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Congratulations Pastor Sir for the thousands of souls won in the Gulu crusade. Jesus visited Gulu and Gulu will never be the same again.

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The Best of Jesus was in the city of Gulu, Northern Uganda yesterday, see what happened @#TEG, congratulations sir.

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Winning for Jesus is our lifestyle. Congratulations Sir you nailed it. Gulu town has moved no more wars, pain, sorrow.You left a mark there!

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Congrats Pst Louis on an epoch-making Crusade. Indeed TOTAL EXPERIENCE GULU has changed the land forever. Very inspiring.

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Precious Holy Spirit, thank you for directing my course in life. Dear Daddy, Pastor Chris, thank you for guiding me with the Word of God.

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Chevonne' #Personallyflourishing with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. And pastor said my baby is "So Sweet"

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Cell Ministry Day of Bliss prayer post for today, Thursday May 18.

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#financeconventionwithpastorchris #financeconvention2017 #pastorchrisontheisland #celz5

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I am walking daily in the purpose of Christ for my world. #meditation

#INSIGHT #MEDITATION GOD'S GOT A PLAN FOR EVERYBODY BUT HIS PLAN NEVER STARTS UNTIL YOU ARE BORN AGAIN- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Psalm 67:2 (TLB) Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind. #VerseInspire http://www.loveworldplus.tv

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Thy will be done on Earth, oh Lord Jesus! Nothing compares to You!

FINANCE CONVENTION WITH PASTOR CHRIS! Date: Sunday May 21st - Wednesday May 24th, 2017 Venue: LoveWorld Arena Lekki, off Oando Filling Station Junction by Chisco Bus stop, Lekki - Ajah Express Way. Time: 5.00pm daily #fincon2017 #celz5fincon #celz5 #celagoszone5

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#INSIGHT #WebTV INSIGHT WITH STEPHANIE OKEREKE LINUS Watch the FULL video via http://bit.ly/INS_SON A must watch episode of Insight with the renowned Nigerian Actress, Producer & Film Director, Stephanie Okereke Linus, get the firsthand information about her career journey so far & her love for Jesus... It's Insightful! #LoveworldPlusFlourishing

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My pastor my Father my Boss I love you sir you are too much happy happy birthday to you sir

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HOW BIG IS THE WEB? How big, really, is the Web? The growth of the Web has been exponential over the last decade with no sign of stopping. Hundreds of thousands of websites have emerged on every subject imaginable, with literally millions of web pages online.  Internet Live Stats, a site that measures Internet statistic estimates that every second, there are at least 7000 Tweets sent, 1140 Tumblr posts posted online, 733 photos posted on Instagram, 2207 Skype calls, 55,364 Google searches, 127, 354YouTube videos viewed, and over 2 million emails sent. Remember - that's the average in just one second on the Web. Extrapolate that out to an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year, and the number quickly reach towards an unbelievable state. 

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That moment when you want everyone to know that your parents have the same birthday! #Pastorsarchie&ngy #Ifeninezuluoke

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BREAKING NEWS - HAPPENING NOW!!!! Manifestations of Power and Love as Pastor Chris Ministers at the Second Healing Service Shouts of joy erupt from the crowd as the man of God, Pastor Chris, enters the auditorium. This is the time they have been waiting for; this is the hour of visitation! Ministering with the power of the Spirit, the man of God cast out devils, healing the sick of their infirmities in the name of Jesus! Sickness, disease and all forms of oppression are gone forever and these people will never be the same again. Hallelujah! All in attendance are in awe of God’s amazing grace, and they glorify the name of the Lord more than ever as they watch the Word come alive.  Those who had come in to the service sick and in pain have been completely changed and they marvel at the wonderful transformation that has happened in their lives. One by one, as they receive their healing, the students rush to the centre of  hall; demonstrating their healing, rejoicing and lifting their hands in thanksgiving to God. Be the answer to the cries of many through your sponsorship! Sponsor the Healing School Autumn Session TODAY! THE HEALING SCHOOL AUTUMN SESSION 2017 - GET INVOLVED!!! FOLLOW the Healing School Superuser on Kingschat for LIVE updates on the session, download the Healing School mobile app or visit www.enterthehealingschool.org for live updates. #healingtothenations #thankyoudearpartners #autumnsession2017 #summersession2017

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Happy Birthday Pst Ma, thank you for all you do for the sake of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ..

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Here Is How You Can Have A Great Day, Everyday! "A great day is a day that brings you closer toward the achievement of your greater goal." - Pastor Chris 1. Write out a basic plan for the day. Evaluate and prioritize the days activities in the order of their reward in benefits to you. 2. Concentrate on those activities that produce quality results, give them your best to get excellent results. 3. Give total attention to the task at hand, don't get distracted. 4. Be sensitive to the schedule of others, if you shift things it could change everything. 5. Remember to appreciate someone for something today. Make someone glad, it will relax your nerves and gladden your own spirit. 6. Give the Holy Spirit time of fellowship and consultations. 7. Make sure all your activities focus on the achievement of your greater goals. Share with us your testimony as a result of watching Pastor Chris Teaching by calling +2711 781 8340-4 or by commenting below. #LoveWorldSAT Connecting The World To The Word.

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2 Thoughts To Start Today On Significant Attainments: 1. Your attitude to failing will always determine your success. You must accept all challenges that come your way. You can't just accept only those you like. 2. It is a failure to be a success in things that don't really matter in life. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on FB; how many followers on Twitter and Instagram; how many likes, favourites, retweets, reshares and reposts you get on social media etc; If you have no self-control over your speaking, anger, sexual gratification, companionship etc, it's downhill ultimately. Pastor Chris says don't major on the minors and minor on the majors. #YearOfFlourishing #newYearMessage #pcdl

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