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Happy Wedding Anniversary Mum & Dad. Thanks for your exemplary roles and inspiration you bring to us. We love you dearly 😍😍😍😍

A major confluence of Global Illuminaries.. Just 2 more days to go. There will be a shaking...definitely things will not be like before. #MTC2019 #celz1rocks

Glory to God, MTC 2019 is exactly 6days to go,lets talk about it, make sure every teenager in your world is aware of this life transforming meeting #megateensconference2019 #celz1rocks

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#megateensconference2019 #Marylandisrich #celz1rocks

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#megateensconference2019 #Marylandisrich #celz1rocks

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#megateensconference2019 #Marylandisrich #celz1rocks

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Each Teenager set to receive Inspiration to light up other Teenagers.... #MTC2019 #MarylandisRich #Celz1rocks

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Celebrating PLB...2 days to go. #PLB124 #CELZROCKS

It's fast approaching.... It is the 2019 Mega Teens Conference! Uncles, aunts, Mum & Dad this is not a program your wards should miss out on. Teens Conference 2019....Raising Illuminators for the Nations!

MTC 2019 is a special time to be inspired, refreshed and reloaded to take nations for Christ #megateensconference2019 #Agege4Christ #celz1rocks

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Teens conference 2019, raising the next generation of world changers #MTC2019 #CELCC2EXCELS #CELZIROCKS

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I shall love you forever

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You are the best decision I ever made! The Best Gift I ever received and the Best Friend I ever wanted. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!!! Oriade mi owon, olowo ori mi ati ewa mii. I Love you and will do so till eternity. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

A heartfelt Birthday Greetings to a very Special Mama. Mummy i am grateful to God for your life. Your love for the master, Pastor and citizens of our Great Nation is so undiluted. We Love you dearly mummy, words can't explain it. Thank you for your unconditional love for us💖

Happy Birthday dearest Sis Efosa. I love you to bits. Your joyful heart, dedication, loyalty and faith is so very contagious. We love you greatly. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday dear Dcns Tosan. I Love you specially! Thank you for always seeking to help, working with you makes the work easier and lighter. Its your year, so shine brightly and i pray that all your desires in His will be made manifest in your life in Jesus Name. 😘😘😘

Celebrating my dear and indefatigable Dcnes Tosan! Thanks for all you do. Your hands-on, "ready-to-sweat" and :boots-on-ground: attitude, coupled with your ministry-minded & solution oriented approach, a Team Director's delight. I love you dearly. You'll shine more.

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Happy wedding anniversary to my precious husband of 23 years and Special friend of over 3 decades. I love you for life and thank you for a superlative life in Christ and for our awesome Children, home and family. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚🤩❤❤❤❤

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#LWDayOfService Labelling food donated to Wellingborough Food Bank #ServiceinProgressWellingborough

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ACTS OF LOVE & KINDNESS... Loveworld UK International Office Staff, in collaboration with Tesco and Rainham Food Bank, raise money and make donations of healthy emergency meals and necessities to the homeless in Rainham, Essex. #LWDayOfService #CelebratingOurFather

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