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#healingnow#cameroon I received healing over the life of my Frd Chantal she is heal from any illness in her system in Jesu's name Amen

Thank u sir for given our life's a meaning cause u have given my life a meaning my year of supernatural gloryyyy

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LET THE WORD HAVE POWER OVER YOUR LIFE Notice also that he said to him, “…give thyself wholly to them….” That means let the Word have power over your life. Let it dominate your thinking, influence your words, and actions. This is something you do consciously; a deliberate response, initiated from your spirit to the Word of God. The result of this is that your “profiting” will appear to all. The Greek word translated “profiting” is “prokope,” which means furtherance, progress, or advancement. This means your progress becomes apparent when you let the Word have the dominion in your life. Learn more in today's article.

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TREASURE IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITIES The Apostle Paul, in the scripture above acknowledged that a great and effectual window of opportunity was open to him for ministry in Ephesus. Howbeit, it was an opportunity in the midst of adversities. He was sensitive enough in his spirit not to see the opportunity alone; he saw the many adversaries as well. It's like finding a treasure amongst thorns and thistles; and in a sense, that's a trap. If you must take that treasure, you must then know what to do with the adversaries.

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DAILY AFFIRMATION OF SUCCESS AND VICTORY FEBRUARY 6 I affirm that this is my Month of Prophecy. God's Word in my mouth is loaded with the power to create miracles. My spirit, soul and body are yielded to the Holy Spirit as He teaches and guides me every step of the way. Every day, as I speak forth the Word concerning any situation, I bring forth the desired changes. As I prophesy with boldness, the dynamic ability to cause the changes I desire is invoked into operation. Therefore, I prophesy to every contrary situation around me, be aligned to the Word of God. I declare that only the counsel of God concerning my life shall stand. My life is separated for success, victory and glory and nothing is impossible unto me. Hallelujah!!! #flourishingwithrhapsodyofrealities

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I was bless today for all the inspiration of de two ambassadors we have in de house I see my self flourishing n I will flourished .#ewcoz4

I love Jesus.#ewcavz4

God is good his my strength my every thing

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