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Happy bday mumi.i celebrate you everyday cuz ur finger prints are evident in my life.but today is special.you are love in its entirety.you have an atmosphere dat is communicable(2 main wc are love and giving) and im glad to have contacted it.happy birthday mumi.i love you dearly

SWEEPING THROUGH AFRICA; A4A Debuts in Buea, Cameroon!!! The prestigious University of Buea was the converging place for young Africans from various tertiary institutions as the A4A Youth Initiative launched in Cameroon. The special occasion mirrored a fine blend of fun activities, presentations, and very inspiring discourses. Special guests and dignitaries were present, including the Cameroonian Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth who inspired the young people to become participators in transforming Africa. The event climaxed in a special online session with the A4A Director - Pastor Chike Ume, who expounded on the movement’s core idea & vision as well as projects and initiatives. A4AYouths in Cameroon are ready to roll! The Movement Continues... Stay Glued... www.africaforafrica.org #Africa4Africa #A4AYouths

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Spoken word by Sis Nahjella.wow thank you for the words about africa and about our exceptionalism." its not not about posting#im beautiful, its about# africaforafrica,lets take the vision and run in for the mission.impossible is a dare# #lwcameroongroup2 #africaforafrica

I was there for the grand unveiling of the AFRICA FOR AFRICA YOUTH INITIATIVE.A very big thank you to our man of God Rev Dr Chris and to our esteem CMD Pst Chike for granting us the oppotunity to launch africa for africa #lwcameroongroup2 #campusministryrocks #africaforafrica

Happening now.a talk show on the role of the young in africa today

THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING THE CAMPUS PASTORS & LEADERS FIRE CONFERENCE 2019 Esteemed Pastor Sally Joso, and our dear Partners in BLW Cameroon Group 2, thank you for partnering with the BLW Campus Ministry, by sponsoring the CAMPUS PASTORS & LEADERS FIRE CONFERENCE 2019! We love and appreciate you dearly! For more information on how to partner, kindly send us an email @ cmpartnership@loveworld360.com; OR Call +2348146954026. #fireinyourbones #Fireincampusministry #Cplfc2019 #Blwcampusministryrocks #CMDisFire!

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It was indeed a great day celebrating our man of God Rev Dr Chris in our nation Cameroon #LWDayofService2018 #serviceinprogressBuea-Cameroon #LWcampusministrycameroongroup2 #LWuniversityofBuea

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#LWDayofService2018 #LWserviceinprogressBambiliCameroon

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It was an awesome time rendering services to our city Police station and School BHS Molyko Buea in celebration of our man of God Pastor Chris Thank You Pastor Sir for impacting us with Your personality We love you deeply sir. #LWDayofService2018 #LWcampusministrycameroongroup2

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LW Campus fellowship university of Buea visited the Ministry of Public Health and it was an awesome time cleaning the environment #LWDayofSeevice2018 #SeriviceinprogressBueaCameroon #LWCampusministrycameroongroup2 #LWUniversityofbuea

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Happy birthday pastor sir.Thank you sir for being a blessing to me,being my father,mentor,teacher,pastor,role model.Thank you sir for all you do for the gospel.I celebrate your exceptionalism sir.Thank you for making me who i am in Christ.I Love you sir #LWcampusmincameroongrp2

An encounter with our man of God Rev Dr Chris was an encounter of a life time glorry.it was a date w d supernatural,d miraculous where d anointing was so tangible w lotssss of revelation from scriptures read n studied b4 yet unveiled in difft dimensions.thnk u sir 4 d opportunity

Thank you pastor sir for the rhapsody.this Angel of good tidings has been a blessing to me and watching how much impact it has created in the lives of many brings so much joy yo me heart abd inspires me to keep giving.glorrry.#Rhapathon #Cameroon

A very big congratulation to you pastor Ma.We know blwcameroongroup2 will never remain dsame again.we're taking over with giant stripes and we say "Yes ma" whithersover thou sendest in every territory.#aspire2inspire #icplc2018 #blwcampusministryrocks #blwcameroongroup2 #blwbuea

when you receive Jesus your search and hunger is over. #icplcwithpastorchris #campusmistryrocks #blwcsmeroongroup2

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ICPLC Day one was out of this world. God's word works in real time #icplcwithpastorchris #campusmistryrocks #blwcameroongroup2 #blwuniversityofbuea

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#icplcwithpastorchris #blwcameroongroup2 #blwuniversityofbuea

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