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🎉🇺🇸 “Totally Lit” 2019’s Teen Camp was a life transforming experience for our teenagers . For 4 days , delegates from 11 churches were impacted through powerful ministrations from our Regional Pastor and our group Pastors , Insightful inspiring Workshops from multiple speakers that engaged , captivated and challenged them to shine even brighter in this year of Lights. The delegates also enjoyed a variety of fun and daring activities in an atmosphere filled with tangible love, joy and excitement. They left the camp excited and ready to go out to lead , influence and transform their world .#TotallyLit2019 #USAVZ1Teens #USAREGION1

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The awesome Pastor Bunmi stopped by the #USAVZ1teens camp and shared very inspiring words, reminding us that we are light and ought to shine in everything we do and everywhere we go! #TotallyLIT2019

🎉🇺🇸STAY LIT: A special visit from the Regional Pastor & Highlights of the Annual Teens Camp for Maryland Group Youths. Every year, The Teen’s camp is a time of transformation- from workshops on technology, life skills, creativity, godly relationships, and communication to a week loaded with a word and worship bootcamp. Our generation next are ready to lead in the spirit and lead the world!💡 #USAVZ1 #USAREGION1

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“The world belongs to you because you are the temple of God “@ Pastor Aloy . Wow! Wow!Wow! Thank you Pastor for being a champion for our teenagers. The Word you have given today is bringing innumerable testimonies #TotallyLit2019 # USAVZ1Teens

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WHAT AN HONOR!! 🤩 Our highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy, blessed us at the #USAVZ1teens camp with a powerful Super Session on unleashing our potential! Thank you sir! We love you!!! #TotallyLIT2019

The amazing sis. NneAmaka brought more fun to the #USAVZ1teens camp by helping us express ourselves through dance, spoken word, acting, and singing! #TotallyLIT2019

The campus ministry team is back again for day 3 of the #USAVZ1teens camp, and they are teaching beautiful TRUTHS! Hallelujah! They spoke on using the Word to overcome frustration, pain, and discouragement! #TotallyLIT2019

Pastor Deji and the campus ministries team brought the HEAT at the #USAVZ1teens camp with a powerful, interactive Q&A session! #TotallyLIT2019

Pastor Sola set the #USAVZ1teens camp ABLAZE with his extraordinary words of wisdom on how to overcome fear and doubt!! 😁 Thank you sir! #TotallyLIT2019

POWERFUL!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 At the #USAVZ1teens camp, Sis Dijah is teaching us how to be original, innovative, and confident in ourselves and our Christianity! #totallyLIT2019

Wow, wow, wow!! 🤩Bro. Christian of CE Largo teaching the teens about Information Technology! This is so awesome! 🙌🏾 #USAVZ1teens #TotallyLIT2019

Teens camp selfie contest!!! Did I win?? #USAVZ1teens #TotallyLIT2019

“TOTALLY LIT” Teens Camp is starting today. I so excited for what the Holy Spirit has for these teenagers. Let’s go #usaregion1vz1

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Day 1 of the teens camp🙌🏿 #totallylit2019 #usavz1teens

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The campus ministries team is dropping some LIT knowledge at the #USAVZ1teens camp 🔥 🔥🔥. Praise God for them! #totallyLIT2019

Day 2 of the #USAVZ1teens camp is well underway and it is TOTALLY lit!! #totallylit2019

Day 2 of the #USAVZ1teens camp is well underway and it is TOTALLY lit!! #totallylit2019

Day 2 of the #USAVZ1teens camp is well under way and it is TOTALLY lit!! #totallylit2019

A Celebration Service! For the Lord sent us as laborers into his harvest, and the harvest has indeed been plentiful! 🎉❤️ With compassion for people in our world, we’ve set out in the last 50 days, winning souls, bringing solutions to people’s problems and answers to their questions! It’s time to celebrate our souls, to celebrate us, and to celebrate the lord! Join us for this wonderful day of celebration! It’ll be an atmosphere of miracles for sure. #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1

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💥 This weekend’s Teens’ Camp was amazing!!! Pastor Aloy’s Super Session on Saturday night was powerful. 💥 Teens gave their lives to Christ and spoke in tongues like never before! #USAVZ12018TeensCamp #sosupernatural

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