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Happy wedding anniversary to deaconess Sibongile and brother Mso Jaricha. May the good Lord keep on blessing your union. I love you ❤❤

Maybe you desire a change in your finances, business, health, academics, family or ministry; no matter the situation is, you can create that change. Just like your heavenly Father, you can utter words and have your desires created. #rhapsodyofrealities

It's impossible for anyone whose life is regulated and propelled by the Word to fail or be disadvantaged in life. The Word programmes you to be an absolute success. #rhapsodyofrealities

If you'd pay attention to what's written in the Scriptures about the last days, and relate it to current happenings in the world, you'll surely realize that the Lord is getting ready, preparing the Church for His coming. #rhapsodyofrealities

Attaining to this level of spiritual maturity is simply by giving yourself to the scriptures in study and meditation, knowing God's Word and living by it everyday. #rhapsodyofrealities

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. We celebrate you today for another year added into your life. #cebenoni #cesouth #cesazone2

Even though something is written in the Scriptures, you may not be able to live by it if you don't know it or if you don't personalise it, being addressed to you. #rhapsodyofrealities

Become fully persuaded by the Word of God. Dont wait for any physical manifestation before you take what God says is yours. Accept His word and live accordingly. #rhapsodyofrealities

Are the words of Christ at home in you? Or do you set them aside? When His words are at home in you, its blessings all the way; victories only; success unlimited. #rhapsodyofrealities

Dear Esteemed Pastor Archie The Pastoral and Deaconry Nominees Training Program (PDNTP) Faculty wishes You A Very Happy Birthday Thank you for being a Great Team Member Courtesy: Pastor Siji Dara Pastor Marcel Obode Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu #PDNTP

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The wall of Jerico weren't ordinary walls. However, when the Israelites shouted according to the Lord's instruction, the wall came crumbling down. Keep shouting the Word until the situation you're dealing with crumbles before you. #rhapsodyofrealities

Faith is a principle by which we live in the kingdom of God. And the faith we've been given is the God-kind of faith. You can apply it as God did throughout the Scriptures and be guaranteed the same results. #rhapsodyofrealities

God proved His love for you with the price He paid: the life of Jesus. Let it be your ultimate passion, joy, love and pride to give of your finances , time and energy for the spread of the Gospel. #rhapsodyofrealities

This is why you must know the Word- through the knowledge of the Word, you're enlightened as to your identity and heritage in Christ. #rhapsodyofrealities

Jesus opened for us a new and living way to the Father; He took off the vail to the Father's presence and ushered us in. You live in His presence. #rhapsodyofrealities

Christ has sanctified you, and continues to sanctify everything you do. Just as you're required to activate wisdom by speaking wisdom, you're also required to speak sanctification- words that cleanse and purify. #rhapsodyofrealities

How ready are you for His return? If you're still wondering when, and how soon He is coming back, I can tell you this: It's a lot sooner than many realize. #rhapsodyofrealities

We're in the final momemts of the last days, and it's important that you're focused on the Lord, serving Him heartly. Nothing whatsoever should be viable enough to take your attention away from the Lord and His Kingdom. #rhapsodyofrealities

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Global day of prayer 💃💃💃🙏🙏🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️💃 #gdop  #GlobalDayOfPrayer  #gdopwithPastorChris  #POse  #iamapriestinoffice  #Ispreadprayer  #Iamaprayerinfluencer  #prayingnow  #pclprayathon  #pclprayathon2021  #SaRegion  #SAZONE2  #SouthGroup  #CeSouth  #CEBenoni

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