner of your screen. [Figure2] Step 2: In your Chat timeline [Figure3], look for a message from the KingsChat User "MHIS Registration" - this user has the KingsChat logo as its Profile Picture. Step 3: Click on the MHIS Registration user to reveal all the messages, locate the one titled Link for Registration Confirmation. [Figure3] Step 4: Click the link - the text is blue as different from the other text in black and it contains https://pastorchrislive [Figure 4] NOTE: this link is unique to YOU and cannot be transferred. Step 5: Clicking the link will display a message asking you to confirm the last 4-digits of your valid KingsChat number [Figure5]. Click YES/NO Step 6: Once duly validated, you will receive further chats from the MHIS Registration KingsChat User and your QR code will change from black to another color. ________________ Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Pastor Benny Speaks Prophetically of Pastor Chris’ Ministry "God is about to shake the world with him," Pastor Benny says concerning the BLW President. Following the BLW President's inspiring introduction of the healing minister and evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to be in such an atmosphere with ministers of the gospel. “The Holy Spirit has become, in some places, not only unknown but unwanted,” Pastor Benny said, acknowledging the fervent hunger for the ministry of the Spirit which set this particular congregation apart. He also appreciated the unique teaching ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, saying “very few men today are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit.” Source: #CEWARRIZONE #DOBWARRIZONE

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Pastor Benny Shares Three Products of the Anointing in the Believer "Hunger to know the Lord is the greatest sign of spiritual life," Pastor Benny Hinn teaches. Teaching the delegation of Pastors at the LoveWorld Conference Center, Pastor Benny Hinn discussed three products of the Holy Spirit's presence in the life of a Christian — hunger, faith and love. “Hunger is the sign of life; the first thing people lose when they are sick is their appetite," Pastor Benny revealed, as he explained that the Holy Spirit's presence causes us to come alive to God. He further explained that the love aspect of these products is "that you know God is listening, you know the Bible is His Word, you know you are His." Of the third component, he said "love means you want to spend time with the Lord!" Be blessed as you watch this deeply insightful teaching excerpt from Pastor Benny's special meeting with Pastors. Source: #CEWARRIZONE #DOBWARRIZONE

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RoR on Fire!!! 🔥🔥 Learn to Love! Pastor Rocks! Love you Pastor Sir! 💓

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I am a digital activist! #ZMCC

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Matt.19:26 “With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible” MUSIC VIDEO #MHIS

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