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One more day 🤩

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UK Zone 3 Rhapathon begins tomorrow. Hurray! register at www.ceukzone3.org to watch. #dspukzone3.org

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This #WorldEvangelismConference is going to be amazing, with where God has taken me between the first announcement and now it’s exciting! I can only imagine what it will be like after 🥳🥳🥳🙌🏾🙌🏾 #WEC2019 #FirstEver!!

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#wec2019 #dspukzone3

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#CEUKZone3 #TheGospel Awesome today at Croydon University Hospital Reception , breaking out , acting the the Word , winning Souls is our daily Lifestyle. Gov Ophelia leading Brother Pach as he is transported to the Kingdom of His dear Son. He receives Eternal Life. Glorrrry!

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It's another weekend... create, invent, use every opportunity to win one more Soul for Jesus! #Soulseverywhere #Winonemore #CGI

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PRAYER GUIDE 13 DAYS TO THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE TODAY’S PRAYER POINTS "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." Habakkuk 2:14 (KJV) We are thanking the Lord for the impact the World Evangelism Conference will have in the nations of the world. Declare that the publicity for the World Evangelism Conference is effective and spreading around the world. #ism #PastorChris #WEC2019

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16 days to go!!! Have you Registered? Registration means you have recieved your tickets. #wec2019 #dspukzone3

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Special Sunday Service with thw Esteemed Director of CGI, Pastor Lanre Alabi. Part 3... 7. The honour of publishing the good news is reserved for us. The UN councils or angels cannot do this. Soul winning is going to be our lifestyle; our daily life. Men can give you a job, but only God gives you a ministry. There is no retirement from our work of the Ministry. Only God knows what will happen after the programme but you are going to be right in the midst of it (Psalm 68:11) In our day, the promises will come to pass. Use your faith to deliver/inherit/make manifest the promises and prophecies spoken of in the past concerning the harvest of souls. 8. There is a purpose for this programme. You must know and key in to God's timing for you. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed in Ephesus, can the same be said of London? The Lord will give us the ability and doors will be opened unto us and we will recognise it. "God has selected you for the opportunites, he said,  don't unselect yourself". God is not interested in those who have selfish ambitions. Pastor Lanre declared that after this programme, there will be a replacement. Men will be unseated so that others can be seated for the sake of the Gospel. He said to prepare for the harvest coming and start making ourselves more available for the work because God needs us. He declared that every single person participating in this service has the ability to move several levels higher because this is a congregation of the mighty! Get ready for the unthinkable - promotion by the Spirit - by this time next year we would have wrought great exploits! "Everyone of us a leader, raising disciples".  #wec2019 #dspukzone3

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Special Sunday Service with the Esteemed Director of CGI International, Pastor Lanre Alabi Part 2... 3. Thank God lavishly that this programme is coming to the UK as an election of His grace. Our man of God has been speaking of this programme for a few years now as the Lord led him to, and now is the fullness of time. 4. Participate in prayer; pray for the land, pray for the people, for the hearts of men to be ready  to receive the message. Understand that in the work of evangelism, there is an adversary. If you have never cried during intercession, this is the time.   WEC will come with a new grace for evangelism and people are going to be eager and desirous for the word of God. Take every opportunity of prayer seriously and create the spiritual atmosphere necessary for global evangelism. This programme will usher a new dispensation for the world. Those who make themselves the enemies of the cross will be asking, "What must I do to receive salvation?" 5. Participate with your resources using every opportunity God gives to you for the preparation and success  of the programme. We have 20 days to go; let everyday before the programme count. Not only are we hosts and hostesses for the programme, we are also Pastor's children and should participate in the right way. Conduct yourself wisely and exude excellence in such a way that you will become a testimony to others. Our participation and commitment to this conference goes up 1000 times greater and so is our desire for God. #wec2019 #dspukzone3

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Special Sunday Service with the Esteemed Director of CGI, Pastor Lanre Alabi. Sunday 21st July was a historic and very special day for UK Zone 3 as the Director of Church Growth International, esteemed  Pastor Lanre Alabi,  visited us in preparation for the World Evangelism Conference (WEC).  The hearts of everyone present in the Zonal church and 43 churches connected online was ready to receive the fullness of the blessings brought to us. In his opening remark, esteemed Pastor Lanre declared that whenever grace meets with readiness, miracles take place. As part of his message, he gave us eight things to consider in preparing for the global conference, for which the Lord has given us a special role as hosts and hostesses.  1. Our Attitude towards the programme: Your personal preparation for this programme is important. WEC will change the world; it must not leave you unchanged. Magnify this programme and prepare with hunger, determination. Don't let anyone regret that it came to the UK.  2. This programme will have historical consequences, therefore do what you have not done before. Announce it everywhere. Influence the influencers. The programme will change lives because the man of God is coming with graces to distribute and these gifts will become a part of us. The upgrade that many need to change levels in their lives can only happen by the Spirit.  #wec2019 #dspukzone3

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to the Esteemed Pastor Korede and Dcns. Bimpe Peters. We celebrate you because we see the glory of God in your life and family and we rejoice because we know a 1000 times greater blessing has been poured out on your behalf. We love you dearly. #celz1rocks.

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Thank you Lord for the special gift of my esteemed Zonal Pastor ♥️ #pastorobithechamp #poc707 #dspukzone3 #thanksgiving

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Celebrating our special gift today PastorObiTheChamp

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Happy birthday to the best zonal pastor in the world, my father, my teacher, my pastor, my mentor: thank you pastor for all your love, inspiration, guidance and exceptional leadership I love you dearly sir And from every member of CE Brighton #pastorobithechamp #ceukzone3

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