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ICLC 2016: THIS LATTER HOUSE I will fill this house with glory. I will fill this house with abundance, magnificence, beauty, splendor, excellence. Stay tuned to this Superuser Account: South East Virtual Zone 1, for more exclusive updates! #ICLC2016 #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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A WORD OF THE SPIRIT The Spirit of God is in our midst and He is in us, working his perfections in us, working his grace in us. #ICLC2016 #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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ICLC 2016 LIVE With hearts and hands lifted in worship, delegates are lost in worship, enraptured in God's presence as Pastor Chris leads them to minister to the Lord in a song of the Spirit..... Son of Jesus I am You have made me For now I am a new creation Son of David Son of Abraham You have made me Precious Jesus Just like you son of God You have made me Blessed Lord Master Deliverer To you we raise our flags of praise You are master Blessed Jesus I worship you So I am blessed Hallelujah #ICLC2016 #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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ICLC 2016 : WHAT IS THE ANOINTING? The anointing is the effect of the workings of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, it is also the impact or the impartation of the Holy Spirit's power. #ICLC2016 #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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ICLC 2016 - OPENING SESSION The atmosphere is turbo charged as the man of God, Rev, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome leads thousands of delegates in a song of the Spirit.... I can tell, I can tell I am lifted high I can tell, I can tell I am lifted high I can tell.... I'm lifted high I can tell, I can tell I am so blessed I can tell, I can tell I am so blessed I can tell.... I'm so blessed I can tell, I can tell I am born again I can tell, I can tell I am born again I can tell...... I'm born again #ICLC2016 #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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Sudden rise by the Holy Ghost that dwelleth in me #monthofincreasedwealth 💫👑💲💱💰💵💰

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#MonthOfIncreasedWealth - A Sudden Rise - Supernatural Supply - Great Substance Glory! !!!

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#genesis12:17 #genesis15:14 #genesis13:1 #ouryearofspreading #monthofincreasedwealth #cesouthsudan #eavz3 #cejuba2

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE JULY GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE Genesis 12: 17, Genesis 13:1, Genesis 15: 14 There's a lot of restoration God has done, and it continues. But right out of restoration, you are coming out with great substance! I see you with increased wealth, by the power of the Holy Ghost; that's what's going to happen to you, It's supernatural! It's your month of Increased Wealth! It's a special month; a sudden rise by the Holy Ghost that dwelleth in us, Blessed be God! Halleluyah! #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK “And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold.” Genesis 13:2 As a Christian, you were born into limitless wealth; you have an inexhaustible inheritance of riches in Christ (Acts 20:32). You have been translated into Christ’s realm of wealth, and the Holy Spirit has been given to you to help you appropriate this wealth. #IncreasedWealth #YearOfSpreading #2016 _________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW International Office UK SuperUser account on KingsChat.

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BIRTHDAY GREETINGS Happy Birthday Brother Godwin Ugo! Happy Birthday Sister Ekanem Victor! Happy Birthday Brother Lawrence Orok! Happy Birthday Sister Bose Ana! Happy Birthday Brother Kenji Blessed! You are bringing forth fruits of righteousness in ever increasing measure, to the glory of God! We love and appreciate you greatly! #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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IT'S THANKSGIVING COUNT UP TO MID YEAR THANKSGIVING What's on your mind. What and How do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this Sunday? CULTIVATING A HEART OF GRATITUDE IN TODAY'S WORLD Hello Dear It's that time of the year again when we gather for the mid year Thanksgiving. I want to share some thoughts,a product of my meditations concerning this season. You know Thanksgiving is God's will for us always. I found out that people whose hearts are full of gratitude are truly beautiful. It begins with an expression in our everyday relationships. Two words that matter..... "THANK YOU" Learning to say thank you for the seemingly little things,opens up a new world of freedom for us. Hey, that taxi cab driver dropped you off, you paid for his services,but then say THANK YOU, Someone runs and errand for you and returns, say THANK YOU. Even you little son you sent to get your phone from your where you left it in the house, say THANK YOU. Your driver is paid to drive you, yes, but say THANK YOU when you arrive your destination. People generally want to be there again for you when they sense an atmosphere of gratitude the first time. When I first met my beloved wife, Pastor Tokunbo, I often wondered why a young lady would say thank you for practically for everything, ever so grateful for everything. I learnt from it as well and it's been a journey since then. I found out also that THANKSGIVING is the way to RESTORATION, meditating on Thanksgiving and the message for the Month of June, I could easily relate with this after looking at the attitude of gratitude displayed by one out of the ten lepers healed by Jesus. Remember nine received healing. They got just enough. But enough is not enough. There is something called MORE THAN ENOUGH, the healing they got was just enough, but the only one who came back to show gratitude got something extra...RESTORATION. That was the more than enough. He got what others got, but THANKSGIVING brought him something extra... RESTORATION. MY FINAL WORD As you celebrate the Lord and celebrate his word in Thanksgiving this Sunday, make your seed count. And as we enter the second half of the year, many of you will receive the abilities of 6 years in 6 months, JULY - DEC. There will be so much speed in your steps,and your spreading will be unprecedented. But make your seed count, make your seed count. Don't just wake up on Sunday Morning and put together the change you have left in your house from Saturday, no,no,no,no! Plan for it, work towards it, release your faith now and receive whatever you have made up your mind to give. It is a 6 year walk, in 6 months!!! .... selah! #TLB #ssvzone5 #TLB #cebayelsa

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REMINDER: PRAYER AT 9:30PM SPREADING 247 PRAYER POINT JUNE 22 Ps 23:1-2 'The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.' Thank God for our month of prayer and restoration. Declare that we receive answers as we pray, we are restored and we are led in the path of righteousness for His name sake. Declare that every member of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone5 is self sufficient, working the Word, working in victory, producing lasting results and we are dwell in safety in Jesus name.

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You the God without the beginning the end ( the book of Mathew 10-32-33)

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Am anointed to do great things, blessed to cross all boarders. #spreadingwithoutlimit #cesouthsudan #eavz3 #cejuba2

The most amazing thing in life is giving your life to Christ." YOUR LIFE GIVEN TO CHRIST". #cesouthsudan #eavz3 #cejuba2 I AM BORN AGAIN!

Am gonna preach da gospel like Neva be4,surely the best thing in life is free."The Gospel of our lord Jesus" #cesouthsudan #eavz3 #cejuba2

Whatever you ask of the father in my name........ Thank god I was in church today. #cesouthsudan #eavz3 #cejuba2

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