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Happy birthday Pastor Lisa maa. I love you plenty 😘❤. Thank you for always looking out for my family. Great is your reward. #GloryGraceExcellencePLL #PLL2803 #CEACCRAGHANAZONE

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HEALING STREAMS LIVE HEALING SERVICES WITH PASTOR CHRIS - DAY 2 🌏💯🇬🇭 Live participation from Healing Centres across the zone - Odorkor Otaten Healing Center - BSG Participate LIVE on www.healingstreams.tv or on the Healing School mobile app. Please send your healing testimonies to testimonies@healingstreams.tv God bless you. Stay tuned to this Superuser for more inspiring updates as the meeting unfolds. #LiveHealingServicesWithPastorChris #healingstreams #healingtothenations #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Happy birthday Our Highly Esteemed Prepared Pastor sir. I love you dearly

More #SendPortions update from Ghana 🇬🇭 Partners in BSG Fellowship organize Send Portions event distributing tasty meals and gifts to children..... #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

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#10WeeksCommunityEvangelism #10weekscommunityharvest #Week6 #PROCEED2020 #CeAccraGhanaZone #BSGFellowship #CeLAA #Dansoman

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It's a time of blessings, miracles and healing Happening 11th October @9am. Don't miss out be expectant. SuperSunday with our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. Glooooorrrry 🙌🙌🙌🙌 #SupersundayAccra #Supersunday #CeAccraGhanazone

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I am ready for this program. Thank you Lord Jesus

#GreatNews! Announcing the much awaited... ONLINE BUSINESS FAIR with the Esteemed Regional Pastor. Date: 15th - 19th July 2020 Featuring: - Business Exhibitions - Informative Business Seminars - Business Opportunity Networking and so much more... To register kindly visit: bit.ly/onlinebusinessfair For exhibition bookings, pls call +233 243266494 +233 242674971 You just can't miss this! Now we PROCEED!! #CeAccraGhanaZone #Proceed2020 #OnlineBusinessFair

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Even when the systems of the world are failing WE CAN NEVER GO DOWN! Hallelujah!

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🎥Wow! 20 gangsters won to Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost... Speaking in tongues🔥🔥 Be inspired as you watch this inspiring testimony. It's harvest time!!! #CeAccraGhanaZone #Perfection #WinaSoulToday

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Woooow. What a service #strongcitytaken #strongfonancialcitytaken #strongbusinesscitytaken #LAA #AccraGhanazone

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Thank you Jesus for 21 years of blessings and with Thanksgiving we are grateful for everything.

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Distribution of basic home items, clothing and ministry material to head porters at Darkuman #LoveWorldIDS2019 #ServicetoHumanity #Dec07 #BSG #BusinessStrategicGroup #LAA

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#ceAccraGhanaZone #ThisIsIt #CeProtocolTeam #ANOBWithPastorChris

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#HIGHLIGHTS OF THE LEADERS AND PARTNERS MEETING WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL. 🌠The grace of God is given to you to make you a worker/partner together with him. 🌠To be a partner with God, your investment must be involved. God is looking for those who will partner with him, not just those who will work for him. AS A PARTNER WITH GOD, YOU HAVE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Equal investment - God puts all His resources at the disposal of His partners. You bring in your all into the partnership. The resources of the partner are at the disposal of the Lord. The partner can call for anything from the Lord and the Lord can call for anything from the partner. The moment you start saying "NO", you've cancelled the partnership agreement with God. 2. Equal work. 1 Cor 3:9 You spend your life here on earth representing Him and He spends His life representing you. 3. Equal Devotion/Commitment To know God is more important than to know yourself. 7 TYPES OF SEEDS 1. Available seed - Seeds you have available, they help you find your way. 2. Celebration seed - Seed to celebrate God, not because you want something. 3. Service Seed - Seed you give because you have a responsibility to help God's people to be what God wants them to be. 4. Best seed - A seed you give to improve your value before God. 5. Limit breaking seed - A seed you give when you want to move to a higher level. 6. Daring seed - Your seed of faith that causes you to overtake others. 7. Sacrificial seed. The seed you give when you want to change things permanently. #CEAMC

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Happy happy birthday to my ALL IN ONE wife. You’re just awesome. I made the Right Choice. I love you so dearly

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