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Happy birthday to me ❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️ The Borosko day in the month of blessings. Too much Uda Uda! The president of the Hibiriland. Yours truly iModel yenu your stylist

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I’m grateful to God for my dear man of God Pastor Chris... Thank you so much Pastor Sir for continuing teaching me the Word of God... Thank you so much for raising me Sir. Thank you so much for your love Sir I’m forever grateful Sir❤️ I love you so much Pastor Sir

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Glory glory Hallelujah Glory glory hallelujah Glory glory hallelujah the church is matching on🔥🚨🔥🚨 #dwdsa2019 #mcc4cdwd2019 #datewithdestinysa2019 #blwcampusministryrocks #datewithdestinysouthafrica

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Everything deserves the ESSENCE... FINALLY IT WILL ALL SURELY MAKE SENSE...!!! #loveworldeverything #revolutionary #posterity

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It takes a KINGING KING to liberate è WORLD, no Professor, Doctor, Scientist, President... can liberate... it matters WHO tells U; “You’re FREE!!!” I DECLARE IT, YOU HIDE NO MORE!!! I’M HERE!!! John 8:36 KJV [36] If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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Ke nale date!! 😍

This date will not give you butterflies BUT it will make you fly and butter your life for greatness. #dwd2019 #megacrusades #fillupnasrec #datewithdestiny2019 #blwcampusministryrocks #datewithdestinysouthafrica

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NEW CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER APPOINTED It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of the new Chief Operating Officer, Loveworld Inc, in the person of Pastor Chike Ume, the esteemed Campus Ministry Director, Loveworld Inc. Pastor Chike is a dynamic and effective minister of the gospel, with many years of service to our great nation. He will be carrying out his responsibilities as COO alongside his duties as the CMD. I kindly request all our Pastors, Leaders and brethren to accord him all the support and cooperation in the discharge of his new assignment. I want to use this medium to appreciate the outgoing COO, esteemed Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe for his immense contributions that moved our various ministry assignments forward. Thank you and God bless you! I congratulate and rejoice with the esteemed Pastor Chike Ume on his appointment, knowing that it will bring about great achievements, and propel our ministry to new, higher and more glorious levels in Jesus name. Please post your greetings to the outgoing and the new COO. Thank you and God bless you. Pastor Deola Phillips Chief Executive Officer, Loveworld Inc.

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TIE CONFERENCE CAMEROON - GETTING HOTTER!!! The sessions went higher as the Esteemed Pastor Alfred Goletlanwe, Zonal Secretary BLW South Africa Zone, took the delegates on a super ride with the Holyghost, releasing strategies from the Spirit for LOCALITY CAPTURE; DOMINATING YOUR CAMPUS! “Localities are captured through mindsets..” If you appear defeated then you can’t capture your campus. I am the man with the essence and every other thing is nonsense.. It’s time to move to the next and higher level! Reading from Acts 15:36, he inspired the delegates highlighting 4 steps for taking their campus; 1) Earnest Intercessory prayers 2) Outreaches-massive corporate outreaches & personal Evangelism. 3) Intense Follow up and visitation 4) Ministry Materials- Radical & sustained Circulation. .... Cameroon is on FIRE!!!!! More to come... #FIREINCAMEROON #TIECAMEROON #BLWCAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS

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CAMEROON! IT'S YOUR TURN!! Uganda has been TIEd! ...and we're gearing up for T.I.E Conference Cameroon!!! Date: 18th- 21st July, 2019 Venue: Buea Mountain Hotel. ...a time of upgrading!! #blwcampusministryrocks #FireinCameroon #TIECameroon

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Happy BD to a very special son in the House, a Loveworld citizen known for his excellent and exceptional impact in the Southern Africa Hemisphere - Pastor Alfred. Thank you for constantly igniting the Campus ministry with Lights and Fire. Your results are evident in their lives.

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Happy Birthday Dear Pastor, celebrating a noble man. One so precious and kind, full of the word, full of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for your inspiring leadership and all you do for LTM. We love you dearly

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. I celebrate you now & always! 🥳🤩😁

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Alfred Sir. Thank you for all you do in ministry. We love and appreciate you greatly Sir.

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Happy birthday to the very amazing Pastor Alfred Goletlanwe. You are the Light of the world, aglow with the Spirit, energized for victory and positioned for the ever-increasing life of glory by the Spirit of God. We 💚 you dearly! #LWSouthernAfricaZone #Lights #RhapsodyBible

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You make me happy about my life and happy about my future, Pastor Sir (😍+💎💕) #PA2206 #Gospel22

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"I S H O W T H E H E I G H T O F T H E P R O C E S S E S A N D O P E R A T I O N O F T H E S P I R I T O F G O D" B O Y ... I A M S O B I G🚀 G E T Y O U R S E L F A B I G M O U T H #PA2206

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From Cape Town, to the ends of the world we will proclaim the intensity of this megasized love you have for us! We love you, Oh how we love you Pastor!!! #PA2206 #GOSPEL22

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"P U R P O S E I S R O B U S T , I T C A N E N T E R D E A T H A N D C O M E O U T O N T H E O T H E R S I D E A S L I F E, I T C A N N O T B E S T O P P E D" T H A N K Y O U S I R F O R B E I N G B O U N D L E S S I N F A T H E R H O O D❤ #PA2206

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