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PSG 1.0! Wow! Wow! Wow! An exciting mentorship session with the Executive Director, Africa for Africa Youth Initiative, Highly Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume! The principles of the word are important...The Bible is the foundation for building anything that would be successful and enduring. “In Him was life and that life the civilization of men”.. Historically, Nations, cultures & societies that have been influenced with the life of God made advancement, became enlightened. With these words, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume, Executive Director A4A YOUTH INITIATIVE, began elucidating on ‘BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES- of Worldview, Governance and Leadership’. The Bible -the word of God; • Forms our worldview and perspective; how we see. Understand, interpret and relate with the world, it’s structures, systems, events et al. • It forms our opinions, thoughts, mindset and disposition to life and events. • Everyman is a product of his/her environment- shapers and molders * No one was born with an ideology, a political inclination or a school of thought. These were either taught, learned or acquired consciously or unconsciously from the environment- home, school, religion, circles of influence, association, books etc. • As Christians aspiring for global/public leadership, there are no apologies for our biblical worldview. God has shown us what we must do in public leadership Micah 6:8 - seek justice -love mercy and -walk humbly with your God. God’s idea of the political structure of a nation can be seen in the writings of the prophet; (Isaiah 33:22)  The 3 Arms of Government:  The LORD is our judge = Judiciary  The LORD is our lawgiver = Legislature  The LORD is our King = Executive God’s idea is that we recognize Him in all three. When He is, He saves that nation! Meaning Things go well! He wants;  People that have been influenced by His ideals  People that have His worldview  People that understand His judgements  People that fear and recognize Him  People that understand His principles “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” Proverbs 29:2.   o The righteous are not to be apolitical or averse to politics/governance or leadership in any sector. o But To participate, we need to understand how governance works and what leadership is. o God wants us to engage the marketplace of life; to be involved because we will be affected.   He wants His people in leadership of important sectors to influence things. There are some key dimensions and arena of influence and authority; 1. Family 2. Religion/Faith 3. Education 4. Media 5. Arts & entertainment 6. Business/industry/economy 7. Government These are the influences people have; the molders & shapers of society that impact the way people behave and think- worldview, perspectives, ideologies etc 3% of the world population at the highest top of every sector of society, controls the decisions/fate of the rest of the 97%. God want us at the top but How do we rise to the top? 1. Assimilate/Penetrate Get involved! Become a player! Get informed and equipped to play. 2. Illuminate You’re light. Be visionary. When you’re informed & equipped, you ready to solve problems. Create solutions. God puts you where there’s a problem so you can birth solutions. Look around Africa, who’s going to create solutions for the issues? You! 3. Demonstrate Leadership is about influence; the one with the most influence becomes the leader, that’s how it works. You gain influence through success (Genesis 39:2) 4. Propagate People now trust you. You have the solutions, you have the influence. Now bring your ideals & solutions into the marketplace- into government, schools, business etc. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF CHURCH? You should be a Christian Politician not a politician Christian. Be patient! Let the Word mould you; get trained so you can have the character and resilience to hold true to the values of the Word. You don't skip classes in the Spirit, there's a time for everything! • Church is the meeting place • The meeting place is the training place for the marketplace. • You're're in church for inspiration, preparation, development and impact. * It is the training court for future champions The power of the Africa is in her youth - the wealth of the young people they have. Read! Read! But read wisely. Don’t read every author. Filter through with the sunesis and phronesis of the Word. Don’t spend much time on TV/shows; When you watch alot, the active part of your brain is not very functional - the more you do it, the more you weaken your powers of creative, critical thinking... Leaders are shaped.. Allow the word of God shape you. #PSG #Schoolofgovernment #AfricaforAfrica #A4AYOUTH

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NEW CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER APPOINTED It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of the new Chief Operating Officer, Loveworld Inc, in the person of Pastor Chike Ume, the esteemed Campus Ministry Director, Loveworld Inc. Pastor Chike is a dynamic and effective minister of the gospel, with many years of service to our great nation. He will be carrying out his responsibilities as COO alongside his duties as the CMD. I kindly request all our Pastors, Leaders and brethren to accord him all the support and cooperation in the discharge of his new assignment. I want to use this medium to appreciate the outgoing COO, esteemed Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe for his immense contributions that moved our various ministry assignments forward. Thank you and God bless you! I congratulate and rejoice with the esteemed Pastor Chike Ume on his appointment, knowing that it will bring about great achievements, and propel our ministry to new, higher and more glorious levels in Jesus name. Please post your greetings to the outgoing and the new COO. Thank you and God bless you. Pastor Deola Phillips Chief Executive Officer, Loveworld Inc.



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CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS VIRTUAL ZONE EXCEPTIONALLY WELCOMES YOU TO THE FINAL SESSION OF ICLC 2019. Arrival of our President, Pastor ,Mentor and Coach .... #photospeaks

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Trail blazer extraordinaire! Numero Uno! Congratulations Sir- Zonal Church of the Year! New record broken. Studying you diligently Sir!😀😀 C.o.n.g.r.a.t.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.s SIR!!!

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💃💃💃💃🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Super Congratulations Highly esteemed ASG, USA Region 2 & South Pacific & South America ReGional Pastor, Zonal Director Accra Ghana Zone, Pastor Biodun Lawal ....on your inspiring win as NUMERO UNO🥇 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 ...of the highly coveted CHURCH OF THE YEAR AWARD.... Shine on Sir🌟

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Happy Birthday Pastor sir, you're a blessing in our lives.. #pa2206. Gospel22 #zambia#groupk

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Happiest Birthday Dearest Pastor Alfred Sir. You are the One😊! Thank you for following and listening well to Pastor. Because of that we are mightily blessed by your precious life. I love you easily and effortlessly. Happy Birthday! 🎈💞🎂

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A big congratulations to my zonal secretary for winning top soul winning campus zones award. Thank you so much pastor sir for your amazing leadership. We love you dearly sir #LWZIMBABWEZONE #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS #ICLC2019

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Happy BD to a very special son in the House, a Loveworld citizen known for his excellent and exceptional impact in the Southern Africa Hemisphere - Pastor Alfred. Thank you for constantly igniting the Campus ministry with Lights and Fire. Your results are evident in their lives.

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Pastor Is wisdom In Action. 😍😍 #PA22 #2206

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. I celebrate you now & always! 🥳🤩😁

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Happy Birthday! We are saying that we love You! God is expressly manifested through you till rapture! We are saying well done!!! #pa2206 #gospel22

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Continually being led in a perpetual victory parade..Thank you, Pastor Alfred sir. I celebrate you today,tomorrow and in eternity #PA2206 #Gospel

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Celebrating 👑 Impact #LWSAzone #PA2206 #GroupKLWSAzone #Zambia

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Celebrating UZOZO (Anointing)🔥🔥🔥🔥 #PA2206 #LWSAZONE #GROUPKLWSAZONE #ZAMBIA

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Pastor is LIFE and death is fully aware of this truth so much so it gravitates to Pastor to become life!!!!! I Love Pastor😍❤Happy Birthday Pastor sir #pa2206 #lwsazone

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Pastor is splendiferous! 😁✨😍 I'm so grateful for Pastor it feels like my birthday too! 🔥🎈 I love you too much sir #PA22 #2206

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