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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR. YOU ARE A WONDER & I LOVE YOU! I hereby throw a dance challenge to: Rev Ken, Pst TT, Pst Ambrose, Pst Kay Adesina, Pst Tom Obiazi, Pst Kay Akinwolemiwa, Pst Linda #offer7celebration #December7dancechallenge #PHMC

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#YOURLOVEWORLD December 9-11 on all Loveworld Networks! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Richboy in the building #Nextified #LoveworldNext #CEUYO

#Nextified #Loveworldnext #CEUYO #Rozey

#Nextified #Loveworldnext #CeUyo

ROPC 2019: SEND YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS TODAY THROUGH THE RHAPSODY APP Expect answers to your prayer requests during the global Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference. Send your requests through the Rhapsody App today. Register and participate through the Rhapsody app: bit.ly/downloadrhapsodyapp OR on any of these links: ✍ prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org ✍ reoninternational.org Save the Date: 29-30 November Don't be told! #ropc2019 #ropcglobal #rhapsody www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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#LIMAANEWS, McPhenom from the newly formed band at the LIMA Awards 2019 was seen performing the new rap song "Provoked", that is said to debut in the year 20tomorrow... McTrinity is said to be the name of the Band to watch out for at the next #LIMAA which consists of McPhenom, McTongues and McFree. Tune in for more on your favourite Duper Superuser! #hotterthanfire #LIMA2019 #LIMA2019withPastorChris #yourlaughworld

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Haba! See what money can do... Lol!!! Credit : @WilliamUchemba #FunnyCrib #Just4Laughs

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Haba! See what money can do... Lol!!! Credit : @WilliamUchemba #FunnyCrib #Just4Laughs

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Are you a Computer Programmer or a Software Developer or interested in becoming any of these? Now, you can Learn & Earn with KingsPort. KingsPort Consultancy is accepting interns in Computer Programming, with manifold benefits to: 1. Get paid while gaining work experience, 2. Work with intelligent colleagues [on exciting projects], 3. Get on-the-job training and coaching ... and lots more! Get started right away! Apply now by clicking on the link below: https://bit.ly/kingsportnow Powered by KingsPort

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PEAYER GUIDE FOR RON 2019 September 13th Proverbs 21:3 says, β€œTo do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.” β€’ Pray for righteousness and truth to prevail in the judicial system of our nation. β€’ Declare that the judges will administer the law under the fear of God and refrain from perverting justice. β€’ Pray against corruption in the Judiciary, and proclaim that all who subvert the course of justice for personal gains will not prosper, but will face the speedy judgement of the Lord, the Judge of all the earth. #cephzone1 #ron2019

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Still on d matter! Happy birthday sir! #peeay731 #phenomcaptain #CEPHZONE1

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Happy birthday Sir. You're a full dose of inspiration. I love you Sir @peeayforever

A Nation without a vision;Education without a destination Pastor Chris Dsc Dd Explains nationhood. #Africaforafricayouthinitiative #prayathon #prayathon2019 #prayingnow #pclprayathon2019

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THE WORLD LISTENS TO PASTOR CHRIS GENERATION Engr Ayomikun Femi-Obalemo, daughter of Pastor Femi Obalemo - Group Pastor Lokogoma Group Abuja Ministry Centre, delivered her speech during the convocation ceremony at Greenwich University London before a large ensemble made up of The Chancellor, Erudites, Professors, Scholars, and Students. With flawless brilliance and boldness of the Spirit, Engr. Ayomikun shared nuggets from THE POWER OF YOUR MIND filling the entire hall with powerful words from our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Truly, an inspiring delivery.πŸ‘Œ

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It is 25 days to the highly - anticipated 2019 Healing School Summer Session! Thank you to The Healing School Summer Session Premium Sponsors! Are you involved? Join us to birth a glorious season of divine healing and health. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Pray with us @ the Healing School Online Prayer Conference by registering here: www.enterthehealingschool.org/prayerconference πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Give towards the session @ www.ethsch.orh/D8 πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Invite the sick to attend @ https://ethsch.org/SD God bless you #summersession2019 #hspc

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Get ready for the fun! . Predict the scoreline between @ng_supereagles and @southafrica. . . #PointekOnline #shoppointek #phonesandmore #predictandwin

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So has he succeeded in helping her or punishing her? Lol!!! #FunnyCrib

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Growing up my Dad always gave his children offerings each Sunday as we prepare to go to church but Fridays were super special and I looked forward to Fridays because my Dad will pick us from school himself instead of the driver alone and he will either take us to Leventis or Kingsway (if your were born in the 70s you should understand my excitement). During these visits to the mall, we would engage in β€œpoint and kill” lol that means we took things off the shelf or told him what we wanted and he got them. Later in life I couldn’t help but notice how differently money was treated in these varying environments, we were handed coins for offerings in church and Dad spent hundreds in the mall for each child... selah Through the word I decided to raise my son differently. Money is for the worship of God and for love . I’m teaching and this young man is both listening and watching! #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #kingdomconsciousness #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #lightupindonesia

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