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2ND QUARTER GRADUATION Esteemed Pastor Wueseter and Pastor Olohi Tor, thank you so much for leading us to our many victories, provoking us unto good works. Kinging has been effortless with you as our guide. We love you dearly! #cejalingo #taraba #nnez1 #nnr #preparation #6billion

CE JALINGO 2ND QUARTER FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION "Can destinies be changed?" One of the students once asked, and the reply?, 'Of course!...' These ones have been set on a path that they must follow. Glory to God! #cejalingo #taraba #nnez1 #nnr #preparation #6billion

It was a rendezvous for testimonies during our 2nd quarter Foundation School Graduation in Christ Embassy Jalingo. #cejalingo #taraba #nnez1 #nnr #preparation #6billion

July week 4 Baptism #cejalingo #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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July final Baptism #cejalingo #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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July final Baptism #cejalingo #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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July final Baptism #cejalingo #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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Baptismal preparatory class #cejalingo #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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Happy birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, Thank you for all your Graceful and Phenomenal examples with the Gospel in our Nation. I love and appreciate you much @peeay #cejalingo

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Joy unspeakable, full of glory #cejalingo #cetaraba #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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Happening now Second quarter Foundation school graduation #cejalingo #taraba #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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Happening now #cejalingo #cetaraba #nez1 #nnr #6billion

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LOVEWORLD MENA IS REBRANDING!!! Something historic is coming! Follow the buzz!! Witness first hand as the number one vehicle of salvation to the Middle East & North Africa gets a divine rebranding. Can you guess its new name? Watch out for D big reveal tomorrow! #TheUnveiling

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WHAT IS IN A NAME? A name, or identity, is a powerful thing. It is a descriptor by which people make quick judgments and assumptions about people, places or things. What are some of the significant names you know? Watch this space for a new and significant name. #TheUnveiling

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Celebrating an Amazing & Inspiring Personality on her Golden Jubilee Birthday, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Temisan! A Global Partner, A Goal getter,A Radical & Passionate Soul Winner, A dynamic Minister of the gospel. An ardent & loyal follower of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. A great helper of the war in the Southwest Region & the Loveworld Nation. Thank you for your exploits in Ministry. We celebrate your beautiful and impactful life of many special graces. Happy 50th Birthday! We love you so dearly. #ceabeokuta #swz3 #swreg

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ONYE EZE, My dear brother and friend! Celebrating Grace in you. All these years, Growing together... Dreaming together... Laughing together... Family forever.. B4L- Brothers for Life.. Friends are like shoes that help you walk through life and you’ve been my perfect size for countless years. Always there- constant like the Northern star! Keep displaying the many sided wisdom of God and unpacking the goodies of His Grace in you, for Grace is a woman and she likes you!🙂 MORE GRACE this new Year and onwards till our gathering together unto Him! I love you Man of God, always. Happy birthday Onye Eze! Always, Bestman.

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The Haven Nation Celebrates Our Esteemed Pst Amaechi Udeaku On The Occasion Of His Birthday. Congratulations!! We love you dearly Sir. From all of us in The Haven Nation. #TheHavenNation

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Happy birthday to a wonderful minister of the gospel full of grace and exploits for the kingdom . It's upward and forward for you always . We love you

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🏆CELEBRATING PERFECTION AND EXCELLENCE🎉🎁 Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku! Thank you for lighting up the nations with the light of God’s Word. The Lord has enabled you with more grace to achieve glorious feats in every area of your life. We love and appreciate you dearly Sir. #TheTruthProtagonists #TheMonthofJoy #LoveworldUK #SpreadingLoveChangingtheWorld #kingschatrecommends Watch Loveworld UK on: 1. LIVETV Mobile App 2. 3. Loveworld UK 3.0 Mobile App To Partner/Contact us Call: +442075115830 Email:;

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Still celebrating you sir. Thank you for being a great blessing and for your exemplary leadership. Love you sir. God bless you sir.

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