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Happy Birthday to my Dear Man of God,my Coach,PastorTeacher etcYou gave my life a Meaning.For that Im forever grateful.I love you dearly Sir

Glory to God..The first ever Rhapathon in Zimbabwe. What a glorious time we had. Hallelujah #cesazone5

Perfect Father's dy to my Mentor, LifecoachTeacher,I'm so grateful to God for making the Gospel so real to me.I love you Pst Chris so dearly

#pykFACE #Fruition #Alignment #Completion #Excellence #TNIzimbabwe

The Glory of God is covering the world as the waters cover the seas. We have moved #cesazone5

The Glory of God is all over the world just like the waters covering the seas.We have moved #cesazone5

Cesazone 5

#prayathon2020 #prayingnow

A blessed Happy Birthday to my one& only PastorTeacherLife coach,the list is endless.I now know who I`m because of you Sir.I love you dearly

Woooooooow what a glorious time I am having participating.The Word is covering world as the waters cover the sea through Rhapsody#ropc2019

I met the security guard of ur Electricity offices around 6pm.He was sick & I brought him health.He walked around praising God #Iminoffice

Glory to God,it's true people are ready to hear and receive the Gospel as my Pastor said yesterday.I won 3 souls this morning #Iaminoffice

Hallelujah I am God's First and the Best #monthofuplifting

Hallelujah Christ is in me the Hope of Glory #monthofuplifting

Always take time to listen to the Holy Ghost's leading and you will not miss your way #monthofuplifting

Trust in the Lord and not lean on your own understanding and acknowledging Him in all my ways so that He directs my paths #monthofuplifting

There is a depth in God that I cant experience until I get involved in His no. 1 job, uncompromisingly #monthofuplifting

I am conscious that when I pray in tongues, rivers of living water will be gushing out of my belly. Glory to God #monthofuplifting

My God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hallelujah #monthofuplifting

My joy is independent of circumstances. Glory to God because I know who I am. Hallelujah #monthofuplifting

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