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I am a candidate of God Grace, an hair of the kingdom of heaven. My life is blessed and I know it. It's a new year for me, Happy Perfect Birthday, I will forever love You Ineye Blessing Egbe Lambert (Inepere signatures)

A Million thank You, would be enough, We're eternally grateful. Happy Perfect Birthday and We love you so dearly Mummy!!!

Me sweetheart said she is a young lady and have to participate. Glory to God. 🤷‍♀️ #LLN #LLNInuaguralProgramme #loveworldladiesnetwork # loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #TheNextBigThing #cebayelsa #NSSZ1 #NSSR

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I am relevant... My life is a product of God's words... God's grace found me... Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit of God!!! #LLN #LoveworldLadiesNetwork2020 #TheNextBigThing #CECBAYELSA

Happening Now ... #LLN #LLNInuaguralProgramme #loveworldladiesnetwork # loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #TheNextBigThing #CEbayelsa #Nssz1

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Happening Now ... #LLN #LLNInuaguralProgramme #loveworldladiesnetwork #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #TheNextBigThing #cebayelsa #nssz1/nssr

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Mon Jan 13 In today's Rhapsody, we're admonished to exercise control over our minds and consciously set our thinking on spiritual things. Learn more as you study the article, and share with others too. Download the Rhapsody app for so much more. Psalms 141:2 says, "Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense..." At 12noon, 10pm and any additional 15min of choice today, we'll pray fervidly in tongues of the spirit, interceding for the sick, especially among the body of Christ; the depressed, hurting and destitute the world over. That God's mercy and grace be extended to them for a sudden and lasting change in their unique conditions. Our Global Pray-A-Thon has entered its 2nd week, and we're making tremendous progress in the realm of the spirit. The live stream for the month of January ends by 12noon GMT today, but prayers continue at Zonal/Cell or group level. Be sure to follow the 'Pray-A-Thon 2020' superuser for updates on prayer sessions as they unfold, with each zone taking up a full day of prayer. Contact your church office for information on when your group would be praying. Watch this video highlights below on this past week of prayers. God bless you.

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*IPPC 2019 CHECK LIST* Warm Greetings, Find below a check list I have developed to help you as you prepare for the conference. Today is Friday (last working day before the IPPC); it is important to ensure you are completely ready for the conference. It's time to cross the T's and dot the I's. *IF THERE IS A NEED TO TRAVEL WITH CASH, DO THE NEEDFUL* The banks close at 4pm(in Nigeria, May vary depending g on the country your reside ). Do not allow money to be a hindrance to your movement to Lagos. *IF YOU ARE WORKING, MAKE SURE YOU CONCLUDE ON AREAS REGARDING YOUR WORK FOR THE NEXT ONE WEEK* You dont need any distractions during the conference. Those with children, I hope you have a plan for them while you are away. Pls conclude on this immediately. *PLAN YOUR MOVEMENT* Anything that is likely to make your trip delayed. Do it today. Pack your box today. Go to the salon today if theres the need to have a haircut or make your hair. Whatever airline or road transport service you might be using, pls ensure ensure that your bookings have been done. *IPPC COMPLIANCE * Be duly registered. Ensure all that is required is set. Make sure you have a phone that is kingchat compliant and active. Communication to all category of delegates would be via kingchat. It is important you are duly informed and are abreast of all updates and information with regards to the conference. Avoid carrying liquids to the venue. You can buy water in the premises if you require. Perfumes and the likes would be seized at the entrance as they are prohibited; same with sharp objects. Try to avoid carrying "load' for each session. *NOTE TAKING* If you're not using an electronic device, get a new notepad and a pen. There would be a whole lot you need to write. *Action notes* are important. They help record things you would like to implement after the conference. *PLAN YOUR OFFERINGS/ SEEDS* There should be a plan for this. After each session you must give an offering. The blessings are enormous. *YOUR STAY IN LAGOS* - Is your accommodation plan concluded upon ? ( Closeness to the venue is of importance). - What plans do you have for internal transportation? - Does your plan include getting to the venue 1 hour earlier ? - Have a schedule for each day. Avoid plans that will make you consider leaving the venue of the premises in between sessions. - What plan(s) do you have returning after the evening session ? Consider the distance and the traffic situations in Lagos. The less time you spend on the way, the more time you have to rest your body. *FOOD* The approved food court are your best options (this is usually advertised and announced even from the stage). We cannot vouch for roadside food especially during conferences such as this. You obviously do not want to have issues with this. It can be a major distraction. We advice you to eat right and eat light. It will help your concentration levels too. *BE OBSERVANT* There are several things you can learn from and imbibe into your life. Not everything you see is a standard. You would know good things when you see them. Take note of those things. If you can sort all of these now, you would have less to worry about and no distractions during the conference. Do have an amazing conference. I love you Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu .......The light of Bayelsa Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Zone 1, Nigeria South South Region. #auxanowithpastorobi #TLB

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THE GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR HOLDS TODAY! IT'S HERE! 2pm GMT+1 Get ready for a supernatural experience! Register to attend @ #healingnow #gmfs

