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Contact us on ur data

#midyearthanksgiving #cezone5 #ceAjiwe

C E Owerri Teens Pastors and leaders All-night meeting was da bomb!! New level for us. #sevz1 #Ceowerri #lwteensministry

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Happy Supernatural Birthday Sir

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Dear scammer that goes with different names if u have succeeded in scamming some of us in time past u will not succeed again leave dis platform dis is d year of light....beware MOG's dis is a scam ...

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Different account same number .....scam scam scam

Pls see d editing in their post from GOD IS ABLE now Crptocurrency trading ...sharing same number ...from sosam to Earn money online ...donot b deceive dey r scammer scammer scammer.. See below

Bro and sister tell him to give u his company Rc address and his person picture so u knw him ...ask him question...he is a scam ..knw dis he is a scam ...

Dont let any one fool u ... It a scam ... Scam .. Look below .. ... Same fone numbers different persons .. Beware scam ..

He is a scam and nothing good comes out from him .. He/she is only here to scam otherwise he shud provide d following .. His company RC... Company address ... And many more

They scam.. Beware .. Be very care he /she is a scam

I'm a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy, sanctified, treasure unto God. I've been granted the gifts of righteousness, and ordained to be holy, unblamable and irreproveable in his, in Jesus name amen #ROR #PSZ #LAM #cemaiduguri #NNWVZ2

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We are unstoppable

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See i told you guys i was scam not only me but more people here too not bcos of any tin but becos we saw dem here in king chat ... So i said to myself dey wil proceed no further ... In every of their post i counter it wit scam .. Scam

Some people chatted me and ask how do u knw it is a scam ... Listen i invested my money $200 dollar i believed cos i saw it here in kingschat i tot it was genuine we chat he said in 7 day my investmnt will come in 7 day he blocked me in watsapp then i realize i was scam...

I told of the phone number and multiple account dey have. see below ... So u knw dey r out of idea and dey r scammers .. Same number different people scammer .. Scam scam.. Scam

First we dont address ourselves as brethren we use ...... In LW u shud knw what we use ..... Dis scammer keep addressing us as brethren we use what in LW.... Scam scam scam Correct dis brethren tin.. Look below

When r u scammed ... 1 is wen u r desperate and tink dia is no solution 2 wen u want a fast money.. Thniking fast investment fast money 3 . bcos it sumtin new .. Most people dont knw abt bitcoin and cryptocurrency dey think is dat easy as d scammer make it to be. Below is scam

SPREAD THE WORD! Watch Pastor Chris Teaching Tonight on Silverbird Television DSTV Channel 252. Let your light so shine, give someone the opportunity to receive that one Word from God that will change their life forever tonight. #celz5

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