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35 HOTELS IN BAYELSA EQUIPPED WITH THE RHAPSODY BIBLE! The word of our Man of God regarding the nations and territories of the world is fulfilled day after day. Through the “Every Hotel Room a Bible” initiative, doors to hotels in different cities and countries are being flung open to the gospel. Rhapsody Bible Partners in Christ Embassy Bayelsa, Nigeria, in their quest to equip every hotel room in their city with copies of the Rhapsody Bible, stormed a whopping 35 hotels; placing copies of the Rhapsody Bible in each room of the hotels. This indeed is a supernatural move! This act of faith in the gospel resulted in the salvation of many, as several of the staff and guests in the hotels visited gloriously gave their hearts to Christ. Halleluiah! Indeed, the Church is marching on and the gates of Hell shall not prevail. Thank you, our esteemed Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu, Pastors and Partners of Christ Embassy Bayelsa for sponsoring free copies of the Rhapsody Bible to hotels in your environs and beyond. Your involvement in the “Every Hotel Room a Bible” initiative is keeping the Bible in its place as the No. 1 Book in the World. Join us in placing the Rhapsody Bible in more hotel rooms around the world. Every copy you sponsor is an opportunity to touch a life. For more information, please send an email to or call; United Kingdom: +44 1708 556 604 South Africa: +2763 032 8005 Nigeria: +234 817 198 7339

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HAPPENING NOW: TODAY'S GLOBAL PRAYER SESSION From 7pm to 7.30pm GMT+1 TODAY, partners of the of the Healing School are connected online from all over the world for a transformational time of prayers and intercession. Connect LIVE @ Remember to post your comments and testimonies on your timeline using #hspn #hspn #healingtothenations #hspartner

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Mon Aug 27 The Healing School August Session in Lagos, Nigeria concluded yesterday with an extraordinary healing service where many received healing from diverse sicknesses and diseases, and demonic oppressions. What a mighty avalanche of the miraculous it was, with shouts of praise and rejoicing to the Lord, who's most gracious, loving and of tender mercies. We're grateful for God's calling to manifest the amazing works of Christ, and to make known His glorious gospel to all men, everywhere. Hallelujah! See highlights of the service on Loveworld News - Learn more about the principle by which we live as God's saints in today's Rhapsody. And please remember the 24 hour Rhapsody Prayer Conference holds this Friday 31st August- Saturday 1st September. Visit for more information. At 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray in tongues of the Spirit for most of 15min; also giving thanks to the Lord for those who were healed at the just concluded healing school session, and praying that they grow continually in the knowledge of His Word, and become effective witnesses of His grace, love, and healing to others. Remember His goodness to you, and praise Him exuberantly, for He has done great things for us, whereof we are glad. Thanks to all of you who prayed along with us, and the Ogidi family, when little 4yr old Elo was kidnapped; stolen, from us, almost two months ago. The Lord delivered her, and has restored her back to us. Glory to God evermore. Many thanks to the Pastors and members of CELVZ and our Security personnel for their prayers, faith and tireless efforts and of course, the amazing faith of Elo's parents: Afo and Rita Ogidi. Congratulations.

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir, We say Thank You so much for impacting our lives with the Gospels of Jesus Christ. We love You so much, Pastor Sir !!!


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Updated her profile photo

Are you having trouble finding the 'Pastor Chris Prays For Your Family 2018' community in KingsChat so you can write the names of yourself and your family members so Pastor can pray for you? Follow the steps below to find the community, join, and post your names there. 1. Open KingsChat. 2. Look for the search icon (top right on Android). 3. Press search and scroll right on the various titles. 'Communities' is on the far right (the last title and tab). 4. Type in the phrase 'Pastor Chris Prays For Your Family 2018' in the search bar ...(check for the start typing text and type in there). While you type a list of search results will appear. 5. The correct community is highlighted below in red as well as where to search. 6. Click the view button and you will find icons and buttons to join and write your post there. (This is just one way of finding Yookos communities on KingsChat and we picked the easier one for you) (PS - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR KINGSCHAT IS UPDATED TO THE LATEST VERSION!!! Communities work for KingsChat version 8.1 and above only. Very important!!⚠️⚠️) Share this post with your friends and others and help them submit their names before the Communion Service ☺️😎😎 #CEOsun #SWVZ1 #SWRegion #PastorChrisPraysforyourFamily2018 #Supernatural

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#celebratinggrace #ptoks0212 COUNT UP....December 2nd It is a great privilege to Celebrate a Woman of Grace, A Gift from God, Our Excellent and Exceptional Mother. Kindly Click on Like, Share and Comment

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#celebratinggrace #ptoks0212 COUNT UP....December 2nd Join Us as We Celebrate a Woman of Grace, A Gift from God Kindly Click on Like, Share and Comment

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Happening Now... FINISHING STRONG @ DAY THREE_Wednesday 1st Nov. 2017. REV. RAY SPEAKS !!! You're the blessed of God. Be conscious of the blessings at all times ! It is your expression of faith that activates the power. DON'T LET IT SLIP; ACTIVATE THE POWER. Give .... Give according to the blessings! As He expands you, you increase .... As you increase, give accordingly... Let it keep growing !!!! #TLB #cebayelsa #nssvzone1 #thelandofgrace

